Zhang Yu: I am "despicable" than any of my characters.

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Zhang Yu: I am "despicable" than any of my characters.

2022-01-20 00:02:12 59 ℃

Many people say that Zhang Yu is an actor who is very visible.

The movie "Northeast Tiger" directed by Yan Jun is hot, this interview, happened in June last year, that is the movie "Northeast Tiger" just won the 5th Shanghai International Film Festival Juejue Award for the best film , Zhang Yu seems to be a lot more than the past, and it is excited. Talking, he didn't smile, talking like the "interesting soul" that year, you asked him if he was red, but he said that he had to "yellow".

The film "Northeast Tiger" is the first time, Zhang Yu cooperates for the first time and director.

It is said that Zhang Yu and the film circle have a sense of alienation, as an actor who is more and more popular, more and more attention, is he more adapt to this circle? "When interviewing you in 2018, you said that 'is stared at so many eyes, it is like a thin ice'. Now there should be more double eyes, more opportunities to put in front of you, you adapt it to it?" He is silent, I thought about it, then pat my head: "It is the ice that is getting thinner, it is easier to fall, and it is easy to break."

"Thin ice, you will still insist on doing that low-key Zhang Yu?"

"Meet, I try to say, then, I can't get up (laugh)."

A performance

Don't want to play yourself, just want to play others

Calculated, the role of Zhang Yu handles don't love to talk, often fall into a complex and unexpected life experience. Huang Waipai word in the movie "I am not a medicine god", there is a few words, there is no cool smile, but the pressure on the sick life; "the unknown generation", the robbery Hu Guangsheng from the society, slightly, There is also a bottom gas, relying on bluffing to give yourself; "The wind is calm" Song Hao, it is a mistake to defend, and he is born with the original sin, live in contradiction and tearing father and son feelings ... arrived "Northeast "" ""

From "I am not a medicine god" to "wind is calm", the roles of Zhang Yu played most of the complex life.

The one on the screen is so real, people who guess the real life is not like this - good at thinking, less words. "That's too different." I have to be despicable than everyone who is playing! It's just that the actor has a biggest benefit. It is to experience the people who live more than my own lives. Hahahahahaha. "After a big laugh, Zhang Yu further expounded his" self-recognition ":" Really, it is too horrible, I am unbearable, not scrutinized. "

"Why don't you recognize yourself?"

"So I did actors, I want to perform someone, I don't want to play myself. I don't like myself, I am not very well in my own. I can calm down, and people who often quarrel often and yourself. Noisy There are a lot of problems, and the vulgar point is said, that is, some people say that you are cow (powerful), some people say that you are stupid (very poor), a little split, has been swinging between self-definiteness and self-denial. "

B play

Like it, there is no poetry, no feet

Even if you have a self-denial, you can have a chance to act, and find a characteristic role, Zhang Yu is very grateful. He has an emotion to the role, more is a fear, after all, he constantly ridiculous, the role is much higher than him.

In 2018, he saw the "Northeast Tiger" script, the three-dimensional feelings of the film, struggling to attract him with great attraction: "I have read a lot of works in the army, is the loyal audience of his work. He is a Where there is a humorous person, more wisdom is more than I have, but the words are more than me, but there is quality than me. "Xu Dong in the" Northeast Tiger "was encountered" middle-aged robbery ": Because of his wife Mercai (Mary) pregnant, he assured the dog to the architect Ma Qianli (Zhang Zhiyong), and the dog was eaten. "I fully understand this pair of Xu Dong, and his dog is very interesting. For example, there is a dog's play, he can run with a dog, jumping up, just like life. If you say a marriage, let him Slowly lose interest, only pale, dry alive, the dog can let him run the factors. Later, the dog was eaten, turned into a dog skin, he lost the motive, lost the soul, lost itself Fresh, young urge, the dog is like his shadow, he wants to find his original things. Later, maybe he doesn't know what he is looking for, can you find it. "

In "Northeast Tiger", because a dog Xu Dong (Zhang Yu) and Ma Qianli (Zhang Zhiyong) became "enemy" from strangers.

His most feeling is that the director, in this movie, there has been a touch of shooting in the past, and is also gratifying for a good shooting condition for a feeling of feelings: "It is a big shot for two months. The longest one in the movie. First, because the weather in Hegang is very short, there is no light at 3:30 in the afternoon, our night play is very small, I will ask him in the script, I also ask him, this night play is not a few Field! 'He told me that I didn't dare to write the night play before writing, because I have to turn the light, I have to be this money, that money. This time I can have two or three games, it is also the most important One of the best conditions, the best conditions. "

Before the shooting of "Northeast Tiger", Zhang Yu has always worried that he can't integrate into the work of the army.

Limited conditions seem to be unconstrained in mind, in fact, before entering the group, Zhang Yu has a lot of worry and questioning, "For example, Ma Li, she is definitely very suitable for Mei Ling in the image, I questioned the performance Style, occasionally make a question mark, will we think that we can integrate with each other? In addition, there are also the actors of the head of the army, Zhang Zhiyong, Xu Gang, Xiao 2, I know their Strong, I also want to get a tone of the performance. I have questioned myself, I can't keep it in a picture. "After the first play, Zhang Yu fully" shut up ", he said:" This is a unique movie, which seems to be stagnant. It is true that there is a huge potential energy of the rabbit. It will run the powerful potential energy; I like it with bitter, with a poetic and unfilled poetic. This movie may be 'uncomfortable. But the audience that belongs to it. "


Zhang Yu: Xiao Er is the "nuclear weapon" performed

Beijing News: Where is the attraction of "Northeast Tiger"? What is the creature of the Northeast Tiger in your definition?

Zhang Yu: I think this movie is very comfortable, but if you let me summarize it, I can't summarize it. Northeast Tiger seems to be a habit of being accustomed to fell in an environment, meaning a certain natural possibility and reality. You think, the Northeast Tiger is closed in the zoo, it is swallowed, but it has some possibility, it is the possibility of a kind.

Beijing News: Xu Dong saw his dog died, the crying show is very touching, the emotions are very full, how is it handled?

Zhang Yu: Before shooting, I am familiar with the dog for many days, getting along very well, because I have also raised dogs, it is easy to have a feeling. When you see the kimony props, you will be able to gain it. The uncomfortable you see is the uncomfortable thing.

Beijing News: The play of "Vegetable Entering House" is very interesting, you and Zhang Zhiyong really frozen the radish?

Zhang Yu: Yes, yes, it is really being smashed, the crew has made a lot of distance measurements to ensure our security, but it is still very dangerous. To say (this play) What is thought, you have to ask the Junjun (laugh), it is refined and deleted, and it is also a very good short film.

Xudong went to Mili, and the results were smashed by frozen radish.

Beijing News: The entire production class of the film is very simple, you and Ma Li should be the only business representative inside, this is not very different from your previous cooperation model?

Zhang Yu: It is really that I have a lot of pressure before entering the group, I know that the actor in the hands of the army is too good. For example, he is a small second, too strong, is it "nuclear weapon"? (Laughing) Who touched him with him to kill, he was too powerful, I also liked it too much. When he played, I was basically seen next to it, laughed. Unfortunately, we have almost no opponent, but that is the director distressed, I have to be "seconds" by him in minutes.

Beijing News: "Northeast Tiger" gives people a feeling of unknown, it is difficult to define what type is.

Zhang Yu: It has been defined, it is very black and humorous, very good. The label of this movie is the army. It has been branded on his hand, and it is possible to feel very strong personal style, humor, or sadness.

Beijing News: Huang Mei from "I am not a medicine god" is concerned, everyone thinks you will act now, how do you think of your performance?

Zhang Yu: How do I think about this problem? It is true that I will have a scales for my performance, I think I am going well in the "Northeast Tiger", haha.

Beijing News: Some people say that Zhang Yu is born for big screens, like this evaluation? Others say it is hard to imagine your TV series?

Zhang Yu: I certainly like it! I like big screen. The TV series is a little rhythm. I may not get it, although there are many very good TV series, but because of the rhythm, I am afraid that I am uncomfortable, I am afraid that others (watch) is uncomfortable. (laugh)

Beijing News: The role you play is always a sense of strong generation, can you come out?

Zhang Yu: I can come out, there is nothing wrong. But I am more and more thinking that I can't set up this thing, and I'm more and more feel that I can't let it be indulged in the role. Many times, even if it is a creation process, you have to jump out to see your performance, this is important. I used to be, painting can't stare at yourself (content), painting this part, can't stare at this part, you have to retreat a few steps, and you jump out. So there is no can't come out, you must get it.