Star Spring Festival Evening Color Private Service: Zhao Liying wears 4 thousand fur, Jia Lingxiao tens of thousands, Sun Yi's most froc

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Star Spring Festival Evening Color Private Service: Zhao Liying wears 4 thousand fur, Jia Lingxiao tens of thousands, Sun Yi's most froc

2022-01-22 00:07:08 49 ℃

The Spring Festival Evening has been carried out for three days. Many stars have been showed, and at least 50 are, almost invited half an entertainment. And the stars participate in the private service of the spring evening, it is also a large "dazzling" site.

The temperature in Beijing is low. Most of the stars are choosing a cold jacket that can impote cold, wrapped up their own layers. Liu Tao, which has appeared three times, modeling once more exquisite, the latest show, is a rose red long coat, the price is about 5000, and the famous brand bag, the gesture is domineering, like a show scene.

The first-line actress Zhao Liying has been in the circle for many years, but it is until this year is only received by CCTV to participate in the Spring Festival Evening. As a newcomer on the Spring Festival Evening stage, she has received their attention. The casuality of Zhao Liying has chosen the simple atmosphere, wearing a green scarf, and there is a hundred pieces of a green scarf, and even the hat is not careful. "

The style of the Spring Festival Evening, Li Yuchun, more eye-catching than Zhao Liying, grass green long coat, directly covering the position of the knee, is simply the tide of the entertainment. The price is around 3000, from the design style, there is a big style, the price is not bad. Li Yuchun said while he greeted everyone, like a walking "vegetable".

The comedy actor Jia Ling is also an old acquaintance of the Spring Festival Evening stage. This time, it will be partner with Zhang Xiaodi, it seems to be a small product. Compared to the exquisite elegance of other actresses, Juling feels a piece of pajamas and shows a leisure street wind. And the cotton jacket she covered outside seems to be inexpensive, but the price is up to 10,000, and there is money, "Hao"!

Song Zuer should be a smallest in the middle age of female guests. I chose a very common black down jacket. When I walked, I was still frozen, and I was very cute.

TFBOYS member Wang Junkai has been invited to participate in the Spring Festival Evening. He is both a flow star, and is also an excellent youth actor approved by the mainstream media. Compared with the previous young, today Wang Junkai has matured a lot, focusing on the play, strive to become a good actor. This time, I participated in the spring and evening, I chose the khaki short cotton clothes, the price was about 4 or so, and the fluffy and qualitized were very angry.

Others are wearing cotton jackets or coats, but Wang Jer has chosen a thin color sweater, but also a pink small hat, becomes the most exciting in the whole street. Wang Jiale belongs to Rapper, each stage is very explosive, I don't know what kind of wonderful performances will this time?

To talk about the most extravagant stars of the private service, Zhang Yixing is absolutely counted, the nylon jacket he wears is 30,000 yuan, the outer color is very deep, and there is also the design of the print shirt, it is definitely a show.

More than Zhang Yixing private service is exaggerated, Non-Zhu Yilong is unique, from the style, you can see the unique, like a thick version of nightgown, really the star's fashion we don't understand. This private service price is around 33,000, which is already very faceful for the private service used in us.

I have seen so much big private service, the cheapest has 4 digits, and there is poverty to my imagination. In contrast, the first invited Sun Yi is the most thrifty, the lamb sweading is only about two hundred, everyone can play together, absolutely within the range.

So many stars appeared at the same time, netizens have been secretly looking forward to the Spring Festival Evening, I don't know what surprises bring to us this year. Everyone will wait and see.