Some problems about the Wu play to be thought

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Some problems about the Wu play to be thought

2022-01-18 18:03:42 62 ℃

On the evening of January 14, 202, the "Tiger Tigers, Cantoned Opera" hosted by Guangdong Cantonese Opera, and the Spring Festival Exhibition Games were staged in the Southern Theater. In the first two days, the Chinese Literary Network Exhibition broadcasts the "Building Capsules" in the Zhejiang Drama Art Research Institute. I have seen it carefully in the two performances, and I have a wonderful, and I also triggered some thinking. Regarding the revitalization of revitalization and inheriting the military, I think the practitioners who do not have a drama are trying to practice and explore. So for the Cantonese opera, a local drama specialized in the South Pai Wu, how to correctly treat the rich panel tradition? The so-called trace is human biography, the right to innovate, in the specific practice, what kind of artistic view is to be implemented, and what kind of art law can seek health and long-term development? These issues are not simple. I want to throw bricks, combined with the sense of watching drama, briefly talk about their opinions from the following four aspects, ask for teachers inside and outside, and listen to each other.

"Tiger Tiger" - Cantonese Opera Welcome Spring Festival Exhibition Gala "program list

First, inherit. The Cantonese opera has developed to today, and the martial arts skills in the South-North, have become nature. The perspective of the South Pavilion, the Northern School's law, penetrates each other in many reservations. Whether it is the distinctive "Wu Jin Ding Lion Tower" "Liu Jin Ding", "Luo Song Ding", "Lu Zong Ding", or the "white water slam" "白 扈", from the program, may have There are many southern part, and there are many northern parties. But in the performance, the good inheritor will not cut the southern part and the North School, and the well water does not commit river water, but the director and deep intensive work hard. The South Pieth is a simple force and the fine northern northern normative nature, it can be coexisted. Inheriting the southern Wu play, I have to take the rigor of the North School to overcome the rough roughness of the rough, and the dedication of the North School cannot ignore the Shen Yun of the South School. It also includes literature, music, cloth, and chemical installations, etc. of performance, which are integrated, and all aspects must be inherited. Therefore, the attitude of inheriting the military drama is used as the southern part. This is the foundation of the Cantonese opera. As for the North Series, it can be seen as another tradition, rational reference, and the deficiencies of the south. In addition to commonly used orthodox performance, the north and south sent the unique landscape of these Jinzhi, the unique landscape of these Jinji should be in the premise of respecting modern audiences, and "rationality" is inherited.

"Tiger Tigers - Cantonese Opera Waiting Spring Festival" Spring Festival "Scene Stills

Second, the eye. Emphasis on the blister, don't let our vision are limited and blind. Not only see the predecessors, but also to see excellent young people can do better than some professional actors. Don't smash the "childhood big broken thief", just like this to participate in the Hui Dynasty, the fourth grade of the Cantonese opera, but his "white water beach" debuted, the action is clean, fast, powerful, sometimes even more than the troupe The actors have done more. Not only see the Beijing Opera North School Martial Arts, but also to see the young actors of other places, such as the drama of the drama, Yang Xia Yun, they are also in the skills, "Wu's Wen", "Wenma" is very colorful. Not only see Xiao Wu, the knife Martan, Swan, but also to see Wu Sheng, Wu ugly, second flower noodles, six points, dolls, multiple places, special types such as Guan Gong, monkey play, this should be released and may not be biased. With the longitudinal inheritance of deep tillage, plus the horizontal reference of the eye, will have a keen judgment, and they will find things that can be done, but what is not good enough, there are still a lot!

Huaijun Performance Program "White Shuo" (picture comes from the network)

Third, personality. The seniors of Cantonese opera have specially good at playing Zhou Yu, will be named Zhou Yao, Zhou Yue Lin, in turn, "Zhou Yu" one corner will also make their own branding because of the shape of different actors. For example, "Zhao Zilong" has a good Zhao Zilong, Liang Yugu's Zhao Zilong; "Wu Song" also has Lu Qi Guang's Wu Song, European Wu Song, Peng Qinghua's Wusong ... Each style is fascinated. In fact, for a stage image, each actor is equally, all of which are independent, and has the right according to its own conditions and its own understanding. We tribute to the seniors, absorbed from the outside, while avoiding the midst of others, this requires the faciapse, discovers yourself and the unique flash point, and pursue personalization creation. The process of inheriting the military drama is always accompanied by innovation, and innovation is largely from actors' personality. I think that the young actors must have this kind of confidence and sharpness. In the framework of the relatively consensus, we will give full play to our strength. If the former has not thought, they have not been done, give people "mine" "" Makes it "my one." Play and people, often achieve each other, must have a sense of consciousness, but also have "my" classic awareness.

Fourth, drama. It is necessary to review the relationship between skills and drama today. Excellent military drama is never stacked by martial arts, but martial arts meets drama, just right to create. Affected by the limited time of the competition, many of the disc players were cut with seventeen eight, and they lost logically. Just like the "iron customs" of this performance, Yang Qi Niang led the army to stand in the iron gate, just on the horse, the enemy soldiers have been rolled out after the line, turned and turned directly, I won't know what to be, nor The round platform "copying the field", although it is very compact, but the intermediate process is obviously not engageed. In the usual performance, it is also very small to see the emotional pavilion, the performance level is rich and delicate, the structure is relatively complete, the volume of the Cantonese drama of the volume is around half an hour. The final chart "Building wins and discounts" finally "fire burns", including "fire burning" "" Fighting "," scared "three play, the priority, layer delivery, fine needlework fine. A variety of martial arts instruments anatched with the psychological state of the characters, found a performance context and expression of this play, and release an amazing emotional tension step by step. Expanding the capacity of the military play, can abundance the layup of the muscles, making skills to show more basis, physical fitness, performances, performances, and in-depth understanding of people, are also very good exercise. At present, there is a lack of such a good show on the Cantonese drama stage, there is a traditional in the traditional, but it is necessary to carefully refurbish the new, can't delete it, delete only "skills", no "play". It should be recognized that inheritance is ultimately for development and innovation. Standardize innovation is the meaning of learning tradition. Learning tradition, not only a few programs, a certain element of the elements, because the Cantonese drama has a set of expressions, there is a unique artistic language and aesthetic principle, in new creations, these can't be martial arts, Dance, "hanging weey" and other stage special effects. We can't let the drama actors of a martial arts in the new stage, certainly can't "sprinkle your dog", you have to use it reasonably. The problem is here, that is, how to control the space in the "person" and "play" in "people" and "play" in the "person" and "play".