Do not play tender, do not take the needle, people to middle-aged mothers, high round Li Xiaoyu is worthy of praise

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Do not play tender, do not take the needle, people to middle-aged mothers, high round Li Xiaoyu is worthy of praise

2022-01-20 00:02:00 34 ℃

In these two years, there are too many middle-aged actresses who downside. From Zhou Xun, from "If you rumored", he went to the "Shangyang Fu", and Liu Tao in the "Star Hohai" "Star Harmony".

Leading to the public feeling: can't play the middle-aged actress.

In fact, there are many middle-aged actresses that have a suitable role in a suitable age. They have not contracted, do not take the needle, facing the audience with the most authentic state, the most natural acting.

First, Li Xiaoyu

TV drama "There is you this life" start broadcasting, Xiao 8 is over 6 episodes, I didn't expect such dog blood, can be interpreted by the protagonist and director so delicate!

Men's Nie Yu (Zhong Hanliang) is a good doctor, and it is necessary to go back to the rich second generation of hundreds of millions of families. He loves the female owner to talk to it (Li Xiaoyu), even if the two have been separated for many years, they still have never forgotten.

Everyone can understand the why Nie Yu is "why is the milesty", the setting is almost the same.

The woman is always hopped by the destiny. At the years, my father died of heart disease. I was forced to stop my university studies, and my son who came to birth was also suffering from congenital heart disease. In order to save your son, she works hard, optimistic life. (My son is Nie Yu, but Nie Yu is not known)

Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoyu's tacit understanding and CP feel no need to have a small 8, Zhong Hanliang does not standardize Mandarin, so that the audience will come from time to time, there is not much problem.

And Li Xiaoyu's acting and state, Xiao 8 is willing to give her 80 points, which is the best in the near future! Li Xiaoyin is white and beautiful, because it is too white, it's time to send a foreign "wall skin".

The 45-year-old Li Xiaoyu is still white, the skin is better, and the face of the high-definition faces, clarity can see her delicate pores!

Of course, she is old, when laughing, the corner will have obvious fish tail lines. so what? Li Xiaoyu is still beautiful!

She has never been accommodated, and the natural is long, and the beautiful appearance has been amazed.

At the age of age, I didn't hit the needle, and I kept natural state, so she could perform a micro-ending and little emotions when playing.

Although Li Xiaoyu has no children, she is in "there is you in this life", and there is a warmth and infectiousness. Previous Zhou Xun's interaction with his son's homes in "Xia Minjia", it was not like a mother, and netizens were still in Zhou Xun did not be a mother.

Obviously, this statement is not established in Li Xiaoyu, who said that he didn't play my mother's actress? Middle-aged actress, which is beautiful and acting, please play a lot of play!

2, high round

The high round of postpartum new drama "Perfect companion" is half a month, and the word of mouth is high, and now there is a trend of "crash".

The reason is, or the screenwriter is too suspended, most of the workplace drama can not stand the scrutiny, the characters are not delicate enough. But small 8 is still that the role of high round circle in the play is successful.

The high round is always impressive, but this time she plays a workplace in the "perfect companion" Chen Shan. Chen Shan professional, diligent and smart, she is desperately working to give her family better life, but also to achieve self-value.

She is in the drama and her husband, her daughter's interaction is very smog, maybe marriage life will help her interpretation.

Gao Yuanyuan is 42 years old, is a mother of a two-year-old child. She certainly can't be beautiful, youthful, but youth, but the age also gives a high round.

Gao Yuanyuan has now there is apple muscles, deepening of the decree, and the increase in wrinkles, these appearance changes can be obvious in the drama.

But you will still feel that it is very beautiful, and it is very beautiful and vivid, so it is still infectious in the "perfect companion" in the "perfect companion" in the "perfect companion".

3, Mei Ting

Mei Ting last year's new drama "Does Notice Tour" is also approved very miserable, the score is only 4.8, which is called a rotten.

The screenwriter was smashed, the man was spit, the supporting role was ridicied, and no one said that the female master Mumei. In a female with heavy silicone, 46 years old Mei Tingmei is fresh and refined.

Mei Ting is the mother of two children, relaxation, dark circles, but it is full of old states. But for the audience, don't spit Mei Ting?

Because Mei Ting's play is a middle-aged person, the middle-aged people have wrinkles is normal. Because there is no move, Mei Ting can accurately take the fine mood change when playing.

In the play, 45 years old Liu Wei's whole face is full to be bubble, laughing, the meat on the face is not moving, is this really beautiful?

4, Yin Tao

Yin Tao's new drama "Happy Duo" finale, this drama did not have a discussion on the Internet, but the ratings were quite gratifying. Some netizens commented, such dramas belong to "middle-aged audience specializes."

Yin Tao is in the role of the play, the role setting in the "perfect companion" is similar, the business is relatively weak, and the husband at home is relatively weak.

Yin Tao's active skills are unquestionated, and now it is full of success. What is more valuable is that her state is so good, she is the same year with high round, but it looks more younger than high round.

Previously, Yin Tao was spit fat in the TV series "The ideal life" of love, but she was desperately losing weight last year, insisted on exercising, and the status can really play a girl.

But Yin Tao is not stupid. 4 years ago, she was 38 years old to play from 16 years old in "The Friendship of Love", but it is really different from 40.

Just like Zhou Xun, 39-year-old girl playing "red sorghum" girl nine children, hearing is praise. When she is 43 years old, when she is "such as rumor", she is awkward. Perhaps 40 years old for actresses, it is really a cac. 5, Yuan Quan

Yuan Quan finally played the TV drama female protagonist, and the new drama of Lei Jiaye "meeting" will be on the line. She plays a middle-aged divorced woman in the drama in the drama.

From the perspective, Yuan Quan's drama should be very bitter, very screwed. Yuan Quan is a beautiful woman, and it will look her very embarrassed.

However, the strength does not need to make a makeup, a few lenses, a short number of shots, and the small 8 can feel the emotional changes in Yuanquan in the same situation.

Yuan Quan has a lot of characters in these years, but it is very colorful. From "China Machine" to "Chinese doctor", it is a prize.

Yuan Quan picks the vision of the script "poison", not suitable for his character, otherwise he does not twist, the audience can also be embarrassed.

The audience spits the middle-aged actress dresses tender, and it is actually a good thing. The opinions have been heard by capital and actors. If you want to be dressed in the middle age, you will have something to stop. The actors of each age group were in their own position, and the right age was playing the right role. The actors played nature, and the audience also saw comfortable.