58 years old, Feizhizen CCTV!The body is full of beauty, and the 23-year-old Li Sisi is like a sister

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58 years old, Feizhizen CCTV!The body is full of beauty, and the 23-year-old Li Sisi is like a sister

2022-01-22 00:06:03 48 ℃

On January 21, CCTV officially sunacked a vietnamese performance artist, and the well-known actor He Siyuan Li Sisi learned the video of the drama, the two people were attached to many netizens in the CCTV new show "Everyday."

In the video, He Sai flesh wears a black waist long skirt, wearing purple shawl, temperament graceful, and has been 58 years old, and it is not a hometown.

What is the most attractive thing on her unique temperament. She has a kind of classical beauty on her body. She has a unique beauty without the growth of age, "the years from the unbeaten beauty" said that there is no wrong.

In the "Year of the Year" program, He Sanfei personally got to Li Sisi in the performance of the drama, she pointed out that the status of the opera performer is "including", no matter what the posture must be covered, so there is a gentle classical classic temperament.

When teaching Li Sis, He San also personally demonstrated it. She is beautiful, and the eye wave is flowing. It is very moving, from the posture, the gesture, the gesture is perfect.

On the scene, the guests of He Shefei are full of praise, and the famous Henan opera performance artist Xiaoxiang Yu, the famous Henan opera artist, "Oh is too beautiful!"

Under He Sanfei, Li Sisi once again tried to perform a drama, and there is no doubt that Li Sisi is very beautiful, and she still has the bottom of the dance. In fact, she is very suitable for learning drama, and she will praise her voice conditions, but it is lacking the content of the opera. And gentle.

Li Si had previously wearing Hanfu in CCTV, and her ancient dress is very beautiful. It has always been praised to be very classical, but the costume and drama are still different. This time Li Si and He She fate can see two The gap between people in temperament and instrumentation.

He Sai Fei admitted to the Tuna Troupe in 19 years old, with years of versatile performance experience, after the enlightenment circle, her temperament, Feng Yun has been very good in film and television dramas.

"Meshan" in "Dahong Lantern is high-hanging", "Xiaoxi", "Yang Jiuhong" in the "Red Powder", "Yang Jiuhong", "Yang Jiuhong", etc., has a stricken impression, and a deep impression of the audience.

However, the role of Mei Siki can become a classic. In addition to her own unique temperament, her superb acting does not to ignore, she can perform a lot of rustic rural women to meet the "ten fingers that do not breathe Yangchun", and also play a rustic rural woman.

Have 58, He Sai Fei, still active in the entertainment circle, she took the play, the exhibition drama, and freshly participated in the event. The rare appearance of the CCTV new show "Everyday" makes the audience surprises.

Which role is your role in what is the most impression of?

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