He Chaolian to eat big ranks to Dou Yuqing!I have a dining, and the oil stain is obvious on the desktop.

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He Chaolian to eat big ranks to Dou Yuqing!I have a dining, and the oil stain is obvious on the desktop.

2022-01-19 12:02:39 43 ℃

Recently, He Chaolian took out the video of the boyfriend and the friend Huang Yuger and others in their own social platforms.

According to the video picture, He Chaolian will turn the lens to Dou Yu in his mouth and say "Shouxing Shouxing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOY" seems that the time of video shooting should be a birthday. On that day, At this time, Sadu is cold and looks to the camera than the scissors. The other hand does not stop but caught the dishes. It seems to eat food.

When you eat shrimp, you can't help but lick your own lips. It seems that you can't wait to get the next bite, you will be very delicious. In addition, He Chaolian also showed the food they eaten. I saw that there seems to have four or five dishes on the desktop, and the peppers in the cutting pan are very much.

He Chaolian turned the camera to Sad Yu sitting on the side. Dou Yu wore a black T-shirt with a hat and sunglasses, the bracelet on the hand was very bright, and Dou Yu was immersed in eating. At this time, the oil stains and dirty on the desktop are very obvious, but He Chaolian and Dou Wei don't care.

He Chaolilian introduced the next goal after the food, she said that she would return to the bike after eating, and went to the sea and went to walk. It was very comfortable. There is a red mark in the neck in the picture in the picture.

Once again, the lens will take the lens to Dou Yu and Huang Yujie, Dou Yu's hands are smiling, Huang Yujie thumbs up.

At the end of the video, He Chaolian also took the photo of four people. In addition to He Chaolian and Dou Yu and friends Huang Yuger and a black woman, Huang Weijie and black women ride on a bicycle.

According to netizens, the big mounting of He Chaolian's group is a restaurant that will go in the local people and the per capita consumption of 73 yuan. S

Dou Yu and He Chaoylian have a very deep feeling. Since the two have been in love, each year's birthday is accompanied by each other, just a few more time, He Chaolian is still onto his own social platform to make yourself close your boyfriend. Holding a photo of his boyfriend's "啃".

In 20 years of birthday, He Chaolian is also accompanied by Dou Yu, and the two people in the photo are compared with scissors, intimate post, and feelings are very loving.

Although the two have talked about the faster love but feelings, they also show their love in front of everyone. Nowadays, Dou Xiao has been 33nd He Chaolian is still 30 years old. It is very expected to be more advanced in their feelings.