51-year-old Li Zi boarded hot search, was lacted to "residual afford", now envy her to marry people

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51-year-old Li Zi boarded hot search, was lacted to "residual afford", now envy her to marry people

2022-01-20 06:04:20 36 ℃

A national goddess named is married to a disability, and the old rich.

Is it because of his money, or because he is very good for her?

I believe that many people will think is the former.

After all, this is in line with most people's cognition:

Beautiful goddess does not look for Gao Fushuai, but married to "residual", it must have another figure.

After marriage with Macati, Li Zi has been unsuccessful.

Some netizens said that she saw the male money.

Viovan to say: "If this man is no money, it is so old, Gigi is absolutely impossible."

Some netizens came with her.

It is considered that she married Ma Tingqiang is no longer.

What is Gigi? What kind of story behind this?


On the evening of January 18, Leizi updated the current situation and sprinkled a dog food.

She went to celebrate myself and her husband Marine's thirteenth anniversary, thanking her husband's never care.

Single is from the text, you can feel the happiness of Gigi now.

A photo of her with her husband, two people embracing, smile very happy, but also revealed sweet.

Li Zi Xiu En love, I got hot search, most netizens discussed the topic, actually: She is fortunate now is not happy?

She is fortunate, but she is absolutely better than many people now.

In the past, many netizens would think she is not married, but now she fares to marry people.

Some men, even if the body is disabled, she can still cover the wind, so that she can work hard to work hard.

Ma Tingqiang is such a man.

Even if he is old and disabled, it is still the most worth relying on Leizi.

He loves her, so help her, take her, give her a strong powerful wings, help her flying, let her grow.

Li Zi's happiness now, part from his own efforts and fight, and the other part is from Marineqiang.


Leizi was born in 1971 in a movie family. Grandpa is "the father of Hong Kong" Li Minwei.

Li Minwei has established the first movie film company that Hong Kong, which was established by the Chinese - Demonstration Movie Company, and filmed the first story film in Hong Kong.

Legendary female movie star Yan Lingyu is holding red by film company founded by Li Minwei.

Li Minwei has two wives, Yan Shanshan and Lin Chu, both of which are the first to Hong Kong.

According to legend, the main house is Yan Shanshan in order to stay with her husband's heart, she personally gave her husband, and she made a good sister Lin Chu to marry him.

After Lin Chu married Li Min Wei, Lin Chu, gave birth to Yan Shanshan, and gave birth to 9 children, including Gigi's father Li Zhu.

Trumns inside the children of Lin Chuchu, it is not highlighted.

He has been deaf because of meningitis, hearing only two, 30%, vision is very poor, the society basically uses him as "waste people", finding the work around, can only rely on the day.

Fortunately, he encountered a kind woman. After marriage, his wife gave birth to two children - daughter Gigi and his son Li Ying.

When Li Ying was born, her grandfather Li Minwei has passed the world for more than ten years, and her grandmother Lin Chu has also retired.

At that time, Lejia has been in the middle of the country. Only grandmother will occasionally assist in the economy in the economy, but Li Zi family is still very difficult.

After the grandmother passed away, the life of a family in Gigi was more hot.

The poor of the family, Li Zi is often bullied by neighbors, and even let her even have a public toilet.

Many years later, Gigi recalled the difficult years:

Dad built a toilet with bricks on the pothoquence,

Buy some cheap air fresheners,

The house is still filled with disgusting tastes.

I can smell even when I eat.

Gigi is growing in such an environment.

In order to raise a family of four, her mother went to do the truck driver to maintain the livelihood. At that time, the age was still very small, and the stage drama was performed as a child labor, reducing the burden on the mother.

Because I have to make money when I am very small, I know that the money is not easy.


At the age of 14, Gigi met two nobles in life - Xu Guanjie and Huang Baiming.

At that time, Li Zi's father would fight in a fitness. One day, Gigi came to visit his father, and it happened to be seen in Xu Guanjie.

Li Zi has been slim, and it has been a little like when it is young. Xu Guanjie is impressed with her, very good to her, introducing her to Xinyi City Film Co., Ltd.

Gigi received a chance to play movies as a movie in the temporary actor.

In the movie, the drama of Gigi is not much, and the board is only one or two words.

She was still very young, her eyebrows, some soil, but because of sincerity, the performance of the vitality, she still caught the attention of the drama male protagonist Huang Baiming.

Huang Baiming has had a certain person and status in the industry, and he is the chairman of Xinyi City Film Co., Ltd., with 9% of its equity.

His eyes are keen, think that Leizi will fix the big red purple in the future, so I sign a bilile contract with her to help her open the performance.


At the time of retreat, more than 20 years of play career, Gigi played a lot of thousands of film and television roles, and three representative roles often be mentioned.

The first is "small junction" in "Young and Dangerous", this is the classic role of her first fire.

At that time, the young Lei Zi starred in Liu Wei, showing "Young and Dangerous", playing the favorite woman in Chen Haolan's life, redness, touched countless viewers. The second is the TVB Wu Qihua version of Zhao Min, which is different from Jia Jingwen version of the ancient spirits, the Gigi version of Zhao Min, is also a classic of many people.

Gigi will dare to hate Zhao Min, and the heart is spicy, and it is a distinctive to interpret the level.

The third is Hou Jia, Yuying, who is the "Golden Branch" of the palace drama, with this role, after she sees the TVB, the performance of the dynasty landed on the peak.

With these three classic characters, even now Gigi has retired from the entertainment circle for 15 years, the public still does not forget her.


Leizi's retreat is unfortunately, if she does not fall back, the achievements are far more than this.

But many times, I can't help but yourself.

In 2007, the TV series "Pearl Baoqi" was taken, her brother Li Ying took a car accident and hit her.

Li Zi and your brother Li Ying's feelings are very good. After she debuted, in order to improve the family situation, she hit money for Li Ying to go abroad, Li Ying is also very competitive, after the abroad, after the master's degree, open the skin Care Center, the company operates to have a sound.

Li Ying started to buy BMW to Gigi in less than half a year, and repay his sister's raising.

It's going to have an past, a good day is coming, but I didn't expect it to come to a disaster.

One day, when the soldiers of Li Ying took the horse, it was hit by another scholar, and the half of Li Ying was thrown out of the car, and the head was stunned to the roadside stone base, seriously injured and coma.

At that time, Gigi was tired, and he would take care of the younger brother in a coma, and to help operate the younger brother, so she invited the "Pearl Baoqi" shooting, and her drama is less and less.

Because of the serious injury, Li Ying is almost half of the vegetative people, moving against wheelchairs, requires special person care.

This situation is impossible to continue the cuisine company, and the company's operation begins to have problems.

What's more snowing is that Li Ying's therapeutic cost is very expensive, and it is difficult to bear only by one person in Giji.

Various pressure, almost makes Li Zi's breath.

In this difficult moment, I stand behind Li Zi, which is her husband Marineqiang.


Ma Tingqiang, people, the second generation of Hong Kong, is a huangru, the founding of Hong Kong "Oriental Newspaper Group", and Breakfast is 15 years old.

Unlike the rich second generation in public awareness, Ma Tingqiang is not high, not handsome, and there is a disability, and there is a cane.

He is a low-key, and there are freshly related to his lace news.

Before the Ying Ying car accident, Ma Tingqiang gave a heart to Li Zi, and he had been pursuing her, but he was not moving.

When Li Zi was 18 years old, I fell in love with Huang Yulang, a 21-year-old, followed by Huang Yulang compliant with his exmosphere, so she hurt her heart.

Because of this relationship, the pursuit of herself a lot of money is very cautious after Giti.

At that time, Li Zi was famous, there was money, there was a beautiful appearance, and there was a brother who had a child to earn money, so she can't see Marine Qiang.

Until the child, Li Ying was seriously injured, and other pursuits began to stay away. Only Ma Tingqiang continued to work with her, give strong economic support, let her not too hard, have been warm behind her, Gigi to this man Also look at it.

There is a saying, when G.

However, Gi Zi knows that he is grateful, and it doesn't use it.

Leizi has said that there is still some swing before marriage. Later, it will be determined to marry, and it is also loyal to the decision after marriage.

At the beginning, it may be married to Maineqiang. It is indeed some reason that the younger brother should use money, but after marriage, Macienqiang is so good to her, Gi Zi should also really feel true.

Otherwise, it will not be so happy now.


Because I need to take care of your brother, and the company's company, Leizi made a retreat, in 2008, in full, in the same year, married Madoniang in the same year.

After marrying the horse, Li Zi gave three daughters, of which the first child was twins.

After giving birth to the second child, Li Zi has been 40 years old. Ma Tingqiang is also very distressed, and there is no need to recover three children.

As the daughter gradually grew up, Gigi has more time to manage the company's affairs. The more you do it, plus your brother's company, plus the husband Mastein's help, the company is smooth, and Li Zi is a president of beauty.

After 15 years of development and growth, Gigi's city value has exceeded 1 billion Hong Kong coins, and it has developed very smoothly, and it will be in the back of the help.

There were many people who didn't understand why Gigi would marry Ma Tingqiang, and now she is indeed married people.

In the outermost woman, go home is a little woman, isn't this the best state of women?

Some men are full of limbs, long and handsome, rich, if they can't cover the rain, what is it?

Now, Gigi is the winner of life!