The actor Liu Dan "eye kill" let the audience create shadows, and Liu Tao is two, and the acting is high.

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The actor Liu Dan "eye kill" let the audience create shadows, and Liu Tao is two, and the acting is high.

2022-01-19 18:03:12 49 ℃

There is a very low-key, only the works, no name, Liu Dan is such an actor, maybe her name is too flat, she is not the first Liu Dan, with the harsh drama "start" hot Broadcast, everyone knows Liu Dan, Liu Dan may be around 50 years old, but her playing role gave people an extremely profound impression.

Liu Dan played Tao Yinghong's greatness, which made some creepy, her eyes looked through everything, directly hit the soul of the opposition, read her eyes, will be uneasy and fearful.

Maybe Liu Dan is not a very beautiful person, so she can't let the audience remember her, she can make the audience remember with the roles of their own. "Opening" broadcasts 10 episodes, and the playback volume has reached 530 million, and the TV series broadcasting in the same period.

The "starting" is a good look, mainly the power of the screenwriter, the difference between the narrative approach, so that many viewers have like this science drama. It is reported that the drama copyright has been sold to South Korea and will be broadcast in Korea. Hot search above more than 300, some netizens questioned the drama marketing, the propaganda party responded, hot search only for several hot search before the broadcast and important dramas, the hot search after broadcast is because of the launch After too fire, trigger a tap water hot search, because TV series is too red, so hot search topic is easy to come, it is true.

Liu Dan played Tao Yinghong's criminals using high-pressure pots on the bus. The episodes currently broadcast did not know why she had to explode extreme behavior? Huang Jian played the driver Wang Xingde, should be the husband of Tao Yinghong, why do they make this bus bombings, it is very curious. Liu Dan played Tao Yinghong made a lot of viewers to create a shadow, and some people see that high-pressure pots will have an incompetent feeling.

Liu Dan played the anti-Pai Yinghong, which is indeed a role that makes a daunting. She seems to hiding a lot of non-persistent secrets, can be with everyone, indicating that the story behind Tao Ying is worth watching.

Liu Tao also played a deputy director of the police station, but her drama basically did not have any opinion, all constantly repeated, did not extend, just a still state, and she is a guest, not starring, and she is a guest, not starring It is Zhao Zhimai and Bai Jingting. Liu Tao's performance was spit by a lot of netizens. She worked with a fake, and the shape was very rustic. In fact, this role can be no, because the truly detected is the police officer of Liu Yunjun. If Liu Tao is very failed this time, then Liu Dan's performance can be described as very wonderful, her performance, so that the panorad of the whole dram has risen a level.

Liu Dan and Liu Tao are two, before they have many opponents in the "Star Ocean", Liu Dan played Liu Tao's aunt, this aunt selfish selfishness, and there is no knowledge of conservative, there is a bit of people like Xianglin, let People are pitiful and hate. Liu Dan's aunt played a lot of money, but there was a change in the process. The role of Liu Dan is completely on the actic skills, leaving a deep impression.

Liu Dan and Liu Tao have many opponents, Liu Dan's performance is natural, did not see the traces of performances, maybe she played a small person, so the role is too popular, and the ordinary people are not different. Compared with Liu Tao, Liu Dan's acting is even surprising, because their level is not a level.

In recent years, Liu Dan played a small role in the "Skyscraper", "Chow family", "Star Over the Sea", "Love Very delicious", etc., although these roles are not a lot, but the role of Liu Dan is lifelike, let People are unforgettable. On the contrary, Liu Tao's "starting" passenger string is completely pull, there is no significance, in front of Tao Yinghong, Liu Tao has no charm, which is very mediocre. However, the drama is limited, and Liu Tao will not be able to impress the audience.