"Opening": a burning brain challenge in an unlimited time cycle, but also touches the humanity of the soul

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"Opening": a burning brain challenge in an unlimited time cycle, but also touches the humanity of the soul

2022-01-19 18:02:13 45 ℃

Nalan Sonanta / Wen

I haven't seen "starting" recently, I feel that I have no speech when chatting. Nalan also gave up the thoughts of fattening, and brady stressed liver a night, rushing slowly and rushed to the progress, thousands of words became eight words - noon Sunshine YYDS.

The reason why "starting" is in fact, in fact, it is not because the so-called brain-made infinite loop, as well as the compact design of the circulation. Including the concept of time cycle, before playing in "Source Codes", "Sundial Sunday" and other film and television works.

Almost all the story of similar time cycles are all about choices. "Said", Ben Jingting and Zhao Zhaomai are not going to experience the cycle, and one step is approaching the truth of the bus to explode, it is also revealing the meaning of life.

For example, how many people have a day's life, it is not like a time cycle, but only different choices may lead to different results; you think that you can realize things, but just simply gain experience and satisfaction The so-called "owned" did not bring the death without going; including the words of Zhao Jinmai played the saying of Xiao Hecheng, who was comforted by Book Jingting, "The people" online will only know the scope and moral standards in their own cognition Under the judge, they only believe that they can see, rarely stand in the opponent's perspective. "

So it is "harden magic" is also, "unlimited stream" is also good, "start" just with a hardcore case, talking about life about life. Different people have different feelings of this TV series: some people have got suspense pleasure, some people experience the meaning of life, and some people can experience the true meaning of love.

Each time in "start" is reflow, almost all from different angles to completely reshape each passenger on the bus. This is the most intuitive metaphor - those in your life, all the realistic protagonists in their respective worlds, they all have their own life stories, a small person set label, a simple appearance, and It is not enough to let others evaluate all of others.

Just like the love cat boy Ludi living in the second yuan, you think that the strict problem of his hat mask covered is suspicious, but it is just that he must protect his asthma does not attack; just like the traffic accident escape Ma Guoqiang, the monetary name of the killing and joining is so far away, but he is just a father who wants to let his son to eat watermelon ... a time cycle, it is a process of finding the broken clues, but also inquiry those labels The story behind the group.

Some people say that "start" is a bit like a game of unlimited reading files, you need to find the truth in a limited time. Of course, in fact, Xiao He Yun and Li Shi have countless opportunities to cycle like this, choose to get off at one stop in advance to end the fate of death. Just they don't want to put everything, don't want to give up a bus passengers to die. In order to know the dangerous situation, it is really going to put down these living life. What is easy for any kind people?