Yao Ming cancer recurrence has passed?Six small age children officially issued confirmation!CCTV Li Yu tragedy

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Yao Ming cancer recurrence has passed?Six small age children officially issued confirmation!CCTV Li Yu tragedy

2022-01-20 00:03:31 37 ℃

Recently, there is a bad news again, Yao Ming cancer recurrence, rescue is invalid, heard this news, everyone is not a matter of heart. Is it a basketball player, a small giant Yao Ming died. In fact, this is Yao Ming, the people who died, famous composer Yao Ming. It may be less familiar with this person, but Yao Ming's song is a population. This is a familiar "face", which is created by him and said here. Everyone should have a preliminary impression of Yao Ming, and the accomplishment of Yao Ming in Yao Ming. It is more than the basketball player Yao Ming. It is too much, his greatest achievements, integrate the elements in the Peking Opera and Art, integrate into modern music. In the creation. Let more people see that the charm of Peking Opera and drama.

Putting my country's traditional culture to more people, so Ming Yao Ming, also has become a mountain leader in the opera, and his achievements are not so, this episode in this classic TV series, "Journey to the West" is also created by him. For each work of Yao Ming, every work is excellent. Many famous awards, very famous Tao Li Cups Comforting Award, Yao Ming took five, let people regret that such a good music leader, eventually did not have the destruction of the disease . He has worked with him many small age children, and also said that his departure, a very big loss on the music industry, and Li Gui also publicly made mourning. Unfortunately, until Yao Ming is leaving, we know that there is such an excellent composer. Over time, a bones have passed away, and the most surprising is still her.

Zhang Shaohua, "Ugly Republic", died of illness, 75 years old, Jia Ling sent a mourning that Zhang Shaohua was the cooked face of the film and television circle, she began to get involved in film and television circles in 1993, starred in countless classic works, "my ugly girl" "Wulin's rumors" have her figure, especially in ugly venues, she touched every visitor with wonderful acting, and left an indelible impression to the audience. Due to many "mother" roles, I was also become "mother households". When I was 70 years old, Zhang Shaohua won the White Yulan Award. Although most of her shape is a small person, but they are deeply affected by the audience. But people When there is a lighting light, she has more physical conditions in these years.

But it still insists on the school, it is worth admiring. Nowadays, suddenly, it is indeed very grief, Jia Ling also sent a mourning. Looking at your play, Mr. Yifu, although our current medical level is already quite developed, but for some special conditions, sometimes doctors are also helping, more than a few years have a more fever, Zhao Yingjun, nor to escape After the robbery, he has a non-mainstream explosion head, appearing in the majority of the major art. Funny, active quirky personality is being happy with many people, three small Wang Yuan, is very good to relation with him. He created this classic, "The king told me to patrol", until now, the soul of everyone, like Yao Ming, is a very talented musician, but unfortunately, two years ago, Zhao Yingjun He has been diagnosed with liver cancer, and he is optimistic while actively cooperating with the doctor, often encouraging the patient around him, but he does not fight the disease. I was only 44 years old, I have a lot of people who have died early as the year, but Luo Jing is

The most sorry, he is myth of the host.

Luo Jing is engaged in the news industry for 26 years, with more than 3,000 student, never said a word, in the host, this record has been broken, but on August 31, the news broadcast is over. Luojing did not organize the manuscript as usual, but rugged the leader's office door, invited his first holiday since its 26 years. It is also the last time. It was originally in July. Luojing was checked out with lymphadenopic cancer, and the opening of the Olympics was about 10 days left. Luo Jing as the 140th torchbearer, in order to successfully complete the task, he concealed his condition, no one knows. When he holds the torch, the cancer cell has spread to the back, and Luojing has been insisted on August 31 before leaving the post. He is very fortunate, can see the prosperity of the motherland in a limited time, and before leaving this uncomfortable world.

For your career, I painted a perfect sentence, when Luo Jing passed away, only 48

age. His dedicated music attitude, worthy of our people, like the host, Li Wei and Luo Jing, have a different experience, he leaves a micro-contained long hair, once is the highest value of CCTV. However, the peak of the current business, Li Wei suddenly chooses to leave CCTV went to the United States. After the netizen learned this news, they were rebuked, "get enough!" It's a big scream, but no one knows Li Wei at that time, is actually enduring non-human torture, October 29, 2018. Li Wei's wife Havin on the social platform, a dynamic released, letting the network collapsed, original Li Wei to the United States, to treat cancer, but unfortunately went to other countries, hehe to the 17-month Li Wei, did not escape the death Claw. At the age of 50, forever left us, these people who have experienced illness. Although I didn't defeat the disease, until the last moment, they all burned themselves. I hope everyone can consciously enhance the quality of life, pay attention to their health, stay away from the pain of the pain.

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