"Opening" first broadcast score 8.2, the details of the show have more cattle?The murderer did not have a hint

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"Opening" first broadcast score 8.2, the details of the show have more cattle?The murderer did not have a hint

2022-01-18 12:03:19 55 ℃

The "opening" of the midday sun is broadcast, the score is 8.2, which is really rare in the domestic drama, and the subject matter of the theme has caused a wide range of hot discussions from netizens.

Last time I saw such a brain drama, I also broadcast "I want to see you" in 2019, although "starting" rating is not as "wanted to see you", but there are similar places.

"I want to see you" is the elements that will cross suspense with youth love. Through the story of the story, the timeline clip, the two parallel time and space of the male and female, there are both romantic love and no burning brain reasoning, The plot is a wave of 30% off.

"The beginning" is through the cycle, let the male and female logs countless times in the bus, and the trip to find the truth of the bus explosion, seize the murderer to prevent tragedy.

The plot is the same burning brain and suspense, the substitute is extremely strong, and the small bus also reflects the world.

First, praise Bai Jingting and Zhao Zhimai's acting, they play Xiao He Yun and Li Shi, from strangeness to acquaintance, and then support and retreat and jointly retreat, and once the time in the emotion is very exquisite.

Especially the birth of Zhao Zhao, who was born in 2002, is worthy of the University of Drama Academy, less than 20 years old, and the performance is impeccable.

In the role, "Yun Zuo in" is shaped, and the previous one is overwhelmed, and the left is more likely to go to the right, and it is not just right.

Then talk about the details in the play, do not say the drama of the sun, although the plots are concentrated in the bus and warning, but there is nowhere to reveal the detail of hidden.

Since the drama is a loop, how many details in the play reveal a circulation, is you really understanding?

First, bus

Looking at the bus flowers in the distance, you can't carefully see the appearance of the car, there have been two cycle signs and a "cycle" vocabulary, which suggests that this car will travel in numerous cycles.

Second, the bridge near the park and the sky bridge near the site

Everyone carefully viewed that Xiao Hecai Yun and Li Shi took the bus at the nearby park, combing the time line of a secondary cycle on the bridge of the park.

This bridge is also a special choice, and the circular stairs and circular architectures are depressed, and there is a feeling of stunning. Even the construction of the tailor bridge is similar, as if a circle is in it.

Third, Ludi's hat

The appearance of Ludi is a black dress, wearing a black hat and mask, wearing a black dress, carrying a black bag.

There is a trademark on the left side of the Ludi's hat. This graph is similar to 8, in fact it is called Mobius ring, in mathematics ∞ ∞ represents an endless symbol, that is, there is no end.

And there is an English in the hat ∞ icon, write "reset". Reset is a restart system, the reset system means, meaning that the entire plot is constantly restarting.

Fourth, the IP of the midday sunshine

In order to reflect the drama of the midday sun, there is nowhere to disclose IP in the midday sunlight.

1, the story in the drama is in Jialin City, in fact, China is not this city, it is a fictional city in the TV series "Surgery".

In the play, 110 calls Li poetry, the front area is Zhangzhou, the drama is filmed in Xiamen, the prototype of Jialin City is in Wuhan.

2. The public transport card of the university city is printed with "Happy", and the background pattern of other people on the site is also "Happy".

3, cafe background music

Xiao He Yun and Li Shi are in the coffee shop, the background music is the theme song of the "Dajiang Da River", and there is a deep song "my only" "and the same dust".

4, the two drivers of the tanker are playing "Curry Curry" in the mobile phone, this song is the episode of 2019, and the episode in "Happy".

After the stop of the police, I have been watching my mobile phone. The mobile phone is playing "I am Yu Huanshui" Hongqiang Cable Factory.

All the dramas and details appeared above are from the sun.

5. Why is the plot setting in 2019

The show is in May 2019, because there is no epidemic in that time, there is no one to wear a mask on the bus, and the bus does not need to present a health code. If set in 2020, many things don't speak.

Sixth, Xiao He Yun and Li Shi's birthday

There was a picture of Xiao He Yun and Li Shi. Xiao Hecheng's birth year was on October 15, 1993, and Li Shi was on September 29, 1998, and October 15 and September 29 were Bai Jingting and Zhao. Mai true birthday.

Seven, Ludi's computer desktop

When Lu Di took Xiao He Yun and Li poetry to his secret base, he and Xiao He Yun have a dispute because of the game problem, Xiao He Yun said "Zelda" is the day, Lu Di said opposed.

The "Selda Legend" series is one of the highest-rated game series in history. At that time, Lu Di and Xiao He Yun just met, did not treat him as a friend, and even agree with his point of view.

After some conversation, Ludi returned home to tell the parents, he handed over two friends, but also believed that they said the "nonsense Talk", and also born to save the world.

At this time, on the computer desktop in his home, it is displayed "Zelda" game, which also embodys the mutual recognition between them.

Eight, ringtone without ring

Xiao He Yun and Li poetry are very curious. Why can I hear the ringtone before the explosion, sometimes I can't hear it? In fact, this "card farmer" is not a ringtone ringtone, but a alarm is a reminder of the murderer for the bomb. It is not a alarm to rang the explosion, but the alarm is rang, remind the murderer to pull the explosion engine.

If the bus and tanker collide before the alarm is not ringing, it is a bomb explosion caused by the explosion. If the bus does not collide with the tanker, it is the explosion caused by the murderer after the alarm ring.

Nine, the characters in the bus

Through the development of plots, the audience has a preliminary understanding of the characters in the car. For example, why is a brother like to take a mobile phone shoot, because he is a VLGO video anchor, curious and enthusiastic.

Xiao He Yun kicked the watermelon of Ma Guorong, and the two had a dispute. It is clear that you are right, Ma Guoqiang habitually smashed his left hand, which is a habitual action in the people who knew.

Regardless of the buses, such as Ludisthma or Li Shi's heart disease recurrence, or other bursts, almost every passenger will help or get together, and the aunt who is carrying the high pressure pan has never been over, no Any curious and reaction.

The driver is also a very strange figure, no matter what happened on the car, he does not stop can't care, too calm. He is a good driver who picks up gold, he can be very indifferent in this car.

Ten, who is the murderer?

In the original, the murderer is the driver and two aunts holding a high pressure pan. They are a couple, because their daughter is dead, so they have to retaliate.

Why did you choose at 13:42, which is consistent with their daughter. As can be seen from Episode 8, even if the aunt is killed, the bomb is still pulled out by another hand. This shows that as long as it goes to time, the bomb must be exploded, no matter who pulls the engine.

One of the drivers to open the door in the middle of the way, agreed to get off in advance, since the driver is also one of the murderer, why do you still put away Li Shi?

Li Shi said that she often sits this car, and the driver is already very familiar. In fact, Li Shi is a bit like the driver's daughter, the driver also puts water.

The final ending is that Xiao Hecai Yun and Li Shi use all kinds of ways, and finally found the reasons for explosion in a cycle, saving the whole car, and the murderer is also arrested.

There are still many details of this drama, too long, just don't analyze, like friends go to chase!

Or you can also pay attention to me, I will share more good dramas from regular!