Liao Fan new drama broadcasts, overall over the American drama, if it is harmed into six episodes, it is better.

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Liao Fan new drama broadcasts, overall over the American drama, if it is harmed into six episodes, it is better.

2022-01-20 06:04:44 33 ℃

If the fog theater uses "gold" as an opening, maybe it will not be so questioning, and even there will be no decline in overall quality. Even if "octagonal mystery" and "who are the murderer" lineup is very strong, it is still not as good as "gold".

Liao Fan with Su, plus Chen Feiyu, "Taojin" or the main new old actor combination.

I thought that Chen Feiyu will pull down the active level. After reading the four episodes currently broadcast, Chen Feiyu acting is still online, although there is no Liao Fan Su, but it is also.

I really like the picture of the drama of "Taojin", oil painted texture, in gray light, passing the pressure in the face.

Overall, there is a desolate feeling, like Ning Hao's "unmanned area", and also wants Xiao Li's "Wilden Hunter", but the color, "gold" is more gloomy.

The story happens in the country, the living rules of the original jungle are constrained by modern laws, but because of the distance problem, the law cannot be touched in time, morality is differentiated in greed, you can't distinguish who is a good person, who is a bad person.

There are actually three puzzles that need to be answered and the key to promoting the development of plots.

The first is that the Wu Jianchao, which is Liao Fan, is invisible. Who is it touched?

The second is who everyone is looking for the owl?

The third is that Chen Feiyu's name is missing, this brother knows what?

As a suspense drama, "Taojin" is indeed very good, there is two lines of memories and reality. The real use is black, the memories are gray-tune, and the memories are buried in the case. Reality is looking for the truth.

Now that the drama is broadcast, you can't judge what people in Wujian exceed? Is it an owl? There is also Suku's painting, he is also a skeptical object of an owl. Now this owl is really deep, this is the happening drama.

Liao Fan's acting is very powerful. Although it is also a singer, it is similar to the "sea of ​​Mengfu", but Wu Jianchao is more difficult than the hammer.

The hoe is not so deep city government, and Wu Jianchao has, I always feel that this figure hides too much secret, which tests the acting skill.

Another is Chen Feiyu. He is a newcomer. It is completely crushed by Liao Fan Su, Lu Xiaolin, but the plot saved him.

Chen Baojin came to brother, from the city, Chen Feiyu this character and Chen Baojin almost challenged the role.

Overall, look at "Gold", if the end is not collapsed, the quality can be comparable to the American drama. But it is a little bit of this rhythm, it is estimated to sell money.

This play is very embarrassed, if you can compress it from 12 episodes into 6 episodes, one episode an hour, it is better.

The "octagonal mystery" and "who are the murderers" broadcast in the fog theater are family ethics dramas, but they will have a suspense coat, and "Gold" makes the core of the fog theater come back, that is, suspense criminal theme.

This drama is very burning, using gold as a traction, showing humanity, every character is a gangster, you think he is a good person, it is not a bad person, after all, people are dead for death, who can stay lure?

The river section is good, the washed ran is about to begin, and it has been operated for many years, and the Wu Jianchao is from the river to the sister ridge. Can you go out to a way? Who is the owl, especially? Just watching the plot development.