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Wang Song's live broadcast

2022-01-18 18:02:58 46 ℃

Recently, Xiaobian discovered that the leaders of the king were hot, but this time the principal is not a microblog, but the jail is hot. Our Wang President opened the first live broadcast in the hurry, the live broadcast, the fan mad brush gift, the principal is more blunt, you don't have to give me a gift, I am a few billion, not bad money.

And the short video platform is now the Internet short video giants, according to the 2021 data report, with hundreds of millions of people to watch daily, all of which are free traffic. And the festival is coming, the shake is concerned by more users, and live broadcast is undoubtedly a hottest way.

Live marketing can quickly gather fans, precipitating interaction, and the second or even multi-market sales after carrying out, and the interrogation rate is greatly improved. This high-efficiency high-touch rate is also lower and lower. It is also more favored by major netizens.

I have seen the jimgy JRM knows that the trembling live can be praised, brush gifts, with goods.

The most important thing for shake live broadcast is the most important of increasing the activity of the live broadcast, so that the live broadcast between the anchor is higher, the easier it is to attract more fans. And attracting more fans, fans will give the aquatic brush gift, the gift of fans is the main power of the anchor, which is the main income, it is said to do a good anchor for online broadcasting, one night income hundreds of thousands or even Millions are also very rushed, because they are doing online live days to fight gold, with ultra-high income.

Fans can also be achieved by giving goods, the explanation of the anchor during the live broadcast is more targeted, and the form of product is more realistic. In the face of thousands of audiences, the chance of an anchor lies and routine customers is extremely low, so it is more likely to deepen the trust of fans. In the face of the anchor, when there is enough fans to be affected by the brand effect, when consumption, the aquatic belt capacity will burst, which has created a miracle of a live band million or even hundreds of millions. Li Jiaqi is a good example.

Of course, JRM will also have concerns. You may want Wang Si Cong itself with your own hotspots. Where can we cause attention, and we don't have a fans? How to live? Below Xiaobian Share the experience of newcomers

First, the expression movement must not be stiff and audience communication interaction is the most important bridge. In addition to being good at mobilizing the live intervals, it is not surprising, but also increases the communication between the filaments and improves everyone's participation.

In addition to smile, novice anchor should also consider more rich expressions and moves: such as the appropriate scissors, handful, and the naughty of the tongue. Introduce the product in the middle, you can sing singing, add some smart gestures and expressions, which will let the buyer feel that you live broadcast and add a lot of people. Don't underestimate these details, these details make the fans have been excited, not only feeling your positive and enthusiasm as an anchor, it is easier to make you feel good, there is more willing to buy your recommended products.

Today's sharing is here, the heart is not as good as action, I want to start the year of the year of the year, this wave of traffic will start.