Under the million gambling debts!Yuan Zu Women's members apologize for 4 years later, and the small dish is working.

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Under the million gambling debts!Yuan Zu Women's members apologize for 4 years later, and the small dish is working.

2022-01-20 18:03:15 85 ℃

Has swept Asia in the 1990s South Hanyuan Zu female South Korean singer group SES is the first generation of successful women's team, great success has become the first female offspring Road, SM Entertainment group, but one of the members of Shoo (Liu Yong water) but in 2018 broke illegal gambling in overseas casinos, gambling debts owed up to 790 million won brutally prosecuted, the image of the front screen has plummeted! Yesterday (19) Shoo without warning on an open letter in hand social networking sites, in addition to the public apology, she also mentioned the past few years working in the vegetable shops, clothing stores, restaurants with friends in order to repay the debt!

South Korean women's team SES1997年出道 Ganso, by the Sea (Cui Chengxi), Eugene, Shoo consist of three members, it was hailed as the first K-pop girl group of indicators, song and album sales brisk performance, known forever goblins, but the group disbanded in 2002, announced that three people each create a new day in different areas, Eugene transferred drama circle involved in many drama performances, Sea music scene is still developing, Shoo is more appeared in variety shows and leave SM Entertainment in 2006. Trio also debut the 20th anniversary of the launch reality show "Remember, I'm Your SES", like so many of their fans happy for them.

Integrated media reports, now 40-year-old Shoo 2018 caught gambling in the storm, she started in 2016 in the overseas casino gambling a total of 26 times, 790 million won of debt owed, and was arrested for illegal gambling prosecutors requested a prison sentence for 1 year, was finally the judge sentenced the borrower must repay 346 million won to Park surname creditors, and was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for two years and social services 80 hours. Shoo keep a low profile over the years, until in 2020 decided to make a comeback in Japan, released the single "I Found Love".

Debt and lawsuits Shoo suddenly yesterday published a letter in the community platform one hand, mentioned at the beginning four years have passed, so that should no longer delay the courage to apologize, because at that time admitted on an acquaintance when only contact with gambling, possessed ultimately lost all his possessions, over the years she has been also mentioned dishes shop, clothing store, restaurant work friends, is hoping to repay the debt and responsibility, and eventually to say: Thank you, my fans have always believed, sincerely apologize to you, I know I am not qualified to give you beg for mercy and forgiveness.