With the father!Sun Nan and bought red sisters were divorced for 13 years, and the two daughters were different.

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With the father!Sun Nan and bought red sisters were divorced for 13 years, and the two daughters were different.

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Sun Nan is a manager of the Chinese mainland music, the representative is "not seeing", "red flag flutter", "you come back", etc., many CCTV Spring Festival Evening stage.

The sound of the excellent singing and tension, the public's favorite and respect, even and Liu Huan, called the song, but the hard half-life achievements, but in the family "destroy", On a "famous" title, the difference between the two daughters.

One is to born with his ex-wife, in high school age, but study "three from the four virtues" in the middle department of Huaxia Xue Palace; one is to live with Pan Wei, attending the international school, sent to foreign school. Although it is a sister, it is different from the father.


Sun Nan, born in 1969, a music family in Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning Province, under the influence of parents, Sun Nan's small touches, even the voice is born, plus effective guidance, singers He is coming, it is a good job.

After the school comes out, Sun Nan also engaged in the life of a factory for a while, is also because of the cultural performance of the factory, let Sun Nan fully embark on the road of performance.

At that time, a friend felt that his music talent was not bad, he introduced him to the Baihua Art Troupe of Dalian, there was still a drummer, which is a matter of self-known musical instruments, it is not difficult.

With the art group, Sun Nan's ran around the country, it also began to be famous, but also recommended to serve the singer, the born voice, let Sun Nan are named, have got a lot of praise.

In 1988, a singing competition held in Dalian, Sun Nan signed up, with the excellent results, the highest score, but the second place, the arrogance, he turned around, and this is completely The holder angered, I also got a "blocked", and I was not allowed to sing at Dalian in the three years.

Also in this year, Sun Nan met in love with Xin Xin, and the two were in love in love songs.

In 1993, Sun Nan signed the Hong Kong Art Envisor. This company is very big. The artists are big coffee, and Liu Dehua, Liang Chaowei, Ancient Juji, Guan Zhilin and other stars, with the back of the mountain, Sun Nan's career has also ushered in brilliant .

For Sun Nan, Xin Xin also gave up his own career, and he was in the back of Sun Nan. Only this feeling was maintained for 10 years and the declaration is over.

Then, he and the Red Pretarative daughter star bought the red girl together, and the red girl has excellent performances in the "Quyuan Schaita", the "Recruitment", the story of the film and television drama "The story".

In 2000, Sun Nan and bought a red girl held a wedding in Dalian in his hometown. After marriage, the red girl gradually faded up, and the energy and gravity were placed in the family, and they also gave birth to two children. The big daughter is buy treasure. Yao, and she also became a good wife.

Confused Sun Nan, put all the energy and physical and mental, not only the album sold, but also rely on the famous gas and heat, and there is an important occasion, which has become one of the most hot singers at the time.

Just working more and more busy Sun Nan, and buying red sisters, and slowly turning slowly.

At the beginning of 2008, a red girl was quiet for a while, with the host's identity "re-retrieving the entertainment circle", which also let the suspicion four, there are many people think it is, is Sun Nan not homes, spending more money, economic constraints, leading to Buying red sisters was forced to work.


In March 2009, this marriage thoroughly went to the divorce of Yang Yi, Sun Nan and the Red Girl Agreement, and the child was raised by the red girl, and Sun Nan pays support.

Even if the truth from Sun Nan and the divorce of Sun Nan and the divorce, the two did not respond, but the media guess is in Pan Wei.

There is a shared friend of Sun Nan and the red girl, saying that Sun Nan and Pan Wei have met in a golf course, and Sun Nan's wife, who lived, even Pan Wei has a boyfriend, but this is the game, let Pan Wei. Have a contact with Sun Nan.

At the beginning, she bought red sister, because Sun Nan wants to have a son, she did not hesitate to take off the military uniform, have a second child, and have a son. In the circle of two people, they all know that Sun Nan is a man, but For families, there is really no sense of responsibility.

I opposite to buy red sisters, for the family, after running, even if she is divorced, she never said Sun Nan's bad words, she still does not let friends and family say, even warned children: Dad is love you, Sun Nan is your only father.

Even if Sun Nan and Pan Wei's love exposure, buy red girl still hopes, I plan to forgive Sun Nan, as long as he came back, Sun Nan also chose Pan Wei.

At the divorce, Sun Nan said to buy Red Girl: Even if we divorced it, but still relatives, if you have difficulties, you can come to me, I will help you.

After the divorce of March and bought the red sister, I took hands with Pan Wei in the end of the year, and I was very simple in order to take care of the red girl, Sun Nan and Pan Wei's wedding.

However, in November 2010, Sun Nan will use a paper complaint to buy a red sister to go to court, and two children's custody, this matter is in the time, the media still uses "Crappier Wars" to describe.

In the end, there is news that Sun Nan is used in the cost of 5 sets of rooms and 30 million cash, and the custody of the daughter to buy Bao Yao has got the hand, but the true and false of this thing is temporarily.

Many people think that buying Bao Yao has a good life with his father, will have a good life, and education is not used, but it doesn't think that this is completely different. For daughters, Sun Nan said: I don't want my daughter to sing this line in the future, this is too messy, everyone has, the girl is not suitable, I hope she will be a cultural man in the future, reading a doctor.


In 2011, Pan Wei got a daughter for Sun Nan, and the feelings of the two were getting better and better. Sun Nan at this moment did not have much time to take the daughter to buy Bao Yao. Her center of gravity placed his wife Pan Wei and Little daughter's body.

Because the father Sun Nan's negligence, buy Bao Yao's character, she doesn't understand, my father is in front of this woman, which is better than my mother, and the days who follow the father's life have found that the father is gradually concerned about her. Reduce, this is derived from Pan Wei mother.

With the birth of Sun Nan, I seem to be a redundant existence. I have to know that the stepmother and the farewell woman have come together since ancient times, even if there is no quarrel, there will be mustard.

I'm smashing this, I'm still in my sister of my mother, and my father puts her strength in her body, but she didn't think of it, her idea is too true.

After the arrival of Pan Weisheng, Sun Nan was very pet to her, not willing to fight, and there is also a mother Pan Wei, not to mention how many pets.

Under the love of Sun Nan, from Xiaochang accepted the best education, studying in international schools, learning a variety of knowledge, and even invited professional tutoring teachers at home to help her explore hobbies.

In order to make the daughter more excellent, Sun Nan also sent her to all kinds of training courses, even as long as the daughter wants, Sun Nan is satisfied, not just like this, and sent it to foreign students.

The daughter who opposes the ex-wife to buy a red girl to buy Bao Yao, which seems to have a big gap with the sister of the same father.

Because Sun Nan's care is not enough, the lack of native family, grow up in the shadow of parents, and buy Bao Yao's results, even some rebellious.

Seeing the situation like Bao Yao, Sun Nan is also very angry, because there is no excessive thought to tube, he was sent by him to the school name "Huaxia Xue" in Xuzhou.

This school is different from traditional schools, mainly to use some means to correct children's rebellious behavior, and pay attention to cultivating children's women.

There are a lot of students from this school, they don't want to recall the experience in which they happen. It is conceivable that it will become their nightmare, of course, has also become a nightmare of buying Bao Yao.

Although in the back, this school is closed because the event is closed, but it will not be able to erase the shadow of buying Bao Yao, and buy Bao Yao is still a junior high school degree.

Whether buying Bao Yao or a Pan Weisheng daughter, his father is Sun Nan, but the education accepted by the two is different. A good education in foreign countries, one is only low degree, the difference between the two will also be in the Honghe River in this time .........