Former Hua Dan to develop the real estate industry in front of TVB, learn Japanese, but

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Former Hua Dan to develop the real estate industry in front of TVB, learn Japanese, but

2022-01-20 00:03:19 20 ℃

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Tvb spectacular Mengja Huihui has been in front of the public in front of the public, and the new work is even less. Since the "Flying Tigers Thunder" appeared, her news is more rare.

As everyone knows, since she is married to Zheng Yijian, they will enjoy family life. The two couples have lived very comfortably. In addition to traveling around, they often meet together, and life, playing, playing, life, maybe too comfortable, so last time Meng Jiahui saw Meng Jiahui on the screen, she was very fat, and people were very unexpected.

Recently, there are netizens exploding the latest developments of Meng Jiahui. It is not difficult to find out from the picture of the netizen. This is a small informal Japanese test volume, and the answer sheet is Meng Jiahui himself, apparently the topic of the Trip Wrong is close to half, and there are two questions, this correct rate is not exempting.

It is reported that the netizen is the employee of the real estate company of Mengjia Hui, so that the boss's ability is poor, really good? According to informed people, before Meng Jiahui wanted to learn Japanese because she opened a real estate company in Japan, in order to better develop, it can also communicate with employees, so she decided to learn Japanese.

Who knows for so long, the result is a little surprised, is Monghai really lack language talent? And she had vowed to the closed customs of Due, and at this stage, I don't know if she is very satisfied? Affected by the great environment, Meng Jiahui can manage the company's business in Japan, but now only can discuss business remotely with employees, no wonder she is somewhat not to be assured.

Instead, Zheng Yijian, who is funded by its new business, is still leisurely, compared with his wife, he can say that it is a idle person, thinking about playing, wanting to come within its depths, must be quite recognized to Meng Jiahui's ability.

In the past, Meng Jiahui, who was killed by Xinsheng, was questioned by the audience, until I got to Du Qifeng's movie, everyone changed. But later Meng Jiahui did not continue to develop in the big screen, but transferred the TV circle and signed TVB.

After joining the Table, Meng Jiahui has a lot of chances of performance, and basically gets the script of the female owner, which seems to be in the high-level heart, Meng Jiahui is an actor with a plasticity, otherwise it will not After her, especially after the "Wonderful Heart" series, Meng Jiahui's popularity has improved a lot.

After that, the "Forensic Pioneer" series is even more stable, and the audience who pays attention to her. It should be clear that Meng Jiahui's acting has a significant progress. She interprets the role is also very characteristic. I believe that behind the Monghai is not paid. Work hard.

At the same time, Jun Jiahui also met Zheng Yijian, the two people got crossed, and later, it was more developed for men and women, obviously from Zheng Yijian's past love, everyone is not optimistic, However, let the audience are wrong, they finally cultivate the fruits of the marriage.

After marriage, two people adhered to Ding, so so far, they did not have a half-woman, and the two worlds have passed. Since both people like Japan, they will fly to local vacation from time to time, and then they have made real estate companies, although they have not intended to do more excellent, but they also hope to fill their daily spending.

Now I want to see the scenery of Monja Hui, I am determined to make the company strong, be big, just the foundation language problem, she is still notified, and the subsequent Xiaobian is really worried. In any case, I hope that she can overcome the heavy difficulties and the other small peak that will usher in the career as soon as possible.