The top ten OST: Zhou has 8 songs on the list, Xiao Wan and Liu Yuing break the survey of deep monopoly

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The top ten OST: Zhou has 8 songs on the list, Xiao Wan and Liu Yuing break the survey of deep monopoly

2022-01-20 12:03:49 16 ℃

Preface: Recently, Tencent Music was selected by your list of 10 "annual film and television OST", and there were 8 singles from Zhou. These 8 songs are: "The" Cliffs of the Cliff "," The Life "of" Qiao Famous Children "," The "Trusque", TV Series "of the TV series" Long Song " "玦玦", "玦玦", TV series "Glorious and Dream", TV series "small house", the TV series "Tianlong Babu", "Nothing", movie "burning wild teenager "Dancing Moonlight" in the sky.

As early as last year, "Weekly OST Magic King" is hot, and Zhou sang 40 OST in 2021. From the quantity, Zhou Shen is absolutely "OST Great Devil"; Tencent Music will be released after the "Top Ten Ost" in your list, netizens discovered that the original YOST is so popular - can guarantee quantity, but also Quality assurance.

Fortunately, Liu Yuing rely with the "Day of the Shanhe Order", Xiao Ying has brought the "Taga Zheng Jian Youth" in Dou Luo Mainland to break the survey of monopoly. Otherwise, if this list is all a thoughtful song, it is the joke of Chinese music. Xiao Wan sang OST for "Dou Luo mainland" can be understood, after all, it is the TV series starring.

I didn't expect that Liu Yuting will sing OST for the "Mountain River Order". It seems that Liu Yun Ning did not forget that he was a singer. Liu Yuing took a lot of TV series in the last 2 years, including the "long song line" starring Dili Hot Bar and Wu Lei, and Dili Hot Bar and Gong Jun starring "Anle Chuan", Liu Yun seems to become Dili hotbat. "男 男".

Weekly We can have today, you must thank you 3 programs: First of course, it is the "China Good Voice" of his debut. The second is the first quarter of Hunan Satellite TV, the first quarter of this show is much higher. The third is the "singer 2020" of Hunan Satellite TV, and Shen Zhen is influenced by this program.

In 2020, Shen Shen also participated in the more real show, such as Hunan Satellite TV's "New Sound Driving", Zhejiang Satellite TV "Youth Round Tour 2". Wu Qingmin, a non-famous entertainment, pointed out: 2021, Shen Shen has completely do not have time to participate in the real show, in addition to the recording studio recorded film and television OST, just to participate in the party.

Shen Shen is not only in the list of "annual film and television OST", but also is far ahead in the "New Year's Game Song" list. A total of 3 songs are listed. In the "Animal Animation Original Sound Music" list, there are 2 songs on the list. In the "Year Brand Cooperation Song" list, there are 2 songs on the list.

Discussion: Do you like Zhou Shen?