Xiao Wan received an annual popular actor, Zeng Yifo lost this award, and the king returned to win the grand prize.

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Xiao Wan received an annual popular actor, Zeng Yifo lost this award, and the king returned to win the grand prize.

2022-01-19 00:06:48 52 ℃

On January 17, Xiao Wan won the news of the news of the "New Year's Eve" news, winning a lot of applause.

In recent months, Xiao Wan is really good news. The modern military trainer "The" Ace Force "becomes a drama of the explosion model, and the love drama" Yu Sheng, the rest of the year "," The rest of the birth ", exposure I took a picture of positive drama "The sea", I got the mainstream award, really luck, I can't stop it.

The award is a "Beijing Daily". As the mainstream official media, it is very encouraged by this award. To this end, Xiao Wan specially published a video to express gratitude, and it is also very important to this award.

For the award of Xiao Wan, the most unhappy in addition to myself is the fan of Xiao Wan, there is a fan lamented: "Envigant, Tang San is coming back, it turns out that it is true that you are all kinds of people who are all kind, this is what does it mean?

It turned out that Xiao Wan is not the first time to win this award. In 2019, he got the nomination of this award with the costume drama "Chen Ying Order".

As a hot new star, Xiao Wan's acting is not too recognized, but the popularity is absolutely NO1 in the sprite star, and is considered the most prize-winning competitor. Then why will I have the arm of the big prize, I am related to the fans of Wang Yibo!

At that time, Wang Yibo, who was popular in "Chen Ying Order", was also nominated, but it was not a popular actress, but a male supporting role, triggered Wang Yibo's fans, and ran to the official media, said that this drama is a pair of men. The main play, Wei Yong, the blue-to-go, two characters are male, this award blames the blue-to-one male match, it is not respectful to the author.

More radical Wang Yibo fans, anger the organizers this is a hoe, I would rather not seeing Xiao Wan to win a prize, causing huge public opinion. In the end, the organizers had to revoke all the awards of "Chen Ying Order", and there is a saying in the form of fans in Shanghai.

Xiao Wan as a love bean, unlike other stars, he did not have a famous gas, nor a background, only from a small role, including when he brought the "Chen Ying order", he is still "fighting Break the sky "" Qing Yu New Year "running dragon set.

After "Chen Ying!"

The second-day reddam of Xiao Wan is a new brand endorsement, and the endorsement of the same paragraph is almost sold to the goods, the right-line big coffee, popularity.

It can be said that he has today's achievements, which is completely conquering the audience. After the red, he did not spend his own popularity like other stars, ran to the variety show, but settled down, play the stage play "like a dream".

From the "Douro Continent" "Ace Force", Xiao Wan's acting skills have improved a lot, and the performance is more calm. The bottom of the line is also more profound. It is a very pursuit of Yang Yang, which is popular, no matter what is popular. , Or acting, it is true to the name!