Huo Zhenwei: I missed Zhu Lingling, and the annual brother was in the court, and now how to choose

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Huo Zhenwei: I missed Zhu Lingling, and the annual brother was in the court, and now how to choose

2022-01-21 18:06:40 48 ℃

In January, Guo Jingjing's father-in-law was reported to court by his brother sister.

The giant Homaho Hoho, which will be calm.

Most of the giants, most is for the distribution of interest,

The dispute between this hosa family dispute is no exception.

Only Huo Zhenwei's father Huo Yingdong has passed the world for 15 years.

Will this sudden battle? Will this hoe's hoe?

Does the existing stable pattern of Hong Kong business districts will be reshuffled?

These still need to wait for the trial of the case.

Although Huo Zhenwei's name is in the list of defendants,

But in fact, he is not the main battle of the family.

This time became the defendant, he mainly "implicated".

Despite the eldest son,

Huo Zhentai is not so embarrassed,

As a brother, he is in a hands and feet, but it is not possible for the interest.

As a lover, he first is unfortunate with Qingmeizhu Ma,

It also hurts the wife of the pursuit of pursuit.

Such as an ancient and one person this year;

As a father, even if he is a big man,

It is still going to comply with the family rules of the daughter-in-law at home.

Talk to a chat of a chat today.

In the wife and child,

Huo Yingdong has no old friend He Hongyi "famous",

But in fact, he also married three bedrooms, giving 13 children.

He Hongyi chooses to pose power and wealth to each room,

On the one hand, seek power to balance,

On the one hand, it is guaranteed that the big family can run normally.

And Huo Yingdong is different from his philosophy.

As early as 78 years,

Huo Yingdong clearly expressed his career

Mainly inherited by the three sons of themselves and the original Lu Yan Ni,

The rest of the children can receive living expenses in months from the family funds, but they must not bother.

According to reason, Huo Zhen's father has passed the world for many years.

So his children have come to see more than many years.

This should not have any friction, but no one thought,

Many years ago, Huo Yingdong bought a desolate land in Nansha,

It has been in the past.

Therefore, Huo Yingdong San Sizi Huo Zhenyu will put a lawsuit in 11 years.

When you suspect that the buddy Huo Zhen is signing the legacy distribution and understanding agreement.

Concealed the return of nearly 7 billion RMB in Nansha project,

Ask him to take this property.

7 billion, this is not a small number in the giants,

Therefore, Huo Zhenyu and Huo Zhenwei have a sword.

Finally, through Dong Jianhua's mediation, both parties temporarily understand,

But now in the past ten years,

This dispute is still not satisfied with Huo Zhenyu.

So he combined with two sisters,

Put the great brother Huo Zhen, the second color Hawohard on the court.

It can be found that in this competition,

The core character is Huo Zheng and Huo Zhenyu. Huo Zhenwei is like an outsider.

That is because Huo Zhenwu inherited the family's sports, and the political route,

And the focus of this heritage - Nansha project,

He inherited by his husband Huo Zhen.

The reason why the third brother Huo Zhenyu chooses Huo Zhenzi as the defendant,

Mainly because Huo Zhenwei is in the first place in 11 years.

Just means supporting the practice of the old second Hawthorn,

Agree to classify the land rights to the Huo Yingdong Foundation, to the charity,

Then play a greater contribution to the construction of the motherland.

If you follow the way of handling the Huo Zhenzi,

So the interests of the old three Huo Zhenyu will inevitably shrink,

He also divided the big brother Huo Zhen to enter the defendant camp.

I don't know Huo Zhenjing at this time.

It is "people in the family in the family, the complaints are coming", "

Still, as a brother,

But I can only look at my brother sister to tear the face of my face to the book.

From the No. 11 opening ceremony, Huo Zhenwei did not appear.

He is 75 years old,

This giants' competency conservative estimate should last for two months.

For such an old man, it is not resistant to loss.

Moreover, now Huo Zhenzi is alone,

When you are with his wife, when you die, when you die,

It is already easy to leave Huojia rich and flat with him.

The ex-wife of Huo Zhenwu is the first double champion Zhu Lingling in Miss Hong Kong.

From love to stay, the two worked hands in more than 20 years.

Can I originally a sweet marriage?

Because Huo Zhenwei's lace news, Huo Jiahao's imprisonment is moving to the end.

After divorce, Zhu Lingling turned into married to more cherished her Luo Kangrui.

Huo Zhezhen has not only married more than ten years,

Even the gossips that have been disturbed have been completely broken.

Some people think he is a hard time,

But who is "old love", the outside world is talking.

Some people say that it is the ex-wife Zhu Lingling,

After all, this is also his high-profile love, bitter wife,

But some people think that Huo Zhenjing is still invested for the gambling king of Qingmeizhu Horse.

When He Hongyi and Huo Yingdong have not failed,

The two are quite close,

He parents and Huojia Chung, the door is correct, the age is similar,

Although the two have never said that exported love,

But netizens still like to make up the giants through some old brains, unfortunately missed the play code.

Huo Zhenwu regrets the unfair to the ex-wife,

And whether there is a friend in the time of the year, I really want to have a friend.

These except for himself, no one from knowing. But it is certain that it is compared to suffering,

The old man is now more look at the children and grandson.

Huo Zhentai has three sons,

The most known thing is the eldest son Huo Qang,

This is not only benefited from Huojia's cultivation of this long-lived grandchildren.

Large extent because he has a pair of love.

Huo Qigang's wife is an Guo Jingjing, known as "Queen Queen".

The feelings of the two are not optimistic by the outside world.

After all, Guo Jingjing is known as the body.

But the family background and Huo Qigang still have a big gap.

The giants have always been strict, such as Guo Jingjing's mother-in-law Zhu Lingling,

Despite her beautiful and excellent,

But still did not escape to accompany your husband's entertainment,

Abandoning personal hobbies, fate for family branches.

However, Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang married for nearly ten years.

Nothing is a broad man with a table,

There is no such thing as a bullied in the mother.

She is still a good, becoming the most bright business card for Huojia.

This is both because Guo Jingjing himself.

It is also because the entire Huo family, including his father, to her respect.

Huo Zhenzi has been emotional: Jingjing is only gentle to outsiders,

It's really a little face at home.

At first glance, I like Guo Jingjing's top hitting.

But saying that this is actually because Huo Zhenzi has a joy and joy to see grandson.

It was returned by Guo Jingjing.

She asked her son to write a job to play with Grandpa.

Although Huo Zhenwu is half a hundred helplessness,

But still choose to support Guo Jingjing's education.

Huo Zhenwu's love and respect for the child, the grandchildren's love and respect can be seen.

Huo Zhenwei This seventy-five years of life,

Enjoy the rich scenery brought by the giants,

Also bear the mission of the family.

When he was young, he accompanied his father Huo Yingdong to mediate in the middle of the Olympic Committee.

Successfully set up the horses,

Then inherit the father's sports,

Become a human body.

In terms of family, he can't be a good husband.

But it is indeed a good father.

He cultivated his son and cultivated him to become a team of family.

Support him strive to pursue women who like them,

There is no need to marry the giants on his son without the benefit.

For the daughter-in-law, I am commendation,

Helping the newly married son and die from Huojia House, stay away from disputes.

Until today Huo Zhenzi went through the seventy-five years,

Although there is no choice but to regret,

But it is generally smooth, there is no big wave,

It is difficult to see the savvy and bareness of his father's blue road.

But I can see a rich patriot, a wind and responsibility of a top beam column.