Both three children: Jay Chou thanked Kun Ling, Wang Lihong has been this, now only fear Li Yuki

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Both three children: Jay Chou thanked Kun Ling, Wang Lihong has been this, now only fear Li Yuki

2022-01-20 12:04:10 25 ℃

There are many beautiful and non-gossips. Naturally, the screen is constantly, the news is good, and the news is very bad, and the influence is very large, and even exceeds the influence of the star's film and music. Good news, such as star love, marriage, pregnancy, giving baby, etc.

For example, the two singing talents, the peers are also a friend of Wang Li, Hong Zhoujun, the two ages are quite, not only the trajectory of music career is similar, but also the big red singer, but also the love marriage trajectory is similar, all are married for seven or eight years, In short, the rhythm of work and life feelings is very accurate, and the rhythm is almost.

But recently, Jay Chou and Wang Lihong's marital status and situation are ice and fire.

Let's take a look at the situation of Jay Chou.

Although the two years of Jay Jay, whether it is the rhythm of the new song, it is not as good as the rhythm of the performance and variety show, even the rhythm of the concert. I don't know if you have a passion and potential, or there is too much energy in your life.

However, Jay Chou is still quite enjoying this state. After all, when the red is more than many years, the ability to suck the gold is high, and now the popularity is still high. Even if you don't work in the next half, you can not only get food, you can still worry. So now Jay's state, most of them are accompanied by their wife and mother and mother, very enjoying this kind of life, more than a lot of happiness than before, and it is really happy.

Not only that, recently Kunling Nets to pass the three tires, after exposing the spider silk, Jay Chou simply simply official the wife of the three children. Recently, it is a New Year, the Spring Festival and Jay Chou birthday. Plus a presence, Jay Chou mood is nature, and don't want to secreate good news, generous announcement, accept everyone's blessings, and thank Kunling to bring him the best gift. With Kunling's mixed-alleese, it has been a child, and a family is happy, and the child gene is also improved. Jay Chou is naturally a winner.

Compared with Jay Chou Kun, I passed the seven-year itch of marriage, still in children, sweet feelings, Wang Lihong, but a little wolf.

In fact, Wang Lihong has also been a beautiful scenery, and these years have a good development, and the ability to enroll gold is strong. The feelings and Li Yu Lei married for eight years, and once again love, he has given three children, and the children are born, and they will be a big winner.

And recently, Jay Chou's official Xuan's wife is very happy. I am very grateful. At the beginning, Wang Li Hongguan Xuan wife pregnant with three children, and when the son was born, it was full of love and gratitude to Li Yuzei.

But the life of the people who have never had a big winner, marriage not only lights up red lights, and seven years itch is not hidden, and the feelings are completely broken, and marriage is not said. Because of the divorce, the divorce war is frequent, but Wang Lihong not only has a perfect quality idol person to collapse, but the career is also anti-calendulous. Nowadays, Li Yuzei is still in the property style, especially the child, the game is knocked, and after noisy It can be said that it is two defeats, but also a tired woman. Such status quo, with two people love sweet born children, the contrast is particularly large.

Now Wang Lihong, Li Yu Lei, because of this divorce battle, is physically and mentally exhausted. Although Li Yuzei now destroyed Wang Lihong's people to even career, but in any case, for him, for his childhood, he has grateful, so Wang Lihong is not a big hate, there is no big love. Li Yuzei's fear and fear, so they did not dare to contact them alone and could not completely refresh the divorce legacy.