Leading the broken circle of the national style, interpret the "wild look" behind the cool dog music platform

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Leading the broken circle of the national style, interpret the "wild look" behind the cool dog music platform

2022-01-22 00:04:43 72 ℃

"Every dream is worth illuminated."

On January 16, Tencent's live broadcast ceremony ended successfully. This ceremony is naturally an essential, and there is only Nicholas Tse, Cai Guoqing, Meng Jia, and Mao's audiovisual feast brought by the top musicians. The ultimate movement of music talents on four platforms such as music, cool dog live.

More dazzling than the big gathering star is another light of the dream of the dream, these musicians have the sounds of musical notes, with the parsley who loves to stick to the road, and tells yourself on the stage. Cardship process.

Especially those who walk from the live broadcast to the stage, they are the most determined chasing people on the road. For example, the Cool Dog Live Singer Zhengfish, he was just a flat designer, because holding a live musicians who hold the national style music, and became a live musicians. On the road of music dream, he continues to stick to itself, with its strength, the monograde song is more than 1 billion national style songs - "How sigh" is a best example.

Not only the stage of TMLC, as early as before the Cool Dog National Wind Music Festival · New Yuan Night, Zheng Fish used "how sigh" to set off a national chorus, immersed the song, we also saw the public The enthusiasm of wind music. In fact, in recent years, the national style music has long been achieved, and it is among the mainstream music market.


What are the outline logic behind the national style music?

More than 20 years ago, a young man named "Jay Chou" was born. Heaven and Macques combined traditional music with modern music, created "子", "hair such as snow", "blue and white porcelain", "chrysanthemum", etc. The rich national style songs, let the audience at home and abroad first feel the charm of the national style music.

Under the influence of Jay Chou, more and more musicians open the creation of national style music, which also promoted the pace of the national style music to the Times stage, and gradually went to the mainstream. Especially in 2019, with the "unruly", "mang", "national tide", "I know whether it is not", the national style song is successful, the national style music begins to steadily the cool dog music year The song list in front of the song list. According to Ai Rui, "2020 China Music Industry Development Research Report", 2020, 39.6% China Digital Music Users prefer Chinese style music style, second only to pop music and light music.

"2020 cool dog national style music report" also also devised this "national tide" prevail, and the songs with "national style" label in Cool dog music were listened to 56.56 billion times, TOP100 national style song accumulated super 28.42 billion times, accounting for 50.2% of the national style music, and 132 million in the cool dog users is the national style music audience.

There is no doubt that the national wind music has occupied the half of the Chinese music market. Why is this, whether it is this Tencent Music Live Festival or a Cool Dog Music Festival, the new yuan night, the national style song can set off huge enthusiasm for music enthusiasts.

"How to sigh", "how sigh", Hong Ge's "Shanhe Music", Wang Wei's "Sni Moon", and Wang Wei is the burst of Billion Plays on the Cool Music Platform. We may also interpret the fire logic behind the national style music.

In June last year, Zhengfish launched the explosive model "how to sigh" The promotion of wind music festivals and new yuan.

"How sigh" with a sense of a sense of a sense of the ancient wind, the lyrics have hidden folk songs "Vietnamese songs" in the spring and autumn period, under the depth of classical charm and traditional allusions, countless listeners regard this song as emotion Pavilion export, wrote his own story in the Cool dog's comment area.

National style songs can always bring unlimited imagination and emotional resonance. This is the charm of national style music, and it is also a unique feature of national style musicians. With the national style musicians, Wang Wei, known as the "subssone small steel gun", launched the ancient wind song "Sni Moon as the Media" last year, after the release, before the text, the full list of cool dogs TOP500 list 111, historically ranked TOP500 list 2nd place.

"Sni Moon is the media" to pinning the author's expectation of red dust love, "Bye-winning month is the media, accompanied by long flow, go to time and space, stay in the age of life," one sentence I am willing to listen to the audience.

What is the "Red" of the singing, as of the text

The audience falls in "Red", not just because of the arms of the people, behind this song, there is a tragic story. It is said that a drama called Li Wei with flesh and blood holding , The motivation of the Chinese.

It can be seen that behind these national winds, she hides many young people who cannot express in real life, and also stringed the emotional bond between traditional culture and young people; at the same time, the concept of national tide is also young The world is emerging, there are both chase of traditional cultural elements, and also have the admiration for traditional festivals. According to the relevant report, the national trend has risen by 528% in the past 10 years. It can be said that the current young people have shown a strong cultural confidence, which has driven the development of national style music. 02

Promote the development of national style music with the name of the platform

Of course, the process of innovation in national wind music is also inseparable from the power of the platform. Cool dog live as a digital music platform behind it, in order to increase the extension of the national style, the original national style music brand "National Wind", launched in March last year, is to build original music, cross-border Live broadcast, offline performances and other forms promote the development of national style music, forming music services to see, listening, singing, playing.

In order to make the national style music to continue deep into the lives of the audience, the live broadcast of Cool dogs has built a clear and complete national style music development industry chain.

On the one hand, the Cool Dog "National Hindi" links the "Star Plan", outputs many explosive national wind songs, such as "Chi", "Assassin", "Spring River Flower Night", "How Sigh", etc. . According to the "National Wind New Langu", as of the end of 2021, the cool dog music open platform collected 1.3 million original national style songs, and the interactive volume reached 260 + million. Cool dog live broadcast with the way of collecting, constantly looking for the strength of the country, and creates high-quality national style music.

On the other hand, the cool dog live continues to deep-far's "music + live" mode, and the way to lead the country's music in the way in line online. For example, when the live trend is popular, the cool dog live in the form of "national style + live" combines the line on the line, and helps the national style music content through the outline of the performance platform.

In addition, the live broadcast of the game also combines the game with the national style, launches the "national style + IP" mode. The previous joint IP "Jian Net 3" held the twelve anniversary celebration; the joint thief note launched the "817 rice festival" special planning; also in the national style music ceremony for classic game IP "传", launch more National style song.

In order to promote the national style music, in order to make young people more understand the historical culture, the live broadcast of the cool dog will reach the "national style + non-legacy", "national treasure sound plan" is therefore successfully arrived. As a national style as a communication language, music is used as a media symbol to create a cultural relics in the historical museum of the country. In addition, the cool dog lives also launched a series of hand-painted national artificial MV to tell the story behind the national treasure. Hearing, visually multi-level enhances the attraction of traditional culture to young groups.

Cool dog live broadcasts the advantages of our platform, let the public have more understanding of the national style, with cross-boundary linkage, and promoted the national style music in mainstream The expansion of the market.


From the song to people, the cool dog live broadcasts for the live singer

Going back, the cool dog lives step by step, but it is not only the development of the industry, but also promotes the national style musicians. The streaming media era, the song in the poker can quickly become popular in a variety of ways, but the formation of stark contrast is the monster of "singing red people."

Especially for the national style musicians, they generally lack the stage of demonstrating their self, how to transform the fans to the songs of songs to the national style musicians, is the proposition of cool dogs.

Since the line of 2012, the live broadcast of cool dogs has been committed to excavating Chinese new generation singers. Whether it is a popular music singer or a national style musician, the live broadcast of the cool dog has launched a series of support policies, and established a music factory "Star Interaction" focused on the singer, helping them from the live broadcast of the Chinese music scene. For example, a million-grade fan flow is a field. Under the stars of starry, in 2021, the 5th Satellite TV variety and Nicholas Tse, Cai Shaofen and other artists, 10 + hot search topics.

Another example is the CCTV gold player warmly under the platform, the original sing track "all the way to flowers", winning the six listings, I was awarded the annual "hot search" gold songs for multiple short video platforms; after this, I also boarded the two major Satellite TV in Hunan. New Year stage.

The same story also happened to red Gege, Flower, Fan Ru and other live singers. It is reported that 2021 cool dog live flags have built more than 20 explosive songs, 5 of whom have a record of billions . These hot songs include "how sigh", "all the way to flowers", "Xing Yue as the media", etc. This is benefited from the music background of the cool dog live, and the unique explosion points can be more targeted to cultivate the professional skills of strength, help them out of the live broadcast, get more fully exposure, so that they belong to themselves Bright future.

In addition to deep plowing and strong support of musicians in the national style, the live broadcast of the music is still trying to "break the world", and the eyes are put into the secondary sector. The "Cool" area has been launched in the station. The zone uses black technology.Feeling a 3D virtual live broadcast play method, based on Live 3D technology, the game can be customized in terms of facial capture, action capture, sound processing, etc.In addition, cool dog live in virtual idol, ACG music, offline activities, etc., the secondary meta cultural ecology, and excavation of unlimited possible.From the development of national style music, to the growth of the musicians, the new attempt to the secondary is.Cool dog live broadcast continuously in music cross-border, deeply cultivating vertical content in multiple fields, so that unique traditional culture will go to more possible.