Fang Wenshan: This is my root, I have a Chinese who has Zhangzhou Hakka.

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Fang Wenshan: This is my root, I have a Chinese who has Zhangzhou Hakka.

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On December 31, 2021, CCTV broadcasted "Karai 2022" welcomes the New Year party.

Among them, there is a song that has attracted many people.

This song is "we sing a song".

The song specially chose Taiwan's famous singer Xiao Jingteng and Hunan singer Yuan Yawei, and used two languages, plus Mandarin to sing.

After the show is broadcast, many people have attracted many people, and everyone has said:

"Wake up our expectations of the same reunion."

"The straits of the strait will never be home." These contents are once hosted.

But the green camp saw it very dissatisfied.

Not only is the title of insulted vocabulary, not only, the title of this song is:

"It's him, sang red song!"

Also said: "For that money as it is?"

In this regard, Fang Wenshan responded directly on the Facebook on January 15, 2022:

"I don't have anything, I will not escape."

Fang Wenshan also said that he would not delete a comment at all. He knew what he should do. From the beginning of his words, he knew it was the theme of "two buddies in the buddies of the straits", and it will deliberately adopt some vocabulary, and create this song. He also confiscated him a penny.

In this regard, many netizens said such a "hard"!

But everyone doesn't know.

In 2011, Fang Wenshan had already put his loved ones in Taiwan into the nation name of Zhangzhou hometown, and donated 66,000 aquatish halls in Zhangzhou.

"Here is my root, I have a Chinese in Zhangzhou Hakka."

When you say this, Fang Wenshan is particularly proud.

In his mind, the strait bilateral is a family and cannot be separated from each other.


The first capital of the lyrics of Fang Wenshan created is a classic, known as "ghost words."

Also known as Gao Xiaosong as "his words are the most beautiful in the circle."

And the most legendary experience in life is, which is the "love of each other" with Zhou Jay.

01. Bumpy growth

Fang Wenshan was born in 1969 in winter, the family at the time, can be said to be poor, four walls.

In order to make yourself warm, Fang Wenshan has already begun to make money.

There is a day, he sees an old man collects the easy pull can, scrap iron these things, curiosity to make him follow the old people, see what he has to do.

Fang Wenshan, who has been with the old man, found all the things collected in the hand, sold the waste acquisition station, and then he went to the money.

This finding that the other Wenshan is a "new mainland" general discovery.

Since then, Fang Wenshan has also begun to collect waste and become a member of the "grabbing bowl" with the elderly.

In addition to 捡 废 铁, Fang Wenshan has opened up other departments: go to the restaurant, send newspapers to take a takeaway, but if you can do it, Fang Wenshan will try.

At school, Fang Wenshan's results are always in the middle, and they are "ignored" in the teacher.

However, Fang Wenshan can not "ignore" himself, his plan for his future is to enter the movie, the first reason is to make money, the second reason is that this is not annoying this.

When I graduated from high school, Bang Wenshan forced to live in the volunteer is hesitant, and finally locked the electronic major of the vocational school, and the reason why it chooses this, or because he graduated from the school, he can be employed.

He is trapped in the poor family, where there is a way to make a movie, maintaining a livelihood is the most important goal.

After graduation, Fang Wenshan came to the age of serving military service, because there is a certain electronic expertise, so he did a tent troops in the troops.

More than others, Fang Wenshan's work is very simple, often do nothing in the office.

He began to choose to send time.

The other comrades in the army is very convinced of the preferences of the Wenshan, which looks older, reading is classical poetry, especially the poems of Li Qingzhao.

Others don't understand, but Fang Wenshan knows the beauty of poetry songs, where there is nothing to have.

After retiring, Fang Wenshan went to do the truck driver, but this job didn't take long.

Fang Wenshan, who was unemployed, was very anxious. He touched all the work in the newspaper clam and finally found a security system installation.

Every day, Fang Wenshan will drill, while installing a screw, the boring work makes Fang Wenshan began to do something boring.

So Fang Wenshan thought of reciting poetry, he rely on the memory of his mind, starting to work, reading.

At that time, all the colleagues with Fang Wenshan were extremely intimate, and they didn't live in the side of the poetry. When this person is not a fool?

At this point, anyone can't think of it, this "fool" has become a famous lyrics creator in the future.

Destiny is such a magical thing, it is not logically.

02. Become a foreign language from zero

After a long time, the Fang Wenshan of "poetry" every day has suddenly sprout the idea of ​​creating lyrics.

The dream of moving movies seems to be difficult to achieve, but every day, in the poetry songs, the idea of ​​creation is like the spring bamboo shoots, according to the pressing.

So, he didn't live, while holding a pen and recording what he thinks.

Soon, he completed the creation of nearly 100 lyrics. Creative is completed, but how can this 100 songs are used?

Fang Wenshan thought, think of a way, copying his lyrics together, sent to those record companies.

When Spring is coming to autumn, Fang Wenshan sent a full 100 times, when sending the first letter, he is looking forward to it.

But until the 100th, didn't receive any audio, this information is like a quiet sea, and Fang Wenshan is desperate.

It's just a lifetime, I can only have this way, Fang Wenshan has compromised life, he is no longer a poetry, no longer busy with the creation, downtry, and silent.

July, the ghost festival, I just passed at 12 o'clock in the evening, Fang Wenshan suddenly received a call, the other party said: "Hello, I am Wu Zongxian."

The first reaction of Fang Wenshan is that he was cheated, he said: "You are Wu Zongxian, I am still Li Tenghui!"

After the phone hangs, Fang Wenshan suddenly realized that the voice should be really Wu Zongxian, and he immediately dialed the phone.

Fortunately, Wu Zongxian did not be angry. He invited Fang Wenshan to sign a contract and became the entrance of the company.

When Fang Wen Shanxing rushed to Wu Zongxian's company, he knew that he was signed an sale.

That contract, there is no guarantee, no basic salary, no benefits, Fang Wenshan thinks that he is a poor two white, and there is a chance to be the best.

He did not hesitate to sign it.

Since then, he encounters the first partner in life, and because of this partner, Fang Wenshan's ancient beauty is more discovered.

03. With Jay Chou's "Love Kill"

Although I have signed a "three no signing" with the company, I feel that it is the place where Fang Wenshan also feels.

In 1999, Fang Wenshan met a cool young man, and later, Fang Wenshan knew that he called "Jay".

This guy doesn't like to talk, but the piano is very good, the trick is not bad.

Just starting, Fang Wenshan and him are unhappy.

Fang Wenshan's words, Jay Chou didn't understand, he felt too deeply, even when seeing Fang Wenshan, Jay Chou didn't think he was a sick creator, a sent takeaway.

And Jay Chou's self-confidence in music, Fang Wenshan does not understand.

Fang Wenshan Junjin Company, Wu Zongxian brought two songs to Fang Wenshan, asking which he is better, Fang Wenshan does not choose Zhou Jielun, he feels that Jay Chou's song is not very good.

Just in the case of listening to their conversations while listening, he listened to the heart: "Fang Wenshan, you think my song is not good, you finished!"

In this way, in the arrangement of destiny.

Two stubborn people who are unhappy in each other have become a partner, and they don't look at the cooperation career.

After making a partner, they found that each other's life steps were quite consistent, I like to find the point you satisfied with the art. For the sake of creation, they can don't sleep, eat and live in the company.

One day after cooperation, Jay Chou called Fang Wenshan and said: "Do you have a new lyrics? I have already tired of you before!"

Who knows, the Fang Wenshan, the phone, said to Jay Chou: "You will pick it up from the 100th of the 100"? I am busy! "

Jay Chou got a "rain sound" from the 100 lyrics.

This song is very popular.

"声" lyrics

It is also later, Jay Chou knows that he called, Fang Wenshan is in love, and the mood is very sad.

After the first cooperation was successful, Jay Chou discovered the special place in Fang Wenshan. This creation with ancient wind made him litigate.

So he began to integrate more Chinese wind elements in the trick, such as 琵琶, erhu, etc., to match the words of Fang Wenshan.

In 2000, Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan had a huge conflict.

Jay Chou's song was in the song of "Niangzi", it coincided with Fang Wenshan. After the Square Mountain came back, I found that Jay Chou has modified the song of this song, plus a period of RAP.

Rap of the lyrics, Jay Chou hosted the way to repeat the lyrics, "the lady, the lady is still."

Jay Chou is very satisfied, thinking that it is like this, and the trick is free.

But Fang Wenshan felt that it was too monotonous here, so he was very angry: "I don't want to pay money, you re-sing this song again."

How can Jay Chou's stubborn music genius may change, he is also angry with the Wenshan Mountain: "I don't want the second, I don't want to sing this song."

Later, Jay Chou got a victory, and the lyrics of this song did not change.

However, Fang Wenshan did not entangle it, he just changed the way of creative, and wrote a few more, from Jay Chou to pick him.

Once, Zhou Jielun has a very unique song style. It is the combination of Chinese wind and electric guitar. Fang Wenshan wrote several words to let Jay Chou selection, Jay Chou does not cropping, picking the first in Fang Wenshan word.

Fang Wenshan's heart rose a "heroic" feeling, two people rose a "tacit understanding" between the two people.

Step by step, their cooperation is getting more smooth, followed by "Niangzi", they launched "grandfaming tea", followed by "Shanghai 1943", "double knife", "Dragon Fiao", etc. Wait. Going to the later "blue and white porcelain", "Chrysanthemum Taiwan", "Dongfeng break", etc., two people complement each other, and push Chinese wind music in the peak.

At this time, Fang Wenshan and Jay Chou are no longer two people who are not familiar with, but they are in combination with Zhu Xian, in more than 10 years, and create a legendary road of Chinese style pop music.

These two music partners have said that as long as they are still created, they will continue to cooperate, which may be the most extreme emotional expression between them.

For Fang Wenshan, he will always know what he wants to praise, what is expressed, he has a strong request for his art.

When he created "We sing a song", he did not take, but in order to promote the relationship between the branches.

In 2011, Fang Wenshan put his loved ones in Taiwan in Zhangzhou hometown family, and donated 66,000 ancestral halls.

"Here is my root, I have a Chinese who have the blood of Zhangzhou Hakka." When this is said, Fang Wenshan is very proud.

In his mind, the strait bilateral is a family and cannot be separated from each other.

There is no doubt that he has a warm and hot patriotic heart.

And the public figures of the positive energy are really worth learning and respecting.