After the old singer Liu Qingxi, the birth is passed away!At the age of 61, Zeng Qingxia and won the Qiong Yao girl

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After the old singer Liu Qingxi, the birth is passed away!At the age of 61, Zeng Qingxia and won the Qiong Yao girl

2022-01-19 18:02:36 31 ℃

Recently, according to Taimei report, Liu Qingxi, a well-known Qiong Yao's actress, decided to raise his head after marrying the physician, and then she died in a temple on December 8 last year. The year is 61 years old. After she went home, she needs to cook 200 people to eat in the temple. The size of the shovel used is 10 times the general style. She used it for a long time to adapt.

It is reported that her sisters said that Liu Qingxi died in a temple in San Francisco in San Francisco, 2021. When she found her, she was sitting in the posture, the expression was serene, her body was soft, her chest had a temperature, and the skin did not destroy.

When the Taiwanese media also said that when he went to Liu Qingxi to the office of Liu Qingxi, the door was locked, and no one had responded for a long time. When I went to a meditation center she often, I also locked the door, and I didn't see the lights in the situation outside the house.

Later, nearby neighborhoods said that they have not seen this event for a long time, and have not seen Liu Qingxi in this center for half a year.

As a well-known bistrian actress in the 1970s, she participated in the singing competition in the age of 16, and was sealed as "campus singer" with clear pure and sweet voice. Its virgin song "Sunset Love Song" has been widely sang. Then she also created a lot of songs such as "the memory of my window" "Memory of wild ginger", and her songs have been covered by Liu Dehua, Faye Wong and others.

And she is also "Qiong Yao Girl", showing the film and television works of Qiong Yao's director "Gathering the two according to the interest" "but the head", when Liu Qingxi, Liu Qingxi, also known as Lin Qingxia, Lu Xiuling and other well-known Qiong Yao.

Perhaps it is the reason why Liu Qingxi has been smoother after the "bright and no relationship". Then I married the surgeon husband. I thought she would live a happy life of the husband, but she decided to go home from the age of 31.

It is reported that her faster is still decided under her husband. After she went home, her husband opened another family to make a new life.

Now that Liu Qingxi has passed the news, this is undoubtedly suffering from all of the fans, but this is a successful ending for Liu Qingxi, who is clearing the vulgar, I hope she will go all the way.