6-player-free star status: someone lives with fans, some people frequently "job search"

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6-player-free star status: someone lives with fans, some people frequently "job search"

2022-01-21 00:06:04 45 ℃

How difficult breathing star: live with a cargo is not nobody cares, is to keep the "black powder," quarrel - Introduction.

As the saying goes, "out of talent in every generation," the entertainment stars of the ups and downs turnover is commonplace, some because of human actions, such as marital derailed Wang, tax evasion FAN, lawlessness Wu etc. , while others because of their strength not afford to support the dream, being replaced by new people.

But there are some who hit it big, there is the basis for the foundation, to the strength of the strength of the stars, the result is somehow "disappeared", which is somewhat a bit surprised.

Entertainment in which six former star of, since "disappeared" and then back to the audience, as the eyes, the status of all people sigh, some living off live; some Jixun work; there's originally wanted to be able to help a friend then mix to eat, did not expect a friend in trouble, it is now also able to escape the dry line!

1, Fan Siu Wong

Kung Fu star fight everywhere in the nineties, when Louis Fan also has a place. A 1992 movie, "Li Wang", successfully come to the fore himself, then came to the cause of the peak period.

Fan Siu Wong has appeared in Felix Wong version of the "Dragon", played the most classic Xu Zhu; Dicky Cheung version of "Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk", as a "Wu Chi" New Legend of Shaolin; Donnie Yen version of "Ip Man", as Jinshan find a corner, and due to the excellent acting was nominated for best supporting actor.

Although Fan Siu Wong appeared in mostly supporting roles, but with the strength of fame are not to be underestimated, of course, in the entertainment industry also earned pours.

But in 2016, 2018, have been caught in the old Laifeng Bo, then the image in the hearts of the audience plummeted did not say, now in showbiz can be some of the roles are also participating in the corners role.

After poor career path, Fan Siu Wong recently embarked on a live broadcast, but users do not seem enthusiastic. Live, the Fan Siu selling price of 1399 yuan package, in order to attract fans will be significantly reduced to 299 yuan, gave the watch, the result of netizens did not happened, so they frequently encourages everyone to order, but did not gain good results .

2, wake

In 2007, the Hunan TV "Happy Boys" finals, beat waking Wei Chen, Zhang Jie, Yu Hao Ming et al., And a national runner-up. After 2009, China also won original song award "most popular male singer award." Seeing the strength to send idol and gets on the great work, the results of 2012, a "wake up beating incident," put his future ruin.

Later reasons Bachu, originally in March 2012, Li Wei suspected wake of friends with their social accounts, issued a "not to force the swollen what to do," the large-scale photographs. Photos in both men and women are more exposed, the man is playing a mosaic, but the woman did not, users recognize the woman is awake girlfriend Xiahang Yan.

Also on this account in the social ticket also shared photos of the two men went to Korea, is shown above with Xiahang Yan Li Wei's name.

Can not tolerate awake, then in December of that year, when Li and Wei ride Taipei Arena to attend the concert, in the background of the fight Li Wei, also since then, the two resources gradually decline, performing road blocked.

Ten years have passed blink of an eye, as good as he ever ranking of Zhang Jie, has long become a singer, but he now only on social media "job." In 2021, he had repeatedly issued a wake to find their own living dynamic, but with little success.

3, Yang Xue

Speaking of Yang Xue may be a lot of people are not familiar with, but mentioned the eye will be able to kill people, "Jiang Yuyan," I believe we will get goose bumps. 2005 by Dicky Cheung, Nicholas Tse starred in "The Proud Twins" hit, which Yang Xue, played by Jiang Yuyan With superb acting, beating and hanging drama care of the household, gain a lot of popularity road.

Since then, many people think that Yang Xue capable of grand plans, never expected her 29 years old, married to a movie directly back circle artist Zhao.

Although now the Yang Xue also take some comeback drama, such as playing a supporting role in supporting text residence shore mother "Jia children," but it seems no one will know. Also thinking of herself and once with a cargo of live open heat, the result is very bleak popularity, are selling products are also dozens of dollars of skin care products, sales are not smug.

4, Chen Zhipeng

Once "Little Tigers" in the Xiaoshuai tiger, reduced now to fight with fans in the studio, really incredible. Alec compare the situation now with Wu, Chen Zhipeng just do strength than them?

Before did not participate in the variety show "Chasing Light Bar brother," Chen Zhipeng has been "flying self", all kinds of fancy dress, though he had to explain the meteoric rise and brokerage company in order to hype, but again and again the love of his fans to try to restrain him, the only way people are ridiculed. The original thinking by "chasing light bars brother" can meteoric rise, but after the show, traffic is still very common.

So Chen Zhipeng has chosen today is the most popular way to live with a cargo, although sentiment is not bad, but not all fans, so they often with some "black powder," quarrel. Chen Zhipeng selling 66 yuan a pound of strawberries, when questioned by friends too expensive, Chen Zhipeng direct result of anger hate: "can not afford not to buy, where to dirty things always come with the rhythm."

Sometimes it is just that the assistant will give those "black powder" to kick. Think about the idol stars that have been sought after, but now you have to quarrel in person, it is really a difference. 5, Ming Road

Twenty years ago, the mission is definitely an idol strength to send a male star, and it will sing and dance will play. As the first generation of overbear president, the TV series "The Marriage of Heaven", "Prince Create Frog", "Love Devil", etc., bringing a happiness after countless eight zero.

However, it has never been thought that there have been many red, now find a "work". On a variety show "actor, please" said that you have no black material, I don't know how it is not red, I have no chance to shoot at all.

In the entertainment industry, I can't get it, I got into the "TST Micro" career of Zhang Ting couple. I usually help to promote TST products, thinking about mixing a career with Zhang Ting, and Zhang Ting is also very atmospheric Sending a layer of office.

As a result, no happiness, Zhang Ting couples were suspected of being investigated, and Ming Dao is also alleged, and now I want to get it, it may be not so easy. Have to say, the mission is really lucky!

6, Shi Xiaolong

Before 2003, I went to the United States to study, I released the Xiaolong to be a hot martial artist.

He has been famous, and he has participated too many classic works, such as "New Wulongyuan", "Ji Lin Xiaozi", "Ten Brothers", "Wusong Shi", "Lessing Bao Qingtian", "Lessing Yellow Feihong.

As a result, after the college returned, the release of Xiaolong, but did not have the style of the past, and the audience had lost their enthusiasm for this past.

A large extent is because of the release of Xiaolong grows up, he is a lot of a lot of things in a child, and his bias is a bit rough, so it is not as good as the audience, and the image is not in line with the demand for the drama, Slowly become the edge of the entertainment circle.

Although I also take some play, it is basically a small angle. It may be that he thinks about his current situation and thinks it. In recent years, it has always been involved in the golf movement, from the martial arts of the martial arts to the entertainment circle, the span is really big.

His good partner Hao Shao Wen, like him, after reading returns, the performance of the performance has also come to the trough. It is also an anchor now, but Hao Shaowen is not like a few aesthetic star. It is not a quarrel. Hao Shaowen's live broadcast is very quiet.

And the netizens fell in love with this old child star. There is no way to broadcast the live word of mouth. Many netizens said: "Having Li Jiaqi, did not escape Hao Shaowen." At present, Hao Shaowen single month The amount has also reached 780 million, and he has to say that he has come out from the ranks of the rush star.

So everyone, do you know what kind of aesthetic star? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!