The hand of the old meat on the stage of the old play bones is misunderstood?The truth is the handsome son.

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The hand of the old meat on the stage of the old play bones is misunderstood?The truth is the handsome son.

2022-01-21 18:05:17 27 ℃

Now active in many entertainment stars, young and old, singing, acting, hosting, as well as acting is good and bad acting. But on the whole, are younger and more active like speculation, the old drama of bone are show business, are relatively more low-key, basically acting to get work and talk, not speculation and chaotic private life - seven topics Bo eye.

Show business active in many old drama of bone, although the relatively low-key, but has a lot of work, acting is also very good. Maybe not as good as the hype small meat less active love, but also some of the audience familiar with their faces, work and acting, this old drama of bone is also a grasp of a lot, such as this is more in addition to Wang Gang, The chair, Zhang Guoli, Chen Daoming, Chen Baoguo, etc. fire, there are a lot less fire, but the color is very good value charm, such as Liu Yi Jun is one of them.

51-year-old Liu Yi Jun, say age is not great, but did show business debut for decades, but in these skill experience a little twists and turns, although a lot of acting, but only in recent years due to various works are know, even if only play a supporting role, because acting is still superb, Yancangbuzhu light, gradually more people know and love.

Liu Yi Jun was born in Xi'an, Xi'an Film childhood who lives next to the factory, this layer of "neighbor" relationship let Liu Yi Jun has always been obsessed with the film, from an early age to become an actor. In 1987, Liu Yi Jun admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, under the tutelage of Ma Jing Wu, and Chia translation, Zhang Zijian, who became the students. In 1991, after graduating from college back home Xian Liu Yi Jun, he was assigned to the Xi'an Film Studio actor's because for a long time no filming, so did the director.

But then comes back to your favorite Liu Yi Jun and good performance of the Bank, the number of years a lot of film and television work. But the real audience noted that Liu Yi Jun, or because "The Pretender" twice cooperation with Hu Ge "Langya list" these two plays. These two drama is the fire, let's just play a supporting role Liu Yi-chun, the audience noticed and liked him. In fact, before this, Liu Yi Jun's acting is not bad, but the work is not fire, light or too strong protagonist, such as classic TV series "Parents Love", Liu Yi Jun also performed well, but Meiting Guo Tao, the protagonist is too light he covered up.

In recent years, the number of film and television works Liu Yi-chun, a lot, I feel always see him, works heat is not bad, but the quality varies greatly, but Liu Yi Jun performance are good, so Liu Yi Jun years have gradually become some advertising endorsements, variety shows and performances the popular star.

So shortly before a New Year's Eve concert platform, this is a popular place to get together stars and singers, Liu Yi Jun also attended, showing that he was very red.

But this show in the past for so long, a little episode on the show, but suddenly in the online fermentation, many users are concerned about the discussion.

The original show, not Liu Yi Jun solo, there is a small meat guy cooperation. And during the show, not only Liu Yi Jun and small meat in hand, but also continue to touch each other's hands. Thus causing concern of many users, find this situation in hand singing actor cooperation also touched the hand, not normal.

Some people even Tucao Liu Yi Jun, went to the microblogging comments, Liu Yi Jun is also the result of continuous users reply, admitted touching the hand of a small fresh meat, but also so users do not mind your own business operations Xianxin go to bed early.

But then there are friends broke the news, we discovered, the truth is that the show is Liu Yi Jun debut with his son, the father and son, the father took his son's hand on stage, it is very affectionate encouragement, emotion is normal, the final result is a Xianxin users really speak.

In fact, a closer look will find Liu Yi Jun's son handsome gas, but much like his father. Before Liu Yi Jun had exposed the social platform, son admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, did very well. I believe there is Liu Yi Jun aura, good color value, and professional learning, after the Star II can be good in the entertainment industry.