Saji Dong Jinshan live band is cold, is ignored by fans, and there is no one who brush gifts.

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Saji Dong Jinshan live band is cold, is ignored by fans, and there is no one who brush gifts.

2022-01-20 12:04:34 35 ℃

I believe that almost every Chinese knows that Journey to the West is one of the four famous Chinese, and as the most famous IP in four famous books, Journey to the West is also the most successful work of the script and the most popular works of film and television works. The most famous Journey to the TV drama is undoubtedly 86 version, but there are still many version of the West Travel, so there is a lot of actors who can say that they have taken the Journey to the West.

Among them, the most cold people in the four people in the West Traveler may be Saji, because his lines are not much, and the image is relatively poor, it will be ignored by the audience, and the actors want to play a good sand. Take a difficult thing. Recently, the players of Shaoxiao, Dong Jinshan interprets what is called embarrassment, and he is immersed by fans when he lives in live goods.

In Dong Jinshan's live broadcast, there is no one in the evening, and the live broadcast has only been maintained around more than 30 people. Although Dong Jinshan has made the dissipation of the fans, but finally is still bored. Need to be self-speaking. In general, the star belt will never have such a scene, let alone the Journey to the Westward Sandy Player.

Many netizens saw that it would be too expensive to sell things in the live broadcast room, so there is no fans to pay. However, when we look at the bill in this live broadcast, it will find that these products are things for more than a dozen dollars, so cheap and cost-effective things, there is no sales.

In fact, this happens in addition to some Dong Jinshan really will not interact with the fans, it is because his well-known is not too high. Because he said one of the players of Sha, it also mentioned that the players of Shaoxia have a lot of players, the most famous or 86 version of the Westward Journey, and Dong Jinshan only starred in 16 years. Journey to the magic change.

For those who have love of love, Dong Jinshan has been very like a sand, but his temperament is still a kind of feeling, even if it is worn on the drama. Not too like being a look in the mind. This leads to no one in Dong Jinshan's live broadcast, don't say it is shopping, and people who have never seen them have not seen one.

Similar to this older life, the situation is now not rare, because these olders' stars have not grasp the flow era, they are only silently playing a role in the TV series, fans even I don't know their name, which also leads to some of the rewards of TV series, and there are not many other rewards.

In order to make your old age, most of the stars will choose to live in this simple and quick way to make money. It is similar to that of Shatha, and the role that is not very eye-catching, plus Dong Jinshan itself Not very famous, the number of people in this live broadcast is even less than some ordinary network red live broadcasts.

Dong Jinshan also does not need to be discouraged, because it is not everyone who can succeed in live band, nor all fans will pay for their feelings. So the old universal stars do not leave the way, although the live band is a nice choice, but also look at the right thing is not suitable.