Wang Junkai's new film is killed, and the official is a starring Ge You, the lineup is comparable to Wu Jing + Yi Yi Qianlu?

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Wang Junkai's new film is killed, and the official is a starring Ge You, the lineup is comparable to Wu Jing + Yi Yi Qianlu?

2022-01-19 12:02:49 44 ℃

Preface: On January 18, 202, Gu Chang Wei directed, Wang Junkai starred in the movie "hedgehog". On the Internet, Wang Junkai's "high paste" killing photos, Wang Junkai wears school uniforms, holding flowers, is happy with others with others.

On January 19th, the "Hedgehog" released the forefront, and the official is a starlighting, which is also the first cooperation between Ge Youhe Wang Junkai. "Hedgehog" is based on Zheng Zhi 's original novel "Xian Yan", tells the story of Wang Baojun (Ge Yipu) and the nephew Zhou Zheng (Wang Junkai), a unique and absurd north-east-neutrical past event.

Ge You played the "Cabinet" fan group, first tried the role of mental patients; Wang Junkai played inferior "mouth eating boy" Zhou Zheng. Both are "patients" in the eyes of the world, seeking medical treatment only to cure their "disease." In the trailer: Wang Junkai believes that there is a disease, Ge Xiang is saying "you, no sick", is there any disease, how do you define?

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmin pointed out: Wang Junkai is the top traffic. Ge You is a national laughter. These two people teamed up with a movie called "strong union", and the lineup is better than "Changjin Lake" Wu Jing + Yi Yi Qian Lu. The director of "Changjin Lake" is also very strong, and the director of the "hedgehog" is Gu Changwei, and it is also a "famous guide".

"Peacock" directed by Gu Changwei, once received the 55th Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear Jue Committee. Of course, the "hedgehog" theme is still more than a family, neither a family joy, nor a sci-fi slice, not a master melody, so the box office will not be too high, it can break 500 million is success.

Wang Junkai should think of the "hedgehog", as a student of the Beijing Film Academy, Wang Junkai's pursuit is not only in the box office, but he also wants to take a movie emperor to prove himself. Wang Junkai has often collaborate with the big actor, such as "solving the grocery store" and Dili hotbat, and work together.

However, Chenglong is a passenger string, and there is very little play, and has not played the action advantage of Chenglong. Moreover, Dili hotbat is not top traffic, with limited influence. If it is now: Wang Junkai, Dili Hotbub, Jackie Cooperation a movie, the box office will definitely be high. Of course, the premise is that the dragon drama is much, the script must be good, otherwise it will be like the second "Great Wall".

"Great Wall" is a movie directed by Zhang Yimou. The actor's lineup is very powerful: Matt Damon, Jing Sweet, Pedro Pasca, William Dareford, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanqi, Luhan, Peng Yuxi, Lin Update, Zheng Qi, Huang Xuan, Chen Xue Dong, Wang Junkai, etc. "Great Wall" is a science fiction, the scene is very shocking, but the plot is slightly worse, so that the box office has just broken 1 billion.

Discussion: Are you looking forward to the "Hedgehog"?