The 13th Anniversary of Li Jiqing, Li Jiaxin is discharged from the hospital, and Li Jiaxin has chased Gigi.

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The 13th Anniversary of Li Jiqing, Li Jiaxin is discharged from the hospital, and Li Jiaxin has chased Gigi.

2022-01-20 12:04:21 22 ℃

Preface: On January 18, 2022, Li Jiaxin's girlfriend took Li Jiaxin and his sister to celebrate the photo of birthday. In the photo, Li Jiaxin's personal state is good, the edema on the face has disappeared, and there is almost no difference in front of the hospital, or the youth is beautiful.

On January 15th, Li Jiaxin issued Weibo to the hospital, and the situation was serious to the household guardroom. After 148 hours, he finally returned to life. Li Jiaxin responded through the staff: Li Jiaxin has congenital heart disease, the condition is very sudden, suddenly feels the heartbeat acceleration in the morning on January 11, can't breathe, the pace is unstable.

The family quickly sent Li Jiaxin to the hospital. Li Jiaxin said with the interests: "Fortunately, I will keep awake, the doctor also tells me that if I am later rescued, I almost lost Li Jiaxin." The same is January 18 Li Zi's 13th anniversary of marriage.

Li Jiaxin grateful to the other party to love and protect himself, and will maintain the feelings of the feelings as a plant plant, need to be irrigated, will be healthy and flourishing. Leizi was born in 1971, Li Jiaxin was born in 1970, and they are all Hong Kong beautiful actors, often compared together.

Li Zi and Li Jiaxin have a common point: it is married to the rich. The husband of Gigi was called Ma Tingqiang, born in 1956, because the leg feet is inconvenient, known as "Hong Kong Second Generation Laohao", is one of the people of Hong Kong's "Oriental Newspaper Group". Ma Tingqiang opened 6 Hong Kong companies such as precious Industrial Co., Ltd. And Hong Kong Hui Holdings Co., Ltd., involved in investment, medical and charity.

Li Jiaxin's husband is called Xu Jinheng, born in 1962, Hong Kong, China Construction of the company, is the former son-in-law of the late Macau gambling Wang, is the grandchildren of the late ship Wang Xu, Xu Jinheng is a famous diamond in Hong Kong, many entertainment The actress took the drag, and Liu Jialing just came with him when he had, he was in love, but he met the marriage, but he had a long-term opposition, and he couldn't finally.

In fact, Xu Jinheng also pursued Li Zi, but at that time, Gigi had just bakedant with the famous cartoonist Huang Yulang, and there was no mood to accept new love, so he refused to Xu Jinheng. Xu Jinheng is young, handsome, and there is no problem, and it seems that Li Jiaxin should be happy than Ricai.

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: but a family is happy, not to see the appearance, but to see the relationship between husband and wife, is it harmonious. At present, Li Jiaxin and Li Zi are very happy. They are also good friends, often together. They all give up the performance industry in order to marry into the giants, so they have a common language.

Discussion: Li Zi and Li Jiaxin, who do you prefer?