67-year-old Liang Danni wearing black silk exchange!Legs are long and sexy, hand holding red wine glasses eyebrows

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67-year-old Liang Danni wearing black silk exchange!Legs are long and sexy, hand holding red wine glasses eyebrows

2022-01-20 12:03:47 41 ℃

Recently, the national first-level actor Liang Danni has made a week of self-wearing a week, and it is a happy New Year, it is beautiful. In the video, she has a delicate make-up, and there is a kind of love in elegance, and the state is super good.

Liang Danni wearing a V-neck short dress, and the hands appeared in the lens, and set off the skirt and slammed the skirt. The whole is full of "the girlfriends of the girlfriend" overall. " The subject is very fit. And her playful looks completely can't see that she is now 67 years old.

In the blink of an eye, Liang Danny changed a white suit, with a small skirt with lace, fresh and sweet worn, and added a lot of gentle breath. The subsequent orange yellow lace dress with black stockings, put her with her girl, and the whole person exudes a young vitality.

What is bright in front of it is that Liang Danni wears black velvet sets, with sexy black stockings, and holds a red wine gas field. I saw her legs under her black stockings wrapped and thin, and the body curve was more perfect after the right foot tip.

Not long ago, Feng Yuanzheng took the photo with his wife Liang Danni on the social platform. The husband and wife worked in the old makeup, the skin wax yellow wrinkles were obvious, wearing dressed retro. Liang Danni's hand was on the shoulders of Feng Yuan, and the two snuggled together and was very happy. For the photo of Feng Yuan Zheng, Liang Danni also responded to the social platform: "Our heart! Our love is co-condensed here." Full of love.

Before Liang Danni's 67-year-old birthday, Feng Yuanzheng also prepared a birthday meeting for his wife. Liang Danni wear his birthday cap. The two doodle kisses like a little couple in love, full of happiness to overflow the screen.

In September last year, Liang Danni and Feng Yuan qualified together participated in the Beijing Service Association, and the two were full of travel. Feng Yuanzheng also personally brought a colorful scarf for his wife, and praised his wife "I really see". When two people walked outdoors, Feng Yuanzheng looked at the sun, and took the initiative to open the umbrella to cover the sun, the two loved in front of the camera.

Liang Danni and Feng Yuanzheng married for 28 years, I have been in the early days. Feng Yuanzheng has always been cared for her wife. It is no wonder that Liang Danni will become more and more young. And the two are not only a good companion in life, but also work in work, such a couple is really enviable.