After divorce, there are new hairs, but the cause is big, Zhou Xun's work brush screen, and the high Shengyuan has taken a drama.

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After divorce, there are new hairs, but the cause is big, Zhou Xun's work brush screen, and the high Shengyuan has taken a drama.

2022-01-21 18:05:40 41 ℃

Entertainment actress, rough road twists and turns a lot, but not many good acting, both of which Zhou Xun was lucky and a little unfortunately, have accounted for Qi.

Of course, Zhou Xun active entertainment became popular a few decades, we first recognized and impressive, of course, Zhou Xun is a versatile, especially the acting terrible, but people still look pretty weird personality.

Do not underestimate Zhou Xun Memories of some drake voice, but she began to debut as a singer, although not the kind of mildly melodious voice, singing is not the kind of deep internal strength, but Zhou Xun songs still very tonal, interpretation there is also a very delicate taste.

Of course, talent and Zhou Xun are more explosive performance in terms of, do not look at her petite thin, but the acting is highly explosive, and the variability of high plasticity, either innocent, or the twists and turns of the story and people set, she We can manage. And Zhou Xun had not only played the drama is like the audience in front of the screen, but also stand the test of the big screen, the audience favored, so these can be done not only in Zhou Xun film and television amphibious development, and both areas are fruitful, like this strength can be small, even actress Zhang Ziyi play TV shows are overturned, and the drama queen Sun Li Tao and so it can not conquer the big screen audience.

Of course, in addition to the remarkable performance of show business, and Zhou Xun years bumpy romance in romance scandal gossip, but also many and fire.

Although Zhou Xun was small, but powerful gas field, in business and in love, are Ganaiganhen the lure of the big girl style, before and Yapeng, hackberry, Li Qi, and many other rumored boyfriend fruitless, still believe in love . A few years ago and Archie Kao married, even though the two have a lot of inappropriate, still persist after the age of forty entered the marriage door.

Of course, this marriage as we expected, Zhou Xun and Archie Kao because the gap is too big, plus together from many, finally ended in divorce.

Fortunately, the two men both flash flash from the marriage, but also do good terms, if the parties have complained that the outside world is not known, but the surface is calm and restraint, but also to see this love or even marriage, they did not see so heavy, edge raw edge off, let it be.

Sure enough, even if age is not small, after the divorce Archie Kao Zhou Xun will soon have a new love their gossip.

Zhou Xun repeatedly broke the news before the first love with an unknown band members, only two large age gap, the greater the fame worth the gap, but as always Ganaiganhen Zhou Xun, modesty does not admit nor deny, still its own way of style.

Recently, Archie Kao also reported a new love affair, the woman said to the small twenties, is still richer than him, is also a great gap between the two.

However, these dynamic private life, rough road conditions for two people, too normal, however, and the two do a two wide, each new love, nothing wrong, is not surprising. But the two men acting career after divorce contrast, is growing.

Regardless of the emotional division, or even increasing age looks old, it will not affect the status and Zhou Xun's acting career. After the divorce, Zhou Xun not only to live as always moist, still very busy acting career, play TV shows and movies constantly refresh broadcast, heat and word of mouth are good response, such as prior to a period of time, Zhou Xun will have the "fathers" "Mandy home "and other plays broadcast, the audience response is still very good reputation.

And Archie Kao here, since divorce and Zhou Xun, fade out of the same from show business, except for the occasional ex-husband's identity to Zhou Xun is concerned gossip and scandal, long time did not see him on the screen.

And Zhou Xun married, Archie Kao although in the entertainment industry reputation improved, but in show business did not benefit from them much, Zhou Xun did not share resources pitch for him, after the divorce, Archie Kao resources is very general, after all, older, looks good, but the acting generally.

A few years ago, Archie Kao took a "choose-day mind" "That's a perfect circle in bloom month," collaborated Luhan and Sun Li and other stars, he did not fire up. And in recent years, Archie Kao is only a play, or Tony Yang and Qi Wei cooperation, after the broadcast also lacks the sense of presence.