Zhou Xun's head and the young beauty photo of suspect Xuanxinxin, the woman is 24 years old than him.

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Zhou Xun's head and the young beauty photo of suspect Xuanxinxin, the woman is 24 years old than him.

2022-01-21 12:06:09 40 ℃

On January 21, Zhou Xun, Gao Shengyuan, the account of the personal society, and the suspected official Xu Xinxin. These two photos are a woman, the woman's personal information shows that her name is "图 妮", is a young and beautiful businesswomen.

One of the photos is a separate photo of the two, and the two people in the photo have been very sweet. Gao Shengyuan also relying on his head with a woman, it is very intimate.

Gao Shengyuan is a photo of a woman who forwarded, so the English version on the photo should be written by the woman. The English content is as follows: Always The Most WholeSome Time with this One ONE

The Chinese translation of the machine is: time with this person, is always the most full of sunshine and health. At the end of the text @ 高 圣远 的 的.

From the content of the content, it seems to be in the high Holy Diffuse.

The second photo is the two people who are shooting with friends. The woman stands in front of the Gao Shengyuan, and the two expose a laughing expression, the atmosphere is very happy.

The woman took the birth photos in March last year, revealed that he had spent 28 years old, and the Gao Holy Yuan is 52 years old, than 24 years old than the woman.

However, for men of the entertainment circle, such ages seem to be not surprising. If Gao Shengyuan is really in love with the woman, congratulations to find happiness again.

Turning about the content of the woman's recent release, Gao Shengyuan also praises. And the two are also paying attention to each other, but because there is no more intimate photo, whether it is a love relationship, but also needs to wait for Gao Shengyuan himself.

Looking at the photo of the woman, she is also very hot in her long.

On December 23, 2020, there was a woman in a kiss with Gao Shengyuan, and he had not publicly recognized divorce. After the matter, the two sides issued a document declared divorce.

The other party blessings were given, but at the time, Gao Shengyuan did not agree with the woman's relationship with the woman.

Instead, reply to the media, currently, it is single, when the media guess what he meant may mean not married again. Nowadays, Gao Shengyuan takes out a separate photo with the woman, suspected of official gunow.

The girls in the photo and the first two years are obviously not the same person, but now Gao Shengyuan and Zhou Xun have been divorced for two years, and new girlfriends are also normal.

And Zhou Xun was previously taken by the media to take back the hotel with the Mosaic band, although Zhou Xun did not respond now, but the movement of the hand is already a hammer.

In any case, bless the two people, each can happiness ...