He Yixinna no longer cooperates?Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng accident?Huo Zun is hammered to the new melon?

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He Yixinna no longer cooperates?Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng accident?Huo Zun is hammered to the new melon?

2022-01-20 00:03:29 47 ℃

1, Zhang Yawai Liu Xueyi wants three?

First, "shining character", the melon, Zhang Yun, the studio, has been officially rumored. Besides, the relationship between them, in fact, both sides have also denied that falling in love, but seems to have no persuasive, and not to say that the two people are filming the show, and the eyes of the eyes are constantly moving. No trouble, there is also a touch of the same, sweet double row, lovers, etc.

In fact, the two people are really together, and the boots are boating out of the big side officials, after all, the fans have no strong expressions that cannot be accepted, but the road is flying, after all, the handsome man is so eye-catching. I have always denied that I don't open it, or the men or women have a drama to be broadcast, and they will cooperate with the drama to promote CP.

Zhang Gawei and Liu Xueyi, now the artist of Hui Li, they can stand out, mainly by obeying this, do not pick the book, what is the company to shoot something (whose capital is holding who is not holding, of course, it is challenged Who is holding a good one? Who is not good?), The company is not too much for their things, but the requirements cannot affect the company's interests.

2, what happened to Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng?

In fact, there is no big thing, that is, the couple have been exploded from the associated company to be enforced, but the number is a fur and rain for the two, it is necessary to deal with it, it is a lot of enforcement, or dragged down. Big, that is not allowed to be deducted to be deducted.

At the end of last year, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng have caused the rumors of wedding. As a result, they have just been quit, and the company is enforced 508W hot search. Today, it is just a start. Can only be mighty, Zhang Ting couple have just don't have a matter, I hope that Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng can stay up.

Speaking of this couple, in fact, there is still a lot of melons, why does Zhang Ziyi look at Wang Feng? This is not complicated. It is necessary to know that Wang Feng plays rock in the 1990s. It is really not simple, and some of Wang Feng's background, the cause of Zhang Ziyi has a big rebuilt effect, two people get married After that, get along the way, and even the children before Wang Feng, it is also more harmonious with Zhang Ziyi.

3, Wang Junkai is another new movie to kill?

"Hedgehog" kills the road, Wang Junkai is waiting to release the work to determine +1, now there is "Rebirth of the Gate", "749 Bureau", "Broken Bridge", etc., but either because The problem is difficult to review, or because the epidemic is repeated, there is no real release.

It was very difficult to wait until the "Broken Bridge" has been accepted. It is also directly fixed to this year. This is counted, Wang Junkai has had no new works in one or two years after "Tianke Falcon". It is important to say that he is not anxious and fake. After all, for Wang Junkai, it is still in the process of a traffic transition power actor. There is no new work for so long, and the impact on him is quite big.

Next, Wang Junkai's key points will be placed on the "broken bridge" cooperated with Ma Shuo. After considering the pain of the first furnace, the road is full, now "broken bridge" marketing point is basically in Wang Junkai. On the side, the film is interested in weakening the existence of the female owner, but this makes the Ma Si pure team not very satisfied, and then the film is also pushed together, and I also pushed a group magazine to her and Wang Junkai, but Musi pure needs to adjust In the state, it is estimated that there is not so fast.

4, Huo Zun's melon is not finished?

Yes, the new follow-up, there is a netizen exposed a new chat record in Shanghai, the content is more exciting than the previous show, and directly hammers for the legend of Hui Zun, enough to prove him is a "" The wrong person of the end of the manner, and the fierce look, I thought it was eating melon.

With the next time, Huo Zun is obviously not willing to be silent. I call himself without a willingness, just want to accompany my family, take care of my mother, but I am playing friends, relatives, fans, saying that I have not done wrong. Things, don't admit the previous chat records.

Some time ago, I also took advantage of the chaos of the entertainment circle, plus Wang Lihong's things, indirect weakened Hozun's work is that many people still feel that Huo Zun is pitiful, and Chen Zu is deceived. But now the netizen is a new hammer, and it is also necessary to take him back. In fact, the public doesn't care about Huo Zun and how to bother Chen, but have a previous chat record, there must be a voice against Huo Zun, as for Chen Du, it will be given to the legal judgment.

5, He Wei and Xie Na's new show, how is the relationship between the two?

He Wei because of the previous personal things and other things in the Taiwan, he has been low-profile since last year, has not let the propaganda to send it, and it is deliberately reducing the existence, until recently There is a new show to arrange, his marketing publicity is gradually recovering, including hot search today, because "friends, please listen to 2" into the publicity period, and make a wave of preheating in advance.

It is necessary to say that they have the relationship, but they have not been separated, and they don't say that they will no longer cooperate, and they will have new cooperation programs. For example, now warm-up friends, please listen. The two are the cases of Yas Yishi, and He Wei as a fast-book old brother, has always been controlled to the overall situation, Xie Na is active as an atmosphere group, sometimes it is easy to lose the inch, there is no Hao's save, she may climb Not so close to this status today, it is not so close to fruit. There is also a career of Zhang Jie. He Wei has not boosted behind him in his morning. The most important thing is that these two mouths are together, and He Wei is also a red lady. Under the reasons, Xie Na is more than grateful. Xie Na had to open the show, the effect is not too good, many people say that she wants to with He Wei, in order to maximize the use, the two certainly will not give up cooperation.

6, a child steals gold coins?

The front people have a very stable little life. In fact, he is not so straightforward under private, and he doesn't say it. Although some people think that it is time to stop, the real situation is that this company is created together to steal gold coins. Although the child is not a class, his performance is also booming these years. His compensation is not the highest in the same period. , But in private, I will engage in the set of two contracts.

Those who have just promoted him also have this requirement, and the two will open their own companies, and the principles of the best, the two are stealing gold coins, and they will use this company to invest some industries. . So after smelling an unusual breath, in order to avoid being fired, you will take it, and things have been handled in time.