Bai Jingtang and "Chinese Drama Little Flower" are real relationships, and 500 million netizens can't sit: it is my goddess.

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Bai Jingtang and "Chinese Drama Little Flower" are real relationships, and 500 million netizens can't sit: it is my goddess.

2022-01-20 00:03:45 48 ℃

The recent hot broadcast drama "start", have you seen it?

The scientific fantasy short drama of this immortial sun is starred by Bai Jingting and Zhao Zhan wheat.

In less than 10 days, there are 160,000 people to take a high score of 8.2 on Douban.

The drama has not finished, and the copyright is bought by the next Korean rush to the South Korea. This wave is a cow.

Xiao in specially ran to see this drama, and the eight episodes of a breath were still unfair.

In the drama, Zhao Zhan wheat played college students Li poetry, in the case of "death and regeneration" after the bus exploded, caught in the incidental period of incidence.

She misconducted Xiao Heyun team played by Bai Jingting, in order to prevent the bus from explosion, constantly looking for the truth.

Source: @ 综 小学生

("Anti-fry League" CP walks in the lens under the twilight, dreaming back "This killer is not too cold"!)

In addition to the story, let the small in amazing, it is the acting of Xiao Huazhang wheat after 00.

At first, when I thought the big paramount, she was fearful but firm eyes, which made people could not help but follow the tension in the play.

In a cycle, she struggled in the criminals of the suspect, and finally couldn't resist the moment.

In just a few lenses, Li Shi's eyes were feared, and the eagerness of life was swapped into a dead, not sweet, so that countless people saw their hearts.

Since the performance is too realistic, it is superior to the small in. (As if the one being smashed is me 555)

After the loop, I woke it, and the tears in a second make people super distressed, I want to hug her in the screen.

Not only Bai Jing Ting praised her, even Bai Jingting fans said: "I am very honored to play with my sister."

Calculated, Zhao Zhao, who was born in 2002, or "elders" in the small white entertainment circle.

I have just been 20 years old this year, I have 12 years.

"The beginning" Li Shi is only one of her more than 20 characters.

At the age of 8, she was "not a mother without her mother" in the TV series, and officially dispatched.

In 2014, Zhao Zhimai played the role in the test of the "Magic" of the Magic Magic Fairy of the Magic Fairy.

But everyone is more familiar, it should be "small leave" in 2016.

The 14-year-old wheat plays Fang Qinqin in the play, and the Zhang Zifeng sister who is "00 post-hour flowers" is playing, and people can see people.

At this time, her hairstyle is also a well-behaved straight hair, and the heart is broken by the divorce of my parents.

I used to have a good and quiet role.

In 2018, Mai Mai, which gradually faded, played a female two seedlings in "Quickly took my brother", and passed a chasing girl's addiction.

There is also the "juvenile" of the 2019 fire, Miao Mai, who is playing, is a naughty personality with a male child;

When you are awkward, please ask, let people hate tooth.

These two new "wonderful", hot, all summer vacation.

That year, Mai Mai's works, there is currently the "Wandering Earth" in the "Wandering Earth" in China's Sports History Book Office.

Zhao Zhao, who has served as a heroine, has changed from the neighboring girl's image to the rebellious girl, Korean blossom, and the old play bone Wu Jing, Wu Mengda partner does not care.

While shaping many excellent characters, Mai Mai's studies have not fallen.

In the past, Zhao Zhan Mai took the first achievement of the National National National National National National Central Drama Academy to enter the department's learning performance.

For so many years, Zhao Zhan wheat is not integrated, and the appearance is getting more and more spiritual, amazing a large number of netizens.

Mai Mai, a young girl, is also included in one of the children's stars of "long and long-lasting".

The sister laughed and made a bright movie, and there was light in his eyes.

When you are silent, you can have a cold temperament, very shot.

From the neighbor girl, the girl who wipes the red lips, the firmness in her eyes will always be unchanged.

Effective parents, there is a clear young woman in short hair.

Long hair is more amazing, not only can easily control a variety of style, but also a few guys on the beautiful people.

And the private Zhao Zhimai is a little girl who loves life, unrestrained.

She is casual, often a vest shorts, and the heart is playing.

I thought I thought, I sat in the ground, nature as a view.

With the hot broadcast of "start", Zhao Zhan wheat that coexists with the color value, the popularity is high.

More and more passers-by are highly hoped for Zhao Zhan wheat.

Even some netizens predict that Zhao Zhan wheat will be one of the new generation of Little Hua Dan in the next ten years.

Although it is not known to the future,

But now, everyone is really cut, and it is infected by the brightness of wheat.

She hopes to enter her 20-year-old, so she will maintain the initial heart, continue to enhance the acting skills!