"The Ace Force" won the heat champion for 25 consecutive days, Xiao Wan holds a TV series?

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"The Ace Force" won the heat champion for 25 consecutive days, Xiao Wan holds a TV series?

2022-01-20 18:02:24 41 ℃

Preface: "The" Ace Force "is made by Huang Jingyu, Xiao Wan lead the male starring, Zhong Chu, led female starring, Li Youbin, Mao Linlin special starring, He Zhengjun, Zhang Zhijian, white deer, Zhang Shaogang, Qin Pei, etc., the contemporary military history poetry drama.

"The" Ace Force "passed the past 40 years of time span, telling a group of young soldiers to temper, for a long time, and eventually growing into the fate of the ancestors. The play is broadcast on December 26, 2021, can be said to be "airborne" Jiangsu Satellite TV - 7:30 in the evening, 3:30 pm

At that time, Jiangsu Satellite TV was broadcast with the "deep breathing" starring Rose and Yang Youning, is equivalent to "deep breathing" is forced to interrupt, give the "Ace Force". "Take a deep breath" is very poor, but the ratings of the "Ace Force" are not high - in Cool Cloud's highest level of ratings is 0.3937%.

The ratings of the "Ace Force" are very general, but the network heat is indeed a unique existence. According to the cat's professional statistics: "The" Ace Force "has received a heat championship for 25 consecutive days. "The" Ace Force "is once in the heat of iQiyi.

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: "The" Ace Force "is so high, almost the credit of Xiao Wan, Huang Jingyu and Zhong Chu have not helped too much busy. The role of Xiao Wan played in the wild. At the eyes of the cat, the attention of the cat reached 86.8%; the sorghum carried by Huang Jingyu did only 9.5%, and the Jiangnan, which was played by Zhong Chu, only 1.8%.

"Xiao Wan Yeo" is above the topic of Weibo to 10.4 billion, the number of discussion is as high as 20.33 million! So, Xiao Wan is almost a person who has supported a TV series. But all the TV series of Xiao Wan is a male one, is the highest temperature TV series. For example, "Duo Luo" launched on February 5, 2021, the ratings are general, but the network is invincible.

Xiao Ying served as the TV series "The Wolf House", which is not low, in fact, because Xiao Wan fans converge, there is no marketing. Xiao Wan also has 2 TV series to be broadcast, one is "骨 遥", one is "Yu Sheng, please advise", all TV dramas of Tencent video. So, the network of the two TV series will not be low, and it will be able to buy a broadcast copyright.

If "Yu Sheng, please advise" "can broadcast in Hunan Satellite TV, the ratio will definitely be high. Xiao Wan's acting in the "Ace Force" is actually a sharp point. The drama can report a few names for Xiao Wan, and see if "visual emperor" can be obtained. This year is also the year of Golden Eagle Award, Xiao Wan can hit the "Golden Eagle Vision", this award ceremony is more accommodated.

Discussion: Are you satisfied with Xiao Wan in the "Ace Force"?