The biscuit daughter-in-law Zhang Yu Xuan responded to questioning, it is to see his character to marry him, not for money

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The biscuit daughter-in-law Zhang Yu Xuan responded to questioning, it is to see his character to marry him, not for money

2022-01-21 18:05:15 39 ℃

Recently, the Dermond Society's cake daughter-in-law is broadcasting as a biscuit, saying that the two love is a fly to the eye, the handsome conquered, especially his Mimi's little eyes, especially charming, netizens listening Sigh, this is what the radish cabbage in the rivers and lakes have other love?

The biscuit daughter-in-law Zheng Hu is also in the face of all netizens, exposing the history of the two people. I claimed to be very popular, and I went out to eat, and the middle self-portraits were all kinds of Selfie. After one of the sisters, I took a group photo, just asked by the biscuits.

The biscuits met the little girl, asked Zheng Hu Hao's situation, and when he learned his single, he asked the contact information, and then two people came up.

At that time, Zheng Hu is not to know the biscuit, because it is not familiar with that circle, but found that the biscuits are more practical, but also special talk, but not as well as the flowers of the flowers you know, there is no sense of security. At that time, Zheng Hu is also specially appointed the public information of the biscuits. After talking about it, the two met.

I didn't expect to meet, the cake was more handsome than the photo seen on the Internet. And the two are flies to green beans, and they have a little bit of love at first sight. The most important thing is to meet online, Zheng Hu is found that the biscuits are practical. It is a person who is worth relying on a lifetime, so that the two will quickly determine the relationship.

From Zheng Hu Hao, we learned that in her mind, the biscuits were very handsome. It is absolutely unlike others, the cake is ugly, stupid, netizens have a lot of spit on his. Even the talents are not satisfied, and also say that if Dermonds use resources on the bakes, it is certainly better effect than the cake.

It is also said that Zheng Hu is able to marry the biscuit, it seems to have a good fair and money, because the two people have a difference, and some people use a flowers to describe her. But now it is sipped, because the cake is the most handsome man in Zheng Huzhen's eyes, which is also a carried cabbage.

Just like the Tang Dynasty is fat, modern is beautiful, can you say which kind of beauty?

For the talents of the biscuits, you can't kill a stick. Many people still like the biscuits, I feel that he is a scenery on the stage, and many times will make people can't help. There is also the current biscuits, also joined the team of fitness, practicing a tendon muscle, looking at his burly figure, very male taste.

In fact, for men, it doesn't matter whether it is handsome, talent and career, and burly body are hard-working power. Now that the biscuits have posted all these items, and they can't help but like him so much.

In fact, the two people have limited time a year, because many times the biscuits will make money outside, but Zheng Hu is very confident that the cake is thinking that he will not make anything, it will not be able to sorry yourself. This is also the way to get along with the husband and wife. If you lack trust, you will not talk about what husband and wife relationship.

It can be seen that Zheng Hu is very happy, but it also shows it. She is a very rational person. She is also a talent, not only speaks Cantonese, but also speaks English, and knows what should I do. Nowadays, my own main job is to take children at home, waiting for two sons, I will go out to do my own career, she said that women with work will be more confident in life.

From the biscuits and their daughter-in-law, we saw the mutual model of the happy family, first of all, I like each other, regardless of how the outside world is evaluated, the other party will always be the most beautiful in her heart, this is the most important. In addition to this, trust, now getting more and more envious of the cake, the family has a good wife, the career has become, now there are two sons, it can be successful.