After the age of seventeen years old, Lin Qingxia is as an idol, dyed a bad habit, violent

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After the age of seventeen years old, Lin Qingxia is as an idol, dyed a bad habit, violent

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One day in February 2018, there was an apartment in a apartment in Hong Kong, a helpless neighbor reported a police, and found that the body of this old woman has been rot.

Some people in the horror of everyone have found that this old woman is a lot of shadows that have been exited for many years.

Li Jing, was called "After the babyhood", in the 1960s, her Dahong, I have considered an idol of Lin Qingxia.

Li Jing was born in a poverty family in Shanghai in 1948. At the age of one, she moved to Hong Kong life with her parents.

Li Jing has a total of ten people, and she has five brothers and two sisters, and she is the smallest in the family.

It is not the least least loved. Because there are too many people who want to eat at home, parents' pressure is very large, and the family is really very difficult, so his father wants to give her.

But the other members of the house did not agree, and the mother and my brother's sisters said patiently, her father did not help but did not really give her to others.

Li Jing is beautiful from a small, a big eyes are very aura, and she is also interested in literary performances.

At that time, there were people who were recruited. To know that this troupe is a large stars at the time. If anyone is fortunate to be successful, then a big step is a big step away.

I learned that such a good news, Li Jing did not hesitate, and more completely regardless of the opposition of parents, resolutely chose to sign up.

But Li Jingtian is not afraid, just want to try it, because she not only likes to perform, but also want to treat it as a career. She wants to be a big star, becoming the idols in my mind, and change the family situation and even change their lives.

Li Jing registered made some preparations. When she was interviewed, she didn't take a court, and she gave her a bright feeling in front of her teachers. She is very fortunate to have a five-way six, and she stands out in more than two thousand members. When she received, she became a classmate with Fang Ying, Zheng Pepei, Qin Ping and others, and opened their own performance career.

It turns out that Li Jing is really talented in the performance of this. She didn't live up to the expectation. After the three or four dramas did the green leaf support, Li Jing finally got a chance to starring.

She was invited to participate in the film "Fish Beauty" as a film, she was very excited, and she fought himself. I didn't think that the first time he was able to rely on the 12th Asian shadow with this work.

And that year, Li Jing was even less than 17 years old, so she had the reputation of "After the babyhood".

Li Jing, who got the shadow, gave the company's attention, the superior gave her better resources and a wider platform, the next few years she started more new film, the famous arrogance is all the way, the box office of the work is more than one Ministry is high. Many people say that Li Jing's participating work is the same as the box office.

Because of this, the director who is looking for Li Jing's play is more and more, in just four years, Li Jing participated in the work of more than 20! And she is also a big star in the country, with Fang Yihua, He Lili, was rated as the three top beam columns under Shao.

Even Lin Qingxia once said that Li Jing is her idol.

In the brilliant ten years of Li Jing, there has been a boyfriend to accompany you. The man is the postoperative man, the eldest son of the Leis family, and they have been in the past ten years and feel stable.

But two people have not come to the marriage hall, and Lei Jihua suddenly died because of heart disease. I heard the news, Li Jing is very painful, so I still have a lot of life, and I have no heart.

Four years later, Li Jing's mother was also sick, so Li Jing, who couldn't stand against the hit, and quit the entertainment circle.

But when the big star earned a lot of life, Li Jing withdrew from the entertainment circle, did not imagine it. It can even be said that after her life is more tragic.

Li Jing was in the entertainment circle for many years, and it was also known as "Little Fu Po" in the middle of the Rich Raise family. But who once thought that the boyfriend did not rely on Li Jing who wanted to study investment. As a result, she began to contact and confuse the stock and the bad habits of D Bo. So she quickly owed a lot of foreign debts, and she had to use all the accumulation of her first half to pay back, and even the real estate is all sold.

At that time, her old boss and her boyfriend helped her, and persuaded her, but she still did not change. In this way, Li Jingzhong was defended to the court because of the end of the court.

Later, when people heard the name of Li Jing, it was already when she died.

According to media reports, Li Jing has passed the world. It has been aware of many days. In the end, some people smell the smell of corruption and knock on the door.

That year, Li Jing was 69 years old, but she didn't get married in his life. There was no child to give her party, and it was too miserable. After the famous shadow of the old days of the past, there is such a desperate.

In fact, Li Jing's first half is too smooth, and she can be easily successful.However, fortunately, it will make her a person who is not strong enough and cannot face setbacks.When I arrived, she had little way to fight, but I didn't have to say that I tried to find and grab the chance of the wind turned over.Therefore, when life is facing setbacks, I still have to learn to adjust my mind and cultivate my heart.Life is so long, and who can accompany you to spend those difficult moments?Only when you are strong, you can break through the heavy, see the rainbow.