Golden Heart Forum successfully held: adhere to the bottom line to hammered the soul

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Golden Heart Forum successfully held: adhere to the bottom line to hammered the soul

2022-01-20 12:05:26 46 ℃

The actor is in the body as the medium, with the ultimate pursuit of emotion, with the ultimate life experience, shaping a colorful role and character on the screen.

On December 30, 2021, the 34th Golden Awards and 2021 China Golden Chicken Baihua Film Festival "Golden Heart Forum - The Glorious and Dream of Performing Art" was held in Xiamen, Wang Xiaoyu, Ren Dahua, Liu Mintao, Xiao Central, Dujiang, Yan Zhen Yan When actors gathered together to discuss the responsibility and mission of the actors.

The famous performance artist Wang Xiaoyu first delivered a speech, from the representative "wild fire spring breeze city", shared the valuable experience from the year of 65 years, so that the audience benefited a lot. She will summarize the four words "from the province, the bottom gas, this lead,", "the" 日 休 镜 镜 镜 镜 镜 读 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人"There must be the greatest enthusiasm for the role, and you have the greatest calm".

Famous performance artist Wang Xiaotang

Use your feelings to go deep into life

"If you really feel that there is a bottleneck, there is difficult, sometimes you have to wake yourself, is it far away from life." Actor Huang Wei said in an interview.

The soil who left the life became passive water, none of this wood. Several actors feel deeply in the relationship between performance and life.

When shaping the police in "misunderstanding 2", Ren Dahua took a long time to observe the most ordinary police patrol on duty, and committed subtraction on performances, restore the most natural old police state, "This is an ordinary person. Story, must have a real texture. " In daily life, Ren Dahua, who loves painting, always with the camera and drawing board, caught bit blind, becoming a "nutrient" in the future.

Xiao Central played in "My Sister" with a lot of life, making people love and hate, and let him have gained the nomination of the best male role of this Golden Award. When I talked about this role, Xiao Central blunt, "" so fresh is because there is a prototype of the prototype, but also a lot of inner feelings, but the epitome of Chinese men who are afraid. "Teacher often said to us to love life. You only have to love life, you can find the survival and happiness of the people. Good Chinese story. "

In the "Red Sea Action" "Fire Hero" "China Machine" and other main melody films, Dujiang interprets multiple special industries. How to get close to these characters, experiences and observations from daily lives, "Before starting shooting, we will come to the role of work, and the character prototype is in depth, work together. The actor needs a keen observation. Force, quickly grasp the state of the characters, this is the best way to look close to the role. "

From the years, Dujiang's "art originated in life", "art originated in life", "said this sentence is not a more advanced or elegant, but it is going to understand the life. Refining and concentration.

Yan Zege shared how he handled his relationship with life and performance. "I have been very close to life. I will make myself as a transparent person in life. I don't want the audience to remember who is Yan Zhen Yan, but I want to remember Yan Yan Yan. What is the role, when you put all the power in the character, the spectators have become big enough. "

Liu Mintao, which is nominated by the best heroine nomination of this Golden Award, sharing the finalist "Goodbye! The performance of the mother's corner of the mother. Prototype family real life status is her root base. "I have been in deeply impressed by their story. The actor is also a living person. It should be grounded, and in the dirt of life, I will hit the game. Teacher teaches us I have to listen, really look, I feel, I have always adhering this standard to act. "

From the art

"Play than Tian Da" said the professional ethics and gentle guidelines carrying the two words behind the "actors".

In Ren Dahua's view, "playing the day" is a focus, "wearing a drama, you are the characters in the play, you have to put your enthusiasm, the love of the role is in the work, the other things are noted. Keep such a focus to collide out sparks between opponents. "

Ren Dahua lived in the "misunderstanding 2" with Xiao Caiari's shooting process. Although it is the first play of two people, but through the eyes of Xiao Central, he can feel the complex mood of Lin Jilang's helplessness, this is the power of "focus".

Actor Ren Dahua

Xiao Central believes that the role, the interference and temptation to refuse the outside world is the actor's own points. "You don't miss this profession. Once you play a role, you must live in the role of the world, you can't be affected by the outside world. Interference, this is a sincere problem. You really have sincerity, naturally, you will not play mobile phones, play games. "

Actor Xiao Central

"There is only 100% investment, and you can experience this happiness when you are in the world of characters." In Dujiang understanding, the whole body is put into creation is also the universal happiness of the actor. "This is also win The opponent respects, the same respect, and the way to respect it. "

Dujiang actor Dujiang

From the art to be a person, in the pursuit of the value of life, it is also a consensus of several actors.Liu Mintao has always remembers the teacher's teachings: "Square to be actually active." So she never slack off, "I have a bowl of actors in my hand, I can add a little, slack, not focus, maybeLittle less. When you use the true feelings of truth to talk to the world, it is the most happy moment of actors. "Actor Liu Mintao

Yan Zhen Yan said, "stick to" this word is critical to the actor."The actor is in the famous fame and fortune, it is very close to the fame and fortune, but you have to know what you want, what is not possible, what is absolutely can't touch.Standard, this is the case. "