"Hunan Dear" Zhu Xun: My "" mother, my father, my affection

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"Hunan Dear" Zhu Xun: My "" mother, my father, my affection

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Zhu Xun, is a famous CCTV's famous host, hosted "Zhengda Variety", "Into TV", "Jiayi World", "For China", and I have received the Golden Turk Forward, CCTV Top Ten Excellent Moderator.

In addition, Zhu Xun is the host of the live broadcast of the major evening, many times to board the stage of the Spring Festival Evening, before entering CCTV, Zhu Xun is a child star of the film and television, the Japanese NHK educational stage, the famous program host of TV station. .

The lively Zhu Xun, who has won countless audience by charm, even playing a variety of stunts in the show, making people have to admire her guts, but she behind the scenes, but there is sour and bitter ........


Zhu Xun, born in 1973 in Beijing, a book, the father is the President of Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo Branch, the mother is once a teacher, followed by her husband in Xinhua News Agency.

In Zhu Xun's top, there are two sisters, for Zhu Xun, parents are particularly petted, but also known as "three children."

From a small talented multi-purpose, because of an accidental opportunity, Zhu Xun in the winter vacation time, entered the CCTV Youth Department to do the host, and even settled in the film and television industry, became the "small" of the movie "rock youth".

Whether it is CCTV, it is still a pair, despite the little age, but earned more than a few months, and after high school, Zhu Xun will never have a hand to pay for the parents, even if it is abroad Studying is no exception.

At that time, because of the "small" one corner, Zhu Xun became a red pole, after this, there were many people to optimize her, and even a lot of film is sent to the door, but she made a movie school. The teacher is a horrified decision, choose to study abroad.

The young and qi Zhu Xun, self-purity, I think it is necessary to go abroad to the big sister, second sister, push away all the film, determined to Tung Japan, but this decision, let the father try to oppose, because he doesn't want to be said to use the job Take the home of the child.

Fortunately, I found a friend Zhao Ruiyun, and let Zhu Xun goes to Japan, this trip to Japan, gave Zhu Xun's great feelings, and even changed her life.

In the Japanese school, because the language is not true, Zhu Xun also has to bear his tuition fees, living expenses, and the money earned, and the school, a student with a Japanese-language, has found a small time. To this end, she also worships a few students who have played well, and they have to work, remember to give her recommendation.

In a few days, I really had a classmate to recommend a place. It is a clean toilet and cleaning up the toilet on the 18th floor.

In Zhu Xun's self-present, there is a description of the mood of the time:

"I heard that it is a slicer, my brain is a bit awkward, I have never done it. But I think about the tuition fees that I have paid my language school has been embarrassed, but I have to accumulate 1.2 million to Shang University. Yuan ..... This is a meritorious figure for me. There is no way to have the scalp and drag the mop. "

From a fresh light and beautiful star to the cleaners of the toilet, Zhu Xun did not be defeated by this contrast. Even every day in the cleaning process, you can feel the ridicule and compassion of men and women.

During this experience, Zhu Xun felt the hardships of life, and there was a tear. But after such experiences, life can be more exciting.


Zhu Xun is more careless than life.

Because of the nature of the parents, there is no accompanying Zhu Xun to grow together, even in the same city in Japan, parents will rarely visit her, even tuition fees, living expenses will not provide, only she silently endures all this.

At that time, the salary of the foreign personnel was not high, the wages of the father and the mother, removing living expenses, even if they didn't even eat noodles or fruits outside.

Once, my parents went to visit Zhu Xun. They said to Zhu Xun: When we came, I saw a box of grapes very beautiful. I thought I bought it for you, but it's too expensive, we can only look thirsty.

The parents' words, let Zhu Xun strive to work harder to make money, and even have done a number of part-time jobs. At that day, she also bought a box of grapes to give her parents, watching them to eat, Zhu Xun I feel very happy.

In 1991, after continuous efforts, Zhu Xun was admitted to Japan's well-known higher learning of Asia University, but there was also the super-load body operation, let her have suffered from gastric ulcer, neuropic headache and other diseases.

Even under such operations, Zhu Xun was also diagnosed with blood vessels. The doctor said that it is best to hurry. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous. Because of the money, Zhu Xun found a small hospital, and the surgery was completed. Zhu Xun once again sent it to the way of working.

Just don't have long, surgery is not thorough, let her blood vessel tumor recurrence again, this time she went to the big hospital, after the operation was successful, the mother also visited Zhu Xun once, and she also took half a watermelon, but only half of it. In the hour, I left the hospital.

This behavior of the mother, also made Zhu Xun's heart in his heart, did not feel the mother's love, now in the same city, his own surgery, mother is still free, she is very uncomfortable.

After the cure, Zhu Xun was recommended by a senior to the NHK (Japanese Broadcast Association), because he had hosted the show in CCTV, and he had a chair.

Although it is very busy, Zhu Xun has not delayed his academic business, but also completed the graduate student with excellent results. Zhu Xun hosted many columns, she spent "Asian Songs" and "Tonight", removing her is the family of these two programs, and because of the style of the show, Zhu Xun is deeply affected by Zhu Xun, so she still Whether


In 1999, Zhu Xun's mother Zhao Ruiyun also had hemangioma and moved three surgery in half a year. This year, Zhu Xun just got a master's degree. After seeing my mother's bedrick, Zhu Xun chose to resign back to the country to take care of the mother.

Shortly after returning, CCTV "Zhengda Variety" is recruiting host. Zhu Xun immediately signed up, and many years of hosting experience, Zhu Xun stood out in thousands of people, through a strict examination, became the "Zhengda Variety" people.

Because Zhu Xun also became the "Zhu Big" in the team, Zhu Xun became "Zhu Bold" in the team, but the charm generous hosting style has deeply attracted countless viewers.

In just a short time, Zhu Xun is reused. In addition to hosting the program, he also presided over a lot of large-scale party, even in the international ministry, as the role of the aerospace bridge.

Because of the difference in geographical culture, sometimes there is a misunderstanding. At the beginning, Zhu Xun runs around, many countries have been there, and there is a cooperation with local TV stations, so more understandings.

Although Zhu Xun has the background of studying abroad, she understands that she does not have any advantages, she must be heavy.

At that time, at the CCTV International Channel show team, he also shouted such a slogan: God, entry, home, enter the heart.

Zhu Xun said that it is not a problem, and it is rare to enter the capital. For this purpose, Zhu Xun has invested all the time and effort to contribute to its own power.

Because of this, she became the famous host of CCTV and won the applause of the national audience.

However, behind this scenery, Zhu Xun also ushered in a happy life, married CCTV's Wang Zhi, but there were a lot of sadness and tears.

In 2003, because of "SARS", CCTV is prepared to record "our Zhong Zhicheng City". Wang Zhi participated in the "string" work of the host. When she was rehearsed, Wang Zhi and Zhu Xun met.

When Zhu Xun was young and beautiful. After Wang Zhi saw, he got a ripple, but it unexpectedly, Zhu Xun was a faithful fan of Wang Zhi, and the hearts of two people seem to start with contact.


After I met, when I got each night, Wang Zhi, who returned home, I couldn't erase Zhu Xun in my mind, and Zhu Xun's heart has always been looking forward to Wang Zhineng and her contact.

After a few days, Wang Zhi is really can't miss, and I went to Zhu Xun. I hope to come out together. In the "SARS" period, it is necessary to be courage. Wang Zhi did not think that Zhu Xun really agreed, which made him very moved.

When I met, Wang Zhi handed a rose, which made Zhu Xun asked, and his face was red. In Zhu Xun's heart, there is also a little stealing, and the two will come together.

Although Zhu Xun and Wang Zhi are together, the two are also CCTV, but they know that they are in love, they don't have a few, they are very low, and in the CCTV building, only love Electric waves , Therefore, colleagues don't know anything.

One day, Wang Zhi suddenly married Zhu Xun, did not have a rose, no diamond ring, I married you with my heart, marriaged to you, I want to achieve my promise, support my favorite people. Happy.

After listening to Wang Zhi, Zhu Xun smiled sweetly.

For this relationship, Zhu Xun called his parents: Mom, I have a boyfriend.

Zhao Ruiyun listened, directly stunned, because of her daughter's marriage, she fled a lot of hearts, and even introduced her a lot of boyfriend, but she didn't seem to be, this suddenly had a boyfriend, and it is not surprised. .

When Zhu Xun said that after the colleague Wang Zhi, Zhao Ruiyun and her husband's heart still drums until in Japan, the two have seen the TV station to broadcast CCTV's program "face-to-face", Wang Zhi's host, let the old two hearts completely, and It is also known from Japan to Beijing.

Zhao Ruiyun and his wife and his wife after returning to the country, kingly looked at Wang Zhi, and it seems that the program conquer the two old, just like fans to see idols, happy, and still go to Wang Zhi bowl.

In 2003, Zhu Xun's father was found to be colon cancer. This news made Zhu Xun's family are uncomfortable. When Wang Zhi, Wang Zhi, I have been rushing back to Beijing.

When I got to the hospital, Zhu Xun's mother took a lot of white hair, Zhu Xun and two sisters embracing together, crying, looking at almost soft, Wang Zhi can only bear tears, calmly All kinds of matters in the hospital have arranged four flustered women.

Fortunately, Zhu Xun's father was in the operation, and Wang Zhi's performance was completely acquired, and he received the affirmation of Zhu Xunfeng. Under the blessings of the parents of both sides, they quietly licked the marriage, and Zhu Xun became "Hunan Dear".


For the sake of work, Wang Zhi said that he had been exhausted, and Zhu Xun was very distressed. She often asked Wang Zhi: "Tired?" Wang Zhi said: "Trouble is not afraid, because I know this city There is a lamp to be waiting for me! "In the work, Wang Zhi often accompanied the father-in-law of his father-in-law, and even held a grand seventy birthday for his father-in-law, and became a wall of the two families.

Just in marriage, the two have the sweetness during the love, more is the dull life, and the small things of the chicken skin garlic.

Zhu Xun is very independent because of the experience, but the character is great, how is it feeling comfortable; but Wang Zhi is not the same, he is a very rules and one person. Because I don't want to live a big painful Zhu Xun, I still have false and criticize her.

Not only such, because the difference in the region, the two are eating, there is also a dispute. Zhu Xunzu is Suzhou, prejugged to sweet; Wang Zhi is Hunan people, like to eat spicy. It doesn't matter before marriage, but you will have your own opinion.

Because there are more and more contradictions and friction, the last two have summed up: Before you marry, you have to open your eyes, how big is it, you must learn to have a eye, you should have a good eyesight. That eye is closed, and the eyes are poor.

Then, after the cancer got a ghost gate, Wang Zhi and Zhu Xun realized that the parents' old age was only a healthy flower, product tea, just a good year of the year, but looking forward to bringing an old man. Go to joy and comfort.

To this end, they are preparing to pregnant, preparing to have the next child, so that the parents of both sides are happy.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in the Spring Festival in 2004, Zhu Xun was a son, named: Wang Fa.

When the child was born, Wang Zhi told the old man on both sides. The old man was happy to laugh, Zhu Xun's father-in-law, but also deliberately arrived in Beijing from Hunan, just to help taking care of children, let the couple can peace of mind Go to work in work.

After the wife is a mother, Zhu Xun loves her husband, and the feeling of the husband Wang Zhi, they are also very happy.

Why, such happiness will always be to break .

Wang Zhi's father happened in the bed, and it took care of people, and the mother's body was not very good, so the burden of this taken care of the daughter-in-law Zhu Xun.

In the face of the public, Zhu Xun did not take into account, she appeared very patient, one heart wants to take care of the father-in-law, afraid that he is uncomfortable. Seeing Zhu Xun taking care of himself, the father-in-law is also very moving. Just I didn't think that the father's condition worsen, leaving the people, and Zhu Xun is also a sad tear.

And the mother-in-law, but the hands of Zhu Xun, comfortable: Your father can not enjoy it, just leave, so long, it is really difficult to give you a urine.

Because when I was young, my parents were not around, Zhu Xun was in his father's body, and he felt the long-lost father's love, and in his mother-in-law, he also felt maternal love.


Shortly after the father's departure, Zhu Xun's father was in the end of the body, and the mother didn't leave the people, and the mother also made a decision that Zhu Xun thought-residual aged apartment.

Zhu Xun's father's death, giving Zhu Xun and Wang Zhi affair very much, they regret, I want to make up for my mother, in the years, more accompanying the elderly, giving affection. Warm.

In order to be able to keep your mother, Zhu Xun and her husband Wang Zhidu strongly, various persuasion, but Zhao Ruiyun insisted that, under the way, Zhu Xun can only accept reality, send her mother to the airport to do a plane.

At the airport, Zhu Xun looked at the mother, the tears, how much she wants her mother to say a word: San children, you go back, Mom is fine.

Zhao Ruiyun's decision, let Zhu Xun are very uncomfortable, recalling the period of hospitalization, the mother also passed, her heart began to have mustard, don't understand, why did you be so worried? Until on a one-end interview show, Zhu Xun found the answer and unnaled his heart.

It turned out that the blood vessel surgery was only accompanied by Zhu Xun for half an hour in the hospital. Zhao Ruiyun explained that the year was because of the unit's system regulations, only gave her half-day fake, and rushed over, it was very compact, so she only stayed for half an hour.

And she took the half of the watermelon who saw Zhu Xun, or Zhao Ruiyun spent more than half a month's wage. In the heart of Zhao Ruiyun, she is also very uncomfortable, I really want to be with my daughter, but she can't.

After the husband passed away, Zhao Ruiyun did not care about Zhu Xun and Wang Zhi's persuasion, and he had no place to settle in Canada, because his big daughter is alone, she wants to accompany and take care of her daughter.

It turns out that Zhao Ruiyun is not like Zhu Xun, I am so worried. Three daughters are her favorite. It is just a family of happiness, and the three daughter Zhu Xun has a favorite husband. There is only a big daughter Zhu Xunhong. , Alone in Canada.

Ask, what parents don't love children? Every parent is most concerned, it is a child.

When Zhu Xun sent her mother to fly, the mother in Zhu Xun was very declamed, refused to take back the daughter Zhu Xun, but in fact, Zhao Ruiyun really wants to look back, but she doesn't dare, because I am afraid that I will cry, causing the last Go, she also walked hard my head.

Waiting until Zhu Xun's eyes, Zhao Ruiyun's camouflage is put down, and the sound of swearing.In the hearts of Zhao Ruiyun, he has always been remembered.After the answer was revealed, Zhu Xun did notice my heart, more thoughts on the mother, but also in the variety show "Hello Life", shouting against the sky, I miss you, mom, go home,mom.

That sentence, "Mom", shouted the voice of countless people, but also more tears.

Today, Zhao Ruiyun has been 85 years old. Such a foreign country in exotic hometown, plus the epidemic is so serious, Zhu Xun is very worried, while the growth process, when can I have?

Long life, difficult, frustration, dilemma, but as long as you stick, spend, you are happiness ...........