Han Xing Jin Yaohan reveals yourself with cake in recent picture filming.

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Han Xing Jin Yaohan reveals yourself with cake in recent picture filming.

2022-01-20 06:04:08 26 ℃

(, · · · ∀ ·) ノ゛ Hello everyone ~ Friendship has received "School 2021" recently? With the TV series "School 2021", the "2021KBS Audiobu" Newcomer Award and the Best Couple Award of the Best Couple Award, recently published the first personal mini album "Illusion", not only the red brother is also very popular in the fashion circle. Active, Ying Bazaha magazine invited the latest phase.

It is reported that in this picture, Jin Yaohan has a diverse charm of his own beauty and men's beauty. Then passed the reporter, Jinshan also expressed his feelings for the end of the TV series and the individual album.

As the new generation of the protagonist, Jin Yaohan said: "It is not beforehand, but in the pressing schedule, it has been taking the rhythm in a pressing schedule. And the actors born in 1998, like friends like friends, it is possible to show such excellent works. "

In addition, the mini album is not a group wei, but the first Solo Jinchan said: "Although there is no teammates lack a feeling, but in order to complete the stage, he also cost a lot, but also practice the drum. The courage is getting rid of the burden, and finally it is still coming. "

When the reporter asked. Compared with the main song "Dessert", "What is the favorite dessert?" When Jin Han replied: "I am not picky for sweets, when drinking, the cake can be used as my next wine," ლ ( 'ڡ` ლ)

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