56-year-old Wu Jun like an alternative coat!The body is full of skin, the scene is dancing too.

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56-year-old Wu Jun like an alternative coat!The body is full of skin, the scene is dancing too.

2022-01-20 00:03:43 46 ℃

Recently, a well-known artist Wu Jun drove a few photos on the film on the scene on their own social platform. Wu Junru wearing a splicing white pink, even the skin is very slender, but the size of the stomach is very eye-catching, and the bloated belly looks like a football.

According to Wu Junru shared video, 56-year-old Wu Junru skin is still like a young girl, and Wu Junru moves from time to time. From time to time, she will show off her hands, and the hot body is directly displayed.

In the film, Wu Jun is sitting on a chair, she knocks Holding Erlang Legs, a calf with colorful socks, the calf, no shoes, only wearing one Ship socks, I saw her hand with a long belly in her hand. But she said that the belly that just like the football is the "Typo> special effects of the crew" "Typo>" effect, the effect is very realistic.

Among them, Wu Jun took a huge headset, with very retro music, waving his hands twisted his butt, and it looked very comfortable. With her movements and tights, her body exposed listless. Wu Jun is still in the literary case "old soil".

In the last video, Wu Jun is deliberately twisted by his butt, and the extension is very large. I saw only her whole back in the picture. She is a bloated figure. Interestingly, she also gave himself a copy of the case. When I took a scene, I had a Carry's body, my belly, big microphone, and twisting. It seems that Wu Junru is more impactful. The effect is not much in your own image.

For some time, Wu Junru took a photo of the male actor, Wu Jun wearing a complete set of suit, deep V-colored suit seems to have not wearing clothes, wearing a short panties, and the legs are directly exposed. The funny is Wu Junru, the flip of the flip of a plush, looks full. Even her own spit "" Shorts is too short, it may be too sexy. "

Wu Jun, 56, is still working hard, immersed in his own performance, she can accept boldly transformation of her more closely to the character character image, is precisely because of her dedication to create her more Many classic masterpieces, I look forward to her later offered more classic works.