The film and television circle retreat for 20 years?That is great!

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The film and television circle retreat for 20 years?That is great!

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Recently, it is more and more love to spit.

It's not my conscience, I plan to be a good man.

It's really the past two years, rotten to no characteristics, no style, no spirit!

The rotten routines are different, but I have to go to the tricks, and I have a good heart.

So, I plan to temporarily and abandon the treatment, find some old pieces awake.

Then, I found a bunch of big treasures.

For example, this drama we have to talk today.

It is the old grandmother of inland Jacksu, the native Mary Su's pro-tai Ye, Su Wei explosion and epic, 20 years of classic, never-circulation super god:

Secret history of Xiaoyu

In view of the introduction of this drama in 2002, many small partners may not grow up, and let's talk about the main line.

That year, Xiaozhuang was also called Da Yuer, she was very strong in the grassland.

Da Yuer knows that the book is a lot of blinds, Dore is deeply affected by Nurhachi, which belongs to the inheritance of the latin.

The two love each other, and the eyes must be private and go to the future.

As a result, the key moment Nurha is dead in Jinzhou City.

The future of the Qing Dynasty, the current four-Beller Emperor, the end of the old, the end of the old, and the four big bass, and the black hand is made to Dore.

As a result, the emperor took the idea of ​​the Doluki and forced her mother.

This is still not finished, during the course of the coup, the emperor is the color of Da Yu.

It happened to Dant Doy, who is dead with Ming army, and Huang Taiji immediately desperates that he is the fact of Yu Xia, intends to steal the backyard of Dol.

Da Yuer did not never never, then suddenly came from Dan.

Wan Ming Yue, I have to put on the red dress, I have a sister with my aunt.

I didn't expect the peak to turn, Dantan not only didn't die, even standing down the Herfi war.

With the triumphant of Dolu, I love Xinjue Luo family collective Sparta.

Is this a very familiar?

Yes, ten years later, it is also such as the Queen King.

The fence of the mother, the hate of the wife, and the resentment of the position, Dotle is really uncommon with the emperor.

However, the new adult Dual, knowing is not the four brothers opponents, so I will fly.

Not only didn't tear your face with the emperor, but instead of giving the emperor when watching the door, I greeted myself at all.

Doy is led to the leader in the front line, and the emperor is extremely licking the big jade in the rear.

In addition to occasionally discovering the big jade or Xiao Yuer, Demon is a honest person who is "strict."

Of course, we all know that Dolt has been developing.

Just waiting for the six gods to load Shuanglonghui, take away Jiangshan beauty.

It hasn't waited for that day, Huang Taiji has changed.

He encountered his own white moonlight, a little proudly adding a parachute.

Since then, what Da Yu, what Jiangshan, what Daqing Empire, have heard it.

Mr. Huang Zhuzhu, that is dead, you have to love.

Teacher Zhu is happy to accompany, not happy.

It is going to the Ming army, hear the Hailan Baoji into the paste, quickly withdrawing the army home to see your wife!

As for our true protagonist?

After experiencing the end of the bad baby, the life of Da Yuer is basically coming to see the fun of the blessing with the maid Suzo.

Although Huang Taiji already has Hailan Zhu, he has not forgotten Da Yu.

So I gave her a daunting task: color in which the army went to the flood category.

Ah, the emperor is also a "strict green".

It may be too hard, and the emperor is not clear, and there is no clear.

The Emperor is extremely dead, and Duality that has been fully developed is aware of the mountain.

However, it is not easy to rob the throne. There is also the Queen General's Parents' Parents and Bogur.

By the way, there is also a seemingly human animal harmless, and it is blessing to play.

Soon, a Haoger was completely scrapped.

Just when I was intended to continue the charge, I found the emperor who was returned at this time, actually is the blessing of every day.

Take the Sacrifice Opera, I have to stand the old lovers, with my two white flags, Dai Fu Lin.

Fu Lin became the rule, Danli husband, of course, is a watchdog of Shunzhi.

The brother is in the south, and the big breaks from Beijing, Li Zicheng, and dominates the big cleanliness.

* Cold knowledge: Yang Zi's young people in "The Secret History of Xiaoyu" is like

Dantan, a lot of effort, and the book, soon, we will upgrade from the master of Shuoli to the Regent.

Triaowa, who is leading the political affairs, in addition to suppressing political enemies, but also intended to return to the old jade of the Queen.

However, for a variety of reasons such as etiquette, general, political struggle, plus Da Yuer only wants to protect his son.

Dolong and Da Yu's love story has never been clear.

Two people can only be a curve to save the country, and I will give Doluzi half-level, and the full name "Empress Regeneration" is referred to as "Emperor Regent".

The name of "Queen" is all, too late, seems to be water to the stream.

As a result, Dolm is getting more and more arrogant, not only a bunch of cars, but even the emperor is completely in the eyes.

The eyes of Doy is too small, Da Yue decided to show up with Dolong, and the meaning is: either give a dog, egg.

Well, Doyan also received a sacrifice script.

At the same time, the backyard of Dolong has also fired.

As mentioned above, Dore is not feeling at all about Xiao Yuer. Hundreds of lives lived, and finally collapsed inner, and hanged suicide.

The left right arm of Dolm, and the infection of the sky and died.

The power smoked, the brother is nowhere, and only the big jade's servant Sui is left behind him.

That's right, Su Mo is actually loved to Dantan, but this time Dolu is so good.

After a farewell to the same paragraph with Da Yu's memories, Dolm was again cheered on the battlefield in the south.

At this point, a paragraph is invisible.

However, the story of Da Yuer did not end because she also had to help her son.

Here is a "juvenile 天子", Fu Lin and Dong Hao is like a beautiful love story.

Then, it is the death of Shunzhi, Kangxi is in place, "secret history of filial piety".

The ending of "The Secret History of Xiaoyu" can seamlessly cut into "Lu Ding Ji" and "Kangxi micro-service private visit".

In view of the reasons for the space, it will not be discounted here.

If you want to listen to me, I will go to the end, I will go to the end, I have to look at it, I have to take these dramas.

Just look at the emotional line, you will find that "the secret history of filial piety" almost integrated all the elements other than "actor ugly".

In short 38 episodes, all kinds of tearing X, palace, incest, abuse, marriage, derailment, triangle love, conspiracy, uncle, stupid and white.

This will come to the same class with the same CP element, there is a taste.

Plus Dolu's carnival Mr. Ma Jingtao, can't move the face of the face.

The cerebral cave of "Secret History of Xiaozhuang", in my eyes, completely do not lose Qiong Yao aunt.

From the second words of "secret history" and various kinds of next-day, the drama comes from the Qing Dynasty folk peach history.

The story structure of the Queen of the Middle Piety is almost consistent with the "Yan Yuntai", and the "芈 芈 传" is almost consistent.

It can only be said that in 2000 years, everyone has never changed from the three-royal literature of this structure.

However, "The Secret History of Xiaozhuang" became a classic, and the last two became a joke.

On the one hand, it is definitely the acting power.

In the peak period, Ma Jingtao, Liu Dekai and others can really infect the audience.

On the other hand, I think it is still a structure problem.

Although the main line of "The Secret History of Xiaoyu" is a feeling, it is still a multilateral spiral love, and you can't wait for each protagonist, the wife, husband.

But it is not a honey snow ice city style "you love me, I love you", the car is a plot.

This drama has been inserted with a large number of "big events".

For example, the Emperor of the Emperor mentioned above, the anti-flood industry, defeating Li Zicheng, and moved to Beijing City.

There is also the political struggle of Doyan and the Empress Daiji Hao Father, good, Jajaro and others.

And the struggle with the power of the Zhili and Dolu, Da Yuer for his son and so on.

Although these "big events" have a true fake, there is a lot of accounting in the play, and very solid.

Such high information density is not too high out of the complex emotional line of the wire.

"The Secret History of Xiaoyu" is also a palace, really splitting, squatting sesame green beans, always appears that the protagonist is less smart.

And the struggle event is paved, and every step of the protagonist will be used in an instant.

It is a reaction based on current status and benefits, making or radical or compromising.

Whether it is Dolu, I am willing to make an enemy and enemies.

It is also a reasonable reasonable reasonable for Da Yuer for the son's Jiangshan, abandoning the gentle oriel.

Under the details, there is even some abuse.

This extremely unrestrained, logical emotional collision, truly in chaos.

Even a drama, I took the thickness of the original drama.

Compared to today's ancient times, it is crushing.

This is why I have never been taken from ancient orientation, after all, "I have been difficult for the sea".

20 years ago, I have seen the real high-end goods, and now this kind of family operation, I can't get it.

Therefore, I hope that the current creators will learn more.

Oh, like "Chang Annuo", the one of Dong Shi, the master of the copying industry copies.

That's so much today.

During this time, I really touched a lot of treasures of the old drama. If the friends are interested, you may wish to praise, let's talk slowly.

I worship.

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