Come and provoke?Tian Jing opened live, Du Powder Guo Wei is a nerd, her back is very domineering

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Come and provoke?Tian Jing opened live, Du Powder Guo Wei is a nerd, her back is very domineering

2022-01-20 12:04:55 59 ℃

The things that misplace life dismused Du Xinzhi, Xu Min's life, their son, who worked hard for 28 years, did not be her own, this news is like a sunny day. Obviously the plot of TV series, why is the real life also staged?

Originally Xu Min, Du Xinzhi two people cooperation to tell the hospital, wanting to have a statement and get a corresponding compensation, but the specific compensation is unable to reach a consensus, the end two people are fighting, and the other person is listed as "suspect".

Some Du Pow is too mad, seeing that Xu Min Yao's soldiers will follow the Tianjing, Guo Wei, always stand out to provoke two relationships, will also smelt in the online large radius, and people began to disgus Du Xinzhi. !

If Lao Du shouted his breath, point his spear to Xu Min, and Du powder would not affect people's lives! I thought that with the death of the mother and daughter of the mother and daughter, Du powder was able to stop for a while, did not expect to provoke again, what happened?

When I opened a new year in Tianjing, Du Pow is not a "龅 龅", just that Guo Wei is "stunned". If I entered the live broadcast, I will ask the Ota quiet "nerd", let her guards have heard her. It is especially not a taste.

Taking into account your own career and net red identity, Tian Jing did not have dirty words to anger Du powder, she said: There is no nerd here, go back to your own home!

I have to say that this is a very domineering, which is not only for my husband, and even hits Du Pan, ridicule Guo Wei's Du powder is a nerd. I have always thought that quiet is a very weak woman. Now it seems to be the case. She will launch wings like the eagle, protect my family and relatives!

After being ignited by Tian Tian, ​​the Du powder will still stop, and don't come to find someone behind people. This is not as good as I think, how to make big money, change your life!

Tian Jing did relying on the "misplacement life" incident to become a big net red, live broadcast so long, it is also better than Du Xinzhi's daughter-in-law Xiong Lei, the relationship between her mother-in-law is more harmonious. This is not the reason for Du Pan!

Acknowledged others to work hard, excellent, praise a field quiet, is it so difficult, don't see people who support their support, do your opponents are not as good?

The person who sneak the child was not found yet. The truth did not know what. Who can guarantee Du Xinzhi and Xu Min not blended in this? Don't listen to the wind is rain, think Du Xinzhi's pro-children have passed, she must be victim!

Why is she not willing to develop a child, deliberately change the child? So don't move to provoke others, the rabbit will also bite people, let alone experienced so many Tian Jing and Guo Wei, they are definitely not vegetarian!

If you want to make a big stronger in the live industry, Tian Jing Guo Wei must exercise the power resistance. Don't be easily hit by someone else. This will make Du powder feel that Yao family is very good, Xu Min is also a soft mortal .

But everything is going to fight for yourself, don't steal, you will be fine, don't care about these rumors. Ok, today's share is over here. I don't know if you have finished reading it.