Before seeing the three generations of spiderman

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Before seeing the three generations of spiderman

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Marvel as "Big Brother", can be described as cute Spider-Man, who does not like this empty to swing in New York, Sao mouthful friendly neighborhood if neighbors do? Before you start writing this article, I tried to find a small spider so popular, comparing to find out the secret of this "incredible Spider-Man" enduring, so I dedicated to "interview" the same number around like Spiderman based Friends, ask the TA which point their favorite small spider.

Not surprisingly,

"If TB", "mouth cannon"

It has become the first to mention that, to say it nicely, is the "humor." Joke small spider humor is not really for us to know, after all this is a matter of opinion, there are numerous comics character mocked his joke, "not a bit funny", there are roles like his sense of humor. Whether funny or not funny, for translators, the slang and stems flying full screen joke is enough to make people vomit blood found. I often Tucao, vol. 5, there are fight scenes of Spider-Man and the Black Widow, widowed sister from start to finish without a word, complaining of the small spider own 500 words. If you had Black Widow and Hawkeye rally, which five are probably the sound, how it grows up translation!

A friend said his favorite Spiderman and Deadpool opponents play, I lamented the sentence in mind: it must be the translator's nightmare. In the "incredible Spider-Man", although there is no Deadpool play, but we have another mouth does not stop little cute Thunderbolt, also known as "JJJ" strong gun output mouth J. Jonah Jameson, which Spider-man and the box with two words will lead to surge. Especially the self-proclaimed news tycoon JJJ, he and Spider-Man story in fighting in more than a decade, was a small spider called "

In a sense one of the most formidable enemy

"Denigration of every appearance of small spiders have turned over the changed appearance of the flowers that always makes me feel vocabulary reserve is so poor in the first volume, Peter to JJJ bare identity, JJJ to their senses and decided to start" to help guide the "Spider-Man, from opening a new long-winded sermons translator hell.

Yes, small spiders and JJJ actually work together, and have to say, this was a great idea, planted numerous possibilities for follow-up story. Comics and the many roles as surprised as the reader, the two parties and we do not meet this relationship changes, which caused a chain reaction in the remaining four volumes has been a surprise to look forward to, even in the follow-up "magic Spider-Man" is also reflected. Tucao Tucao go, I still love turn, also love to see small spiders and JJJ opponents play to find the right words to express anger they Koubuzeyan is a very rewarding thing, substituting the role of tone "curse" is also inexplicable decompression, it would be an unexpected benefit of the.

The second point is that we frequently mentioned

"Down to earth", "closest to the people."

. Think, too, which may not be superheroes like Spider-Man this ground gas, although from time to time to save the world, but most of the time to do all of these help a neighbor cat rescue, fire brigade to help save people from the scene for this to help others music of "little things", even if established "Parker industrial empire" at some planes, but also by the media as "civilian version of Tony Stark," shows the image of a small boy next door spider is how deeply rooted. Incidentally, the PS4 version of "Marvel Spider-Man" and: in "Marvel Spider-Man, Miles Morales ink," My favorite is swinging between skyscrapers in New York, listening to broadcast save save the cat to catch the thief, Spider-Man is simply an immersive experience. Movies and cartoons will be described at great length Peter Parker various everyday worries - home late plum aunt would be angry, and MJ missed appointments, pay rent no money to eat ...... let viewers and readers are some empathy family gossip, often annoying chatters to himself, his people laughing.

In the "incredible Spider-Man" in Peter's troubles still continues this style - and do not have time to meet MJ, dating beautiful women want only to talk of him as a piece, as well as false sister suddenly became a real sister. Yes, Peter Parker suddenly had a sister as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., think his parents are excellent agents the Aegis Board, this "tradition" also revealed a trace of it reasonable.

As a fan of "Aegis agents bureau" episode, I'm always pleased to see Spider-Man and the interaction of the Aegis Board, with such a bond, the Aegis Board appeared in "Spider-Man" series also appears to be more a matter of course, such as this is to help my sister washout "treason" charges, escaped the Aegis Board of the "hunt." It is foreseeable that, after the Aegis Board need help when Spider-Man just sent my sister on it, but this way imitation of the sound of birds is necessary to reduce the appearance and wanted to help but regret.

In third place is

"You'll never be disappointed for Spider-Man"

. In addition to the "responsibility" of the "Responsibility", everyone also mentioned that the little spider "ability and efforts" "Never worry about him will be black." As the saying goes, the might relies on science and technology, the silk is different, and the Spider-Man setting is subtle to the two - the ability of the ability is indeed depends on variation, but the later renovation rely on technology or the kind of hard work. The comics of the "Spider-Man" series is always inseparable from high-tech elements. This time is no exception. In "incredible Spider-Man", we can not only see the superhero and super-counter high-tech equipment come from why It can also see artificial intelligence uprising, time travel and alien invading the Earth's classic science fiction elements. Under such a "grand" background, the classic big mix of super heroes and super counterparts will appear in order to make a sense, and all the heroes will send you a singer, there is always a favorite. It is also true that this is not evil. In this person, it will be evil. The American captain can black into the age of Nine Snake, only the little spider will always "stupid and sweet" insist on the justice messenger, strive. " To do the right thing, even if you tonize the people, you are all invading the brain by the doctor of the octopus. Even if I have just left the "people hate", even if I lost a lot of cherish people, he has always pursued the rustic concept of "the bigger the ability, the responsibility", and never give up. So, if he gives up? "Magic Spider-Man" discussed this possibility by the different timeline brought about time travel, the consequences are naturally terrible, fortunately, another time line Spider-Man finally retrieved, this time there is Gen As a wife, it is a satisfactory one by his wife.

There is also a friend who mentioned the "multiple spider heroes for the multi-cosmic", I just want to reply him saying that there is no multi-universe in this story, I think of the fifth volume is the "Spider Man, the last day" prelude - Magist Retraiting, the spider web warrior is again assembled.

In the animated movie "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe", the concept of "Spider-Man" is deeply rooted, but other Spider-Man's passenger strings are a headache to the translator: these Spider-Man comes from different World view and different timelines, have different styles and different tone, each time encountering new Spider-Man appearance, seems to be in the face of a new work. But the fun is also obvious: a work is a good work, it will not be greasy. Moreover, who makes each Spiderman have a flavor, it is difficult to cut?

In addition to the above four points, I also want to mention a chapter in the fourth volume in the fourth volume: I will ask the passerby asked "How do you see Spider-Man?"

If there is a thousand Hamlet in the heart, then there must be a thousand Spider-Man in the eyes of a thousand passers. He has appeared in the streets of New York, alone, alone, I am in my life. He has a lot of advantages, and there are many shortcomings, but in the end, he is a good person and wants to do the right thing. He is an ordinary person like you. I think this maybe we all love Spider-Man's root cause.

Introduction: Climbing Wall Heroes Returns New York with "Magic Spider-Man", reveals the various conspiracy of new and old opponents, resolves the city's crisis, defeating the heart, dealing with new and old threats, but he is the New York police Unpopular people! The authorities have been pursued by Peter, and the anti-patchwork is also intended to thoroughly crush the little spider. Faced with such a huge problem, the only solution is in the past. Spider-Man, a group of people will try to challenge yesterday, so that they will save tomorrow, but their high-risk time and space gambling may make historical processes worse!

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