Hong Kong Circle is the miserable actress?After 8 years of boyfriend, after 13 times, this time is this again?

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Hong Kong Circle is the miserable actress?After 8 years of boyfriend, after 13 times, this time is this again?

2022-01-20 00:03:58 38 ℃

Not long ago, TVB held an annual awards ceremony.

The biggest prize controversy is on both people.

Among them, Tan Junyan, who is optimistic, is a famous second generation, and his father is Di Long.

And after Lin Xiawei, it is a TVB's holiday actor and is the Tangmei of Lin Feng.

Many people say that "After the emperor, the water is too big!"

Moreover, the audience has an early mind to have the attention of the candidates.

Everyone feels that Zhong Jiaxin's work "The Benevan Drink under the Starry" is a rare good drama this year.

On strength, the feelings, she is not two.

The results of it? Zhong Jiaxin came to Hong Kong for a month.

Finally, I only took a consolation prize - Malaysia favorite TVB heroine.

She said, no matter whether any actor has a prize, they also have to pay, no one will win.

Although Zhong Jiaxin has helpless, it also fostered respect for TVB.

The audience is not a point.

"Tvb is under the owner of Jiaxin," I really said.

She is the best lucky manner

In 1984, Zhong Jiaxin was born in Vancouver, Canada.

In the big year, she signed up for her beauty competition under his sister.

Unexpectedly, she went all the way, won the champion of Vancouver Chinese Miss.

The following year, she participated in the International Chinese Miss Campaign and won the title of the champion.

Wen Yizhen, laugh, the eyebrows, Zhong Jiaxin quickly selected by TVB.

Some people say that Zhong Jiaxin is the best luck of TVB.

Indeed, I have encountered "all happy". Not much drama, but she began to be concerned by people.

After that, she asked the women two in "waiting for it at any time", with the TOP-level actor Zheng Yijian, Charmaire, and won the "Leaping Female Artist Award" in one fell swoop.

In 2006, she starred with Ouyang Zhen Hua, Meng Jiahui and other actors starred in "Dedication Pioneer", and was named "the most ideal screen lover" by magazine.

In 2007, a "溏 溏 风暴", let Zhong Jiaxin become a popular actor who is familiar with the public overnight.

Tvb is in power to her, visible.

Her luck is just just right.

"Search God" is a good color girl who is always open, so good, and color;

"Flowering and danger" Rich Home Qian Jin Qiaozin;

In short, she appeared, and the TVB episode has a viewing guarantee.

It is time, it's not a good thing.

Signing for 14 years, shooting 31 dramas. Too intensive work arrangements, let her not get a chance to breathe.

"Do it yourself to explode, sick, sick split ..."

And in more than a decade, I have been spending a awards.

In 2013, she played Zhujing in the "giant round", defeated by Tian Rui, who is the same crew;

In "Gorgeous Turning", she starred in the woman's woman, but also hit the "ghost and you OT" Hu Dingxin again.

In the pocket for 6 years, I have to come back to the bottom to rebound, but I will lose to Lin Xia Wei.

How can Zhong Jiaxin's heart?

"I don't know if there is any opportunity to stand on this stage in the future, so I have some words today. I have been in 17 years. I am also very grateful to this alma mater, gave me Zhong Jiaxin this name."

Destiny often got people, maybe she is a composite personnel who have no contract, it is difficult to get rid of the life of the run.

However, when I came back, she was a smooth and smooth, and she was also a lucky one.

Acting is ill

Speaking of the bottlenecks in Zhong Jiaxin, less acting is ill.

Zhong Jiaxin is an artist who has not learned from class.

There is no rich experience, naturally in the acting "dangerous wall", it is more difficult.

In the early days, she was not criticized because of the pronunciation of the Cantonese, and the audience was strictly criticized and accused.

"A little acting is not."

"Talk like chicken, it is difficult to die!"

"The pioneer of the pioneer, the biggest failure of the pen, Xi Jiaxin."

Her collapse is also convinced.

For example, in the "Flowering of the Heart Storm", there is a scene that is very tested by the actor.

And Zhong Jiaxin, the surface crying, and actually there is no tears.

The sky-covered sound, Zhong Jiaxin is acceptable, she blunt "I don't want to be low".

It is not good in Cantonese, and she is desperately practicing pronunciation.

This has a "gorgeous turn" "Police Dog Beat", her crazy scene, clearer, and speed fast.

Especially classic lines "is you stupid, or you think I am stupid? ...", you can see super cool.

In the "Flying Tiger 2", she played the underlying corner and let the audience have seen her progress.

Since it is disappeared once, we will find a prize, and Zhong Jiaxin's success is a step footprint.

Nowadays, "The Benevan Medicine under the Starry" is the performance of the performance of Zhong Jiaxin.

I learned that when my child died, she was unbelievable.

When I saw my child's corpse, she did not want to accept it.

Finally, as a mother, cry.

In just a few tens of seconds, the emotions from calm to collapse, Zhong Jiaxin's acting, not only perform a sense of layering, but the hearts of the audience also hurt.

To be honest, Zhong Jiaxin's hard strength has already proved her status.

After taking it, I didn't take a light.

She has no replacement in the hearts of the audience.

However, while in pursuing career, she has gained the best love.

In 2016, 32-year-old Zhong Jiaxin officially married. Docked 8 years of emotional long run, love 4 days to love 4 days

"I am married"

The hundred-character marriage and statement is enough to explain her attention to this marriage.

I am not surprising.

Always, love and family are what she wants to pursue.

Her dreams are a primary school teacher before entering the TVB photographed.

She likes a child very much, I can't help but tease at the scene.

She is also eager to love, which has been married before the age of 30.

But it's all like she is willing.

Before marriage, Zhong Jiaxin once passed the gossip with the cooperative actor Lin Feng.

She two-degree parties with Lin Feng, and many people hope they can be together!

Then, he passed the way to Chen Zhanpeng.

At that time, the media photographed Chen Zhanpeng to pick up her with a value of 3 million, and the two were too forget to drive, causing a collision with the previous one.

If you have a gossip, you have clarified that after the two are clarified, just after "Friends Relationships", I know that Zhong Jiaxin is with them.

I really let her admit a feeling, that is, and Wuhajong Wu Yunlong.

Two people stayed for 8 years, during which she will use their own name to help my boyfriend platform.

Not only that, but the work of your boyfriend, she is supported.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend knows her wish, but has never been manifested.

Plus, Wu Yun's rumor is countless, Zhong Jiaxin took him a year, and finally ended this in 2011.

Also, she met her husband Jeremy.

Only 4 days, she thought this man.

It turns out that Zhong Jiaxin did not look at it.

Jeremy is a doctor, also the nephew of Liang Naipeng, Chairman of TVB, can say that he is worth it.

Some people say she is a love, and some people say she climbed the giants.

However, for marriage, Zhong Jiaxin will follow his intuitive.

She has never falundated.

They have a father's day together, and they are not happy together.

She is now full of happiness.

Faced with career, her husband will fully support.

Within three years, there is a lovely child.

Zhong Jiaxin's life, started slow down, while stabilizing the play, there is a child, she lives in many people's envy.

Usually, she will also open a column, share their own ridicion.

Reduce the filming, but she still returns to the country to participate in some activities.

Tvb has a drama, she immediately agreed, and it was not going to slow.

Zhong Jiaxin, like many female artists, experiencing the peak of the cause, and finally choosing slowly and the family stay together.

No matter who she won the next prize, she always insisted on his love and lived hard.

We can also see from her, every stage of life, she can find life.

Actor, mother, wife ... all kinds of identity, switched back.

I hope everyone can pursue what they want in different stages of her life.

Forward to share out, I hope you can all wish.