2021 top ten cover competition is fierce, Liu Wen Wang Yibo Yi Qianli Baodi, Zhou Xun squeezed into the list

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2021 top ten cover competition is fierce, Liu Wen Wang Yibo Yi Qianli Baodi, Zhou Xun squeezed into the list

2022-01-20 12:03:34 23 ℃

Although time has entered the tonquatus for 2021, on the end of last year's summary and inventory, from the end of 2021 to 2022, it is in progress. Especially in the entertainment circle, there are some inventions about the various fields in the entertainment circles in the previous year, they will be released in the new year.

For example, there are various selection of 2021 in 2021, it is constantly baked, some is the official, even if it is not so professional, but it is also official, and will hold award ceremony and festival. Some selection is that it is more unfair, that is, on the release of online evaluation, there is not much credibility, nothing more than the eyes.

For example, about the top ten cover in 2021, this type is this type. But even if it is not very formal, this selection is actually a certain professionalism, but also has a certain audience feedback. Although there are ten places, there are so many men and women stars in the entertainment circle, so competition is still very intense, and from the number of springs, only five stars will be surrounded 10, so there is a tyrant The situation in the list. This aspect explains several stylish fashion indexes and highlights of the surrounding, on the other hand, there are so many young images of so many star shoots, almost only a star and fans entertainment.

Liu Wen

Although it is not a stunning, the body is not a sexy, but the best supermodel in the entertainment circle is recognized as Liu Wen, in short, she is a fascinating fashion, what is to wear, how to shoot, Good look, just pleasing, and charming. Therefore, in the top ten cover, Liu Wen occupies three places, absolutely the queen of fashion, and it is true.

Yan Xiaowen

In the current supermodel, although Xiaoxiang Wen is not as good as Liu Wen, it is not even how Yi Yao Yao, but the fashion is very strong, so this time the top ten covers, not only the two places, but also ranked first and the first Third, from the ranking, Liu Wen is also won.

Yi Yi Qianzhi

In fact, there are also many actors to shoot the cover and photo in 2021, including Wang Junkai, but they have not surrounded by Ten, and Yi Yi Qianzhao is rounded twice, ranking sixth and tenths respectively. It can be seen that it is not only because of the high temperature of the film brush, but also because of the fashion potential, it is very temperament and charm.

Wang Yibo

Xiao Wan Wang Jia Waishe, many handsome guys took a cover and photo, but they did not have a top ten, and Wang Yibo was founded twice, ranked seventh and ninth, but it seems that Wang Yibo is not only popular, but fashion potential is also good.

Zhou Xun

Compared with Liu Wen Xiaowen and Yizhen Qianzhu Wang Yibo these professional supermodel and traffic fresh meat male star, Zhou Xun is shortlisted, slightly unexpected. This also shows that Zhou Xun even has an older, but it is not only a big influence. The fashion charm is still very strong, but the cover of Liu Tao's grace is more fashionable, so it can be squeezed into the top ten.