The top flow is confident, it is crazy to be pravy?

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The top flow is confident, it is crazy to be pravy?

2022-01-21 12:07:17 46 ℃

Can a drama can be more fire? The audience reminded that it is a starring Weibo.

The blessings of the small white, the factory manager watched a set last night.

Not much nonsense, come to talk about this year's first explosive drama today.


Will I see the produce of the upper right corner of the poster?

Domestic drama gold word sign "Noon Sunshine", the light saw these four words, it is stable!

The launch of the Douban Rating is stable at 8.2 points. After the 10 episodes have been released, the amount of play is more than 480 million.

Such a word of mouth and data make people can't help but ask, "start", where is it?

The first is the subject matter, it is well known that from "parental love" "琊" "Happy", "Happy", "Mountain Hay Love" "Chow family's children", the sunlight shooting is a realistic drama that everyone is familiar.

But now it jumps out of the comfort, launches the first unlimited traffic suspended drama "start".

For many viewers, such a subject is not stranger, especially in the international film, there have been many movies of such themes:

Such as "source code" "The day" "Terror Cruise" "Tomorrow" "Take a Happy Day" ·····

But for the domestic market, infinite flow, dreams, time cycle ... These concepts are indeed extremely rare.

Therefore, how to shoot new ideas, I like to watch, it will become the most important factor in this film.

The director sets the homeland on the bus.

The story originated from the bus, and the opening is "fried".

The female owner is a school student Li poetry (Zhao Zhan wheat), she wants to buy a book in the bookstore of the city center, so I can take a 45 bus that can be directly reached.

However, in a confused, she heard a richer ringtone of a vintage mobile phone, which is a famous healing of piano "card farmers."

Then a strong light flashed, the bus exploded.

At first, she thought it was a dream, but she felt more and more realistic after another repeated "dream".

The explosion is true, as well as the severe pain of the body after the explosion is true.

She realized that she was trapped in the time cycle, as long as she passed the cross-sea bridge.

So, she opened the tricks of various ways to get off, tried to jet, took hammer and breaks window, loaded with heart disease, report "color wolf", cry, ask for driver parking ...

However, these methods are all not good, and there is no exception of the bus in the bus.

Finally, she wanted to pull a small white and entered the cycle. However, two people did not decline their efforts to get rid of the cycle.

In fact, this film has always indicated the ending from the first episode.

"8" is in the endless "∞", the meaning of infinite loop.

And the "card farmers" listening to the body is also the meaning of infinite loop.

Even some people ridicule:

Congratulations "Caban", becoming another Qi Wang, who has been "small white boat" summoned song.

In the plot, the circulation is the core of this film, a closed bus, a strange ringtone, fate-like exploding, and a suspense atmosphere of the drama.

Dozens of cycles, every time there is different, there is new progress every time.

Only the first episode, the two protagonists have experienced six explosions.

Sally, the name of the male protagonist Bai Jingting is "the most murderer", and the bus explosion is in the opening. The first eight episodes have been frank more than a dozen times.

Is this film? Is it only because of a cycle, explosion?

Of course, the surface will see the film with a "time cycle" housing, which is actually the realistic subject of the best in the sun.

Every passenger on the bus has hidden different stories behind.

And this is exactly the good play of the midday, excavating the light of the bottom of the small person.

In the cycle explosion again and again, the two protagonists were confident that there was a bomb on the car.

So in order to eliminate the bomb, they opened another touch, first, most doubt is a black brother behind the back seat.

Big summer, the wrap is strict, it is very jealous on the bus, the most important thing is to carry a suspicious package.

But it didn't expect that there was no bomb in this package, but a cute cat.

He is a second boy with asthma, parents disagree with cat, and he is the only person who believes in the protagonist into a loop.

When Li Shi has learned through the cycle, the uncle with a snake leather bag has passed the case, and he has escaped, and there is a murder on his body.

She doubtful vision never left the snake skin bag under the feet.

As a result, the two opened the road to the investigation, however, this time is still wrong.

All the grandfather's snake bags were all watermelon, and he served as 7 years.

But when I heard that my son's friends were wanted to eat watermelon, he took the bus to the city, just let his son can eat a watermelon of oneself.

He is so nervous, just because the watermelon in the bag is crushed.

Yes, his bag is not a bomb, but a heavy father's love.

I can't do my wife and children, it is the biggest pain in this life.

But with the help of the female owner, I will release it in one cycle.

He is happy to eat watermelon with passengers on the car, and those people on the bus are smiling, and they are beautiful in the moment.

They don't know that death is near, at this moment, only the warmth of people, and this moment, I am willing to believe in the beauty of the loop. In the carriage, the most made the factory man is the uncle of the suitcase. In order to let the daughter read, he wants to make money in the city.

However, the place where the place is demolished, the site is there, he lost income, but he could only go back to his hometown.

In the car, when he learned that the woman needs a sanitary napkin, he did not open him, silently took out the sanitary napkin from the suitcase.

No one knows that this sanitary napkin is actually the rest of the landlord, and he is specially stayed in order to give her daughter.

Because their hometown is very poor, it is indifferent to sanitary napkins.

Look, this is the people who have sun in the sun, it can focus on every ordinary, from the ordinary small people from real life.

It is this astonished common person constitutes the truth in the "script".

In this recycling story, the characters of the film are forward, continuously sublimated.

And a work is really capable of winding, it must have a multi-face effect.

For example, this film brings positive energy to the society. When the "sanitary napkin" is broadcast, many talents have learned that children who have a lot of poverty-stricken areas cannot afford to buy.

Therefore, after the play is broadcast, many people have spontaneously donate health supplies in the undeveloped regions.

Telling true, seeing this scene, the factory manager really broke.

It is worthy of luck in the sun, and there is deep meaning behind every shot, and the impact it brings is infinite "∞".

Just like the netizen said, this is really a sanitary napkin in the TV series, positive energy.

A small detail can see the heart of the drama, and the sun is never disappointed.

It is more careful to find a murderer relative to everyone, and the factory manager is more careful that the next year's hot brought.

The quality and reputation of this film, "Self-comewater", I believe everyone has already felt.

Just as netizens said:

It has reached the level of export.

This sentence is really not imagas, just talk about it, just yesterday, South Korea has just confirmed that the "start" broadcast is issued.

This step, although it is just a small step, but it is a big step in the domestic drama.

As we all know, the Korean film industry has been in the past two years, and the movie has "parasite" and TV series has "squid game".

They all rely on the country's unique cultural symbols to come out of the country and unveiled the world.

To be honest, when they stand at the moment on the Oscar podium, the factory manager wants to stand in our Chinese.

Today, the beginning of the New Year, "opening" uses a "explosion" to open the national drama market.

Also blows the confidence of the factory manager.