"Mirror Shuangcheng" Li Yifeng has changed in thirteen years.

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"Mirror Shuangcheng" Li Yifeng has changed in thirteen years.

2022-01-20 12:05:07 46 ℃

I still remember the previous "animal world" and "psychological sin" on the line, a big ticket to eat melon netizens were successfully transformed into Li Yifeng in the commentary area. But recently "Mirror Shuangcheng" seems to be no such thing, Li Yifeng has fallen into a new hotspot.

And I don't say that this drama is concentrated, just say that this picture will first say that this picture is the texture and late special effects, really have to say a "touching". Because Eat melon netizens have a certain understanding of the professional effects of film and television drama, this time is not particularly unexpected.

It is like "Mirror Shuangcheng" to define film and television dramas in ancient fantasy, and five figures are really impact on audience experience. Just when the episode is really online, the sight of the melon netizens have long been taken away by other things.

That is the Li Yifeng classmate who appears to be the main role, this is the flow star that has entered the thirteen years. Li Yifeng was first remembered by netizens, it was the "Gu Jian Qi Tan" with Yang Mi partner. After all, it was "a drama burst."

From "Gu Jian Qi Tan", Li Yifeng can see more obvious progress every time. In this drama, whether Zhang Ruozhen, or Yin Zheng, these actors are in each frame of being cut, and there is at least a meaningful expression, and no matter how much acting.

But at least all of the expressions have changed, and even those small angles are all-inped in each person. However, the state of Li Yifeng is somewhat surprises, may be a person, so the face is often chi-cold.

There have been eating melon users say that Li Yifeng has a major feature, and it is "thirteen years without a change". This is mainly targeted, and Li Yifeng should be considered to be changed in the circle, and it is important to see "Yan Value Confidence".

"Self-confidence" is really important for an actor. At least in this kind, it will not easily correct your color value. In the "Mirror Shuangcheng", no matter how you act, Li Yifeng must have succeeded once, what do you think?