He is a red, and the internal entertainment is destined.

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He is a red, and the internal entertainment is destined.

2022-01-21 06:05:01 45 ℃

Recently, her sister saw a few interesting things -

The movie version of the Taiwan drama "I want to see you" is officially established, and the original class is returning.

Netizens are shouting "Fast Points".

TVB Taixing Awards ceremony, basically no water flowers.

The biggest heat is Zhong Jiaxin to spend 14 times, causing the audience dissatisfaction, and the big embarrassment "TVB is not far from being closed."

At the National Radio and Television Work Conference, I was fully called the idol to develop a draft, "Intimate" drama.

In the first few years, the "101" of the top stream in the previous year, and the reverse eye became "404 disappeared."

In six years, Mango TV will start a new Korean drama for the first to broadcast a new Korean drama, starring Li Yingai and Song Chengxian.

Some people say that this is a signal that is limited to the allegro.

These four small things happened in the first week of 2022.

Place a variety of details, think about the scene of the previous year, her sister does not help but have a lot of magic.

Silly white drama, change to the face to renew;

Starlight Hong Kong Circle, is not a person;

Leave a few years of Korean flow, it seems to be rolled;

Introvition of traffic in traffic, it is clear overnight.

In just 20 years, the Hong Kong typhoon scraped, Han Flow, the rise of the entertainment, you sing me to debut.

Check out, infiltrate our childhood and youth's popular culture, I didn't know that I have changed Hedong.

Nowadays, I don't know who the Temple of Temple and Jiangzhi, they will even ask: Jay Chou is very red?

We are getting more and more don't understand, now the little love beans in the collapse, where is the logic of popular.

I can only sigh: "Those who engraved into the DNA, the pain of the outstanding generation, it is really not coming."

Korean typhoon blowing youth

Clock callback.

At that time, in our bag, filled with tests and daydreamings, dreams, saved some girls' illusions.

Because of the Korean drama played by the TV station, the love of male and female, always rendering the destined destination, the isola is unfamiliar.

The kid falls in love with poor women, big stars, small writers, and somewhere contenders ...

In a fantastic TV series, we carry us the initial impression of love.

Now I want to have a bit soil, but I am really sweet.

Twenty Song Huiqiao, Ming Wei, a full face collagen.

And the single eyelid Rain in "Romantic House", love each other.

This is a Korean nursery rhyme, a Korean rhyme, a "three bear", and brought a Korean rhymes called "Three Cubs".

Every night, everyone learns to sing "Bear Dad Mother Bear Bear".

"A-ZA A-ZA Fighting" said, it also spread.

Although it is unknown, it does not hinder it to pass Korean Yuanqi.

At that time, it was not popular with "leftover women", 29-year-old Loser Golden Sanshun, so suddenly.

She is not thin and not beautiful enough, speaking is vulgar, and she is rude.

But she loves brave, lives to go, gives us before us, enlightenment a non-fantasy love.

Wild grass girls in Korean drama are lacking.

They are ordinary ordinary, but they are bright.

From Jin Sanshun, the double-door hole in the firefighter is in the double-door hole in many years, which is a temperament of the Korean female master.

The romantic and noisy Korean drama opened our preliminary understanding of Korean.

The Korean upgrade is because Han Geng's appearance.

He is like a salesman, promoting new idol culture in China, locking a generation of youthful girls and love beans.

Initially, his story, a good Chinese boy, alone, silent fighting.

Discrimination, is restricted, very difficult, need to be seen more people.

This story is passed back to China, plus the appearance of Junxiu, and Han Geng burst overnight.

It is almost unmanned with the ground.

He recorded "Happy Camp" and competed the reporter, in order to shoot him to step on the table.

His fan has a discipline to watch etiquette, responding to culture, and opened the world's first time.

In 2008, the "Beijing Welcome You" of the stars gathered, retained his "painting poetry with a smile" peak.

Until 2010, his name is still a hot word on Weibo.

After Han Geng fired, the new trend of Chinese artists in the Korean work.

Song Wei, Lu Han's consecutive generations, helping to promote the Korean entertainment idol culture, step by step to the peak.

BigBang concert in China, tickets were sold out instantly.

Song Yi took F (x) in China, cross-year, and generous.

That is a torrent of all sweeping.

It is a kind of mileage that is unlocked, and the fan is unable to stop.

And Han Flow parallel, there is a trend that is scraped from the other side of the strait - Taiwan idol drama.

The big s of the time is not a beauty king, with a stubborn face with scholar, turning over the white eyes, and the big f4.

She used poor girls and watches the poor, and also opened the prelude of the coupling of the coupling.

So, the scene of the rain is very rained, in addition to the money to go to the land, there is a famous side of the river straight tree.

At that time, I combed the hairstyle of murderous Matt, and said exaggerated lines, and played with me.

The president of the overbearing, loves me.

Flower heart slag male discipline loves me.

Zhang Yihan, Yang Yulin, Wang Xinling, these small days, people handed a few detonation.

Yan Jingtian, Zheng Yuanchang, Ming Road arrangement combination, all over the hottest small flowers at the time.

Taiwan has brought even closer to Chinese pop culture, where our mp3, all sounded a brain on auto-play drama OST screen. Fahrenheit turned out, in addition to South Korea love beans, blaze a trail men's team.

And within the entertainment in the cracks in order to survive, it became the bearer Han Yu, Taiwan entertainment distribution market.

Only super-fast men and women can barely a fight.

In this way, the flourishing love beans Korea, Taiwan idol, people in the entertainment show, put together a prototype of our youth.

Nazhen wind a lot of good for many years, until today, there are still more than ethereal sound.

Hopes rise within the entertainment and foam

The time came in 2011, a magical year.

A "I may not love you" Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin let both get Admiralty, as the Emperor, as the post was closed.

And the show, but also achievements in Taiwan even the last ray of twilight.

The next six or seven years, Taiwan drama of waves, including entertainment and then set off hardly any spray.

With the "Jade Palace Lock Heart," "step by step startling" have been launched.

Road traffic of 85 flowers, there are two already in place.

"Zhen Huan Biography" on the line.

Before launch, Chen Jianbin and beat Zheng Xiaolong also worried about the next crew of the "New My Fair Princess."

Unexpectedly, it becomes a palace fighting drama ceiling.

This is also when big-budget feature-length drama became popular, even ancient, the rise of the Palace of fighting.

"Spend one thousand bone" "Langya list" "Joe Chu Biography" ...... not a fifty or sixty sets, root Shoubu Zhu.

Before the bottom of the food chain in the living entertainment starts inverting output.

"Yanxi Raiders" Huobian Southeast Asia, Seoul clear even died in Vietnam.

South Korean remake of "step by step startling."

Buy the copyright of the big production variety, have begun within the volume.

"Where is Daddy going" and "darling orange day" to see our mouth up.

Wang Yuelun then not derailed, but even the daughter of a bad hair tie clumsy dad.

Although every "I am a singer", plus there crying tragic opera audience.

But we can not deny that it made a number of dust has long been a good singer, re-ushered in the second spring.

"Hurry Up, Brother" Let the young model Angelababy beyond identity, with official names.

Luhan from Guinness World Records on Weibo, red to the elementary school in remote areas.

A shift variety, can let a person from such person, to a household name.

A big-budget drama, the movie may lead to large who have to spend down to earth.

Investment billions units of big money, big variety, drama, the influx of capital, industry hot to hot.

"One-fifth of Hengdian online artists in Hong Kong and Taiwan are the artists," the crowd north, Hong Kong and Taiwan exacerbated the decline of local entertainment, turning the continent became a blessed place.

S mainland by a small blessing two programs, which attract the king to become the host community in Taiwan.

Even in the salary limit order, Kevin Tsai in mainland China set a reward, but also the "Kangxi" 30 times.

Entertainment within those years, not lack of money is not a lack of people, cohabitation, will be able to play a few meteoric rise to the top of the stream.

Returned four sons, four flow, a vibrant, thriving, as if never so lively.

Filming on the variety, love, occupy the hot search, they stirred the dull backwater for many years.

In this rush whistling, people more and more accustomed to local entertainment atmosphere, watch national productions, chasing domestic love beans.

Fans of the growing momentum vast, cultural aid should no longer be anything new.

Highest charting control assessment, data do, rice culture began to ring all-pervasive, surfing space occupation ordinary people.

And our perception of the signal is always hindsight.

2014 spring and summer, Yin Yue Taiwan Affairs Office of a ceremony.

Three junior high school students consisting of TFBOYS, cramped hands and feet on stage, got the popularity prize.

Debut less than a year of BTS (Bangtan Boys), South Korea to get the best newcomer.

At that time, no one should think of these two innocent men's team newcomers, future development, will point to two completely different directions.

The former has experienced several years of black and red, entertainment has become in recent years the men's team at the ceiling.

The latter in a few years, the impact on behalf of Korean and European markets.

2016, began to make limited Han, Korean Wave is in the door. A large wave and South Korea co-productions, dusty, has not broadcast.

Song Qian and Rain starred in "August is not over" broadcast hopeless

But even the decline of Taiwan, Korean is limited, for most people, have been irrelevant.

Because at this time, we're used to in the entertainment top stream rampant.

It is barbaric growth, full of vitality.

Crop after crop of newcomers poured out, many people think that this lively chaos out of order, will always continue, will not finish.

But I said, our perception is always slow in responding.

We have a better future

2018, the first year of the idol of prosperity, and winter, front and rear legs coming film and television industry.

More than two hundred boys and girls on stage shouting "I can not give up the dream stage, please vote for me."

So, while the fans curse capital control rules, while participating in the capital game, again and again to pay for youth who love beans trafficking.

But money playing voted out of love beans Road, off the stage, turned and went into the Hengdian studio.

So that this has been eroded beyond recognition national productions, more worse.

In recent years, we Tucao too much business dragged down by traffic, increasingly outrageous drama, look tired, cursing tired.

Star collapsed housing posture more and more strange, corrupt from private morality, the rule of law to the edge.

After a round of "salary limit order" hot money gradually fever, big production of the tide goes out, the flow of prosperity began to pile collapse. So, Gesanchawu was lamented, "in the entertainment finished."

Yes, the rise of entertainment within a few years yet, it has to be finished.

You see, "the wind and waves sister" and "brother through the clutter," turn red, or that accompany a group of young men and women of our times.

04 super woman Zhang Yun, Fu Han workers of Meng Jia, early stage even flowers Rainie, "Meteor Garden" Jerry, "Triumph In The Skies" Julian Cheung ......

Everything is like a cycle, back to many years ago.

People came and went, skimming over the surface, the last to stay, or that some of the original light our enemies.

But this time, no big production chassis Taiwan drama, but to make more and more boutique.

"Tumi" "Our distance and evil" and "Vulgarity develop female mind," "see you" ......

Alyssa was over losing a child Songqiao An 45-year-old comeback, got life's first rearview trophy.

Chen Jialing vulgar woman, ask yourself:

"Forgotten when this life is very long, long enough to fell and then stood up, this life is very short, short to not have time to hate myself."

Have no brains silly sweet white, suddenly it became a reality related to the response I told you.

And do not open the door after knocking mainland China, Han Yu turned to find a new life outside of Asia.

BTS in Europe and winning the prize to get soft, "Squid game" on the fly line network, setting off a global chase drama boom.

Began in the entertainment retro, Taiwan drama has long been innovative, Korean change the track, all of the shift, took place between these four or five years.

A month ago, Bangtan Boys got the third degree the American Music Awards.

A few days ago, Idol was officially halted, from the first year to the late idol, experienced only a short period of four years.

It is said that Seoul wind than to Beijing. Because it has long been blowing up New York.

There are always people say, within the entertainment is over, but we all know that it's not magical story ended.

Our youth, who has lived in the same group of people.

At that time we all thought, the youth will not finish, people do not like change, blinking stars, we have caught in the hands of a better future.

Shan Cai never admit defeat, Yuan Xiangqin always full of vitality.

But looking back at the two years, after a like magic, the world has changed several times.

Popular night who disappeared; people had gas, meteoric rise.

Years ago a popular, come back; the recent rise, has been halted.

In this fickle, her sister would miss the simple sincerity of those once beautiful, as if still in a crowded flawless adolescence.

There are the same famous songs sung in the streets, how not to listen to the epiglottis.

There are friends and good night chase drama, could not bear watching the final episode.

It was the best of times, there are many at the moment to waste, can look forward to many more in the future.

The point of a "look", thanks to our common experienced the golden age.

Also thanks to those old friends still stay in the youth years, he did not flee. She Journal