Spring, 9 movies, "I want to see the list": Yi Yi Qianzhi becomes a big winner, Meng Mei is very strong

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Spring, 9 movies, "I want to see the list": Yi Yi Qianzhi becomes a big winner, Meng Mei is very strong

2022-01-18 12:02:55 57 ℃

Preface: The Spring Festival file in 2022, 16 movies are ready to be released in the first year of the New Year. As of January 17th, from the cat's professional version, only 9 film plans to be released in the 2022 Spring Festival. Although the number of movies is released, competition has not been reduced.

In addition to "Super Family", other a few of the movies, there will be no too high box office. Non-famous entertainment commentary Wu Qingmeng pointed out that in recent years, the Spring Festival movie has shown a clear "28th Law" - the two heads of the head will cover about 80% of box office. So, what do this year's head movie?

From the "Want to see the number of people" from the cat eye professional version: The three movies of the head should be "The Water Bridge of Changjin Lake" "Miracle · Stupid Child" "Four Seas". The "Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge" will continue the story of "Changjin Lake", and the "Water Gate Bridge" in the "Water Gate Bridge" in the sore throat of the enemy retreats.

The original class of "Changjin Lake" is once again strong, and Chen Kaige, Xu Ke, Lin Chaoxian has served as a supervision and director, Wu Jing, Yi Wei Qianzhuang leads, Zhu Yen, Li Chen, Duan Yihong, Han Dongjun, Zhang Hanman and other stars. The second "miracle, stupid child" is starred by Yi Yi Qianzhu, Wang Chuanjun, and Yimei and other starring, this film tells the story of the hardship that happened in Shenzhen, reversing the life of life.

Yi Yi Qian Lu has become the biggest winner of this Spring Festival, is called " Double White ". The third "four seas", the director is Han Han, starring Liu Yulhang, Liu Hao, Shen Teng, Yin Zheng,, etc., lineup is very powerful. According to Han Han, "Four Seas" is a strong competitor in this Spring Festival.

"Want to see the number" ranked movie, only relying on the mouth of the monument: "Happy Flowers" comedy movie "This killer is not too calm" ranking fourth, adapted from the Japanese movie "Magic Time", by Ma Li , Wei Xiang and other starring. Zhang Yimou's "Sniper" is also ranked sixth, and it is also anti-American aid movie, which will give "Changjin Lake Water Bridge" to cause a certain pressure.

"Bear is not returned to the earth" is the highest movie "I want to see the number", even more than "sniper". In addition, "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Bas" "The Big Hero of Xiaohu" also placed on the list. It is reported that "I am a" Jurassic Big Palace "two cartoons will be released, but there is no" I want to see people. "

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: Meng Meng is too strong, she starring "my heart flying" is still on the list. Meng Meishi has disappeared for 3 months because of private life, and the probability will be withdrawn. But Meng Mumei fans may be unwilling, so I have always given "my heart flying".

Discussion: These 9 movies, do you most want to see?