Marriage derailed, driving throughout, this "Asian light" murdered

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Marriage derailed, driving throughout, this "Asian light" murdered

2022-01-20 06:04:58 51 ℃

Still last week's Golden Globe, won the "best foreign language table". The momentum of this open, reminds people of "parasite" three years ago.

"Drive my car" Drive my car

This movie is adapted from the short story of the spring tree in the village, "there is no woman". "

Director and screenwriter, Coast Dragon.

Binkou Dragon Shu is introduced to his "Casual And Imagination", come and talk about "driving my car" today.

A man and a woman are joy, but the woman's mouth is a word.

The man is called Jiafu (Xiwang Xiu Jun), is a drama actor and director. The wife will tell the story when the skin is blind, and the family needs to remember. Because she will forget what the story will be, she needs her family to help her memories.

The wife's script is created like this, sex is her inspiration source. She will read the script and record it.

Then there is a place where the family needs to be said, leave a blank.

When the family is driving, playing the tape over and over again. At the same time, it is said that it is said to fill the silence of his wife's recording. Recently listening is Chekhov's "Wandan".

They live in their respective worlds, and the other half is always missing. "It is difficult for a vision loss of an eye to find that another eye will adapt."

The reason why their relationship is that I have lost my daughter. And the family blends the wife's derailment, but he didn't break, and did not know.

Not only left a unfinished script to his family. The story of Jiafu and his wife occupies nearly forty minutes.

Jia Fu received an invitation of a drama festival and went to the director.

He will participate in a drama, read, rehearse, and final performance. The selected drama is the "Wandan" of Chekhov.

The driver is a young woman who is tempering, silent, and very professional driving technology.

Although the steering wheel is not in his own hands, the habit of family blessing has not changed. It is still playing the "Wandan" who recorded his wife before playing his wife in the car.

In the process of arranging drama, the family can meet every day. It is because of the emergence of the tale, letting the journey of the family are no longer ordinary. In a long time, the family is moving his voice and also listening to the secrets.

Gradually, Jiafu found a state in which the wife is in a different state. I also tried to tell myself to put down, and slowly came out from grief.

"Driving my car" is a dream movie. The relationship between the structure is exquisite, the lines, and the relationship between characters are complex. It takes a little patience to completely enter the magical world of Binuko. Romantic, poetic, casual, full of mysterious paragraphs.

For example, lines and performances across the media. "Driving my car" is actually a story about telling the story, regarding the performance of the performance. All characters in the drama also have their own roles to play in social life.

Some of the lines in the drama, thus producing cross-media penetration effects. "13 years is too long, how do I spend 13 years?"

Why don't you ask yourself, and ask your late wife?

For example, use the script that is passed. After that, the wife will seek comfort and get inspiration through the relationship with other men.

When Jiafu is "Wana" selected Wani Nia's player, he chose a young man actor, high month (Okada will be born). Originally, the family Po I played Wania, but he didn't want himself to fall into the wife or the past.

The family is very dissatisfied with his performance, but it is very interested in him. He tried to learn more about his wife through the high month. That stayed at home, the endless script, got continuing in the joon.

For example, what can I do when the language has lost communication? The drama "Wanian" is a multilingual experimental work. In the scriptures of the scriptures, mixed Japanese, Chinese, Korean and sign language. They can't understand other people's language, but they know what they express after reading the script.

"If the conversation has lost communication, we have to force yourself to focus on the reaction and emotion of others." More than people is a kind of understanding. The relationship between people people. Contains the mystery of your identity, love, culture, language barriers.

Instead of rampant brain juice to the correct answer, he surely wrote a very long error answer.

As mentioned above, "Driving my car" is a prose-style movie. About love and sadness, about art and life, about repentance and sex. So do it have a very high outlier, and through the always theme? have. That is, reconciliation.

Because this theme is made through the most important image of the whole film. The car is a refuge of Jiafu, and it is also where he works and thinks. Co-Dao Dragon is specially selected a retro red Saab 900.

Binukou Dragon said: "The intimate dialogue is only generated in that closed, moving space."

The seat of Jiafu has changed from the back seat to the co-drive, and his communication in his and the extension has become more.

Then I held a cigarette with her, and didn't let the smoke perline in the car. At that moment, the emission color is actually the best communication. They have been completely open.

At the end, I drove to her family to go to her Hokkaido.At that year, her mother was here during the age.Lookhou on the sky, a piece of snow, pointing a smoke inserted into the soil, paying homage to the mother.Jia Fu also said to his wife in the snow.Past pain reconciliation.

This typin is the last intention of the whole movie."Wan Na, we must continue to live."

It is not difficult to see that it is an epidemic period, and the time is moved again for a year.She drove the red Sa Bo with the family blessings, and there is a dog on the back seat.Looking at it carefully, she is in Korea at this time, not before Japan.

She has no food, "We must continue to live."

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